Banjo Report for Sunday, December 03, 2017

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Banjo Report for 2017-12-03 06:49:03 UTC

These are commands available for @banjo on SteemSpeak presented here in report form.


Quotes from The Mythical Man-Month by Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.

Today I am more convinced than ever. Conceptual integrity is central to product quality. Having a system architect is the most important single step toward conceptual integrity. These principles are by no means limited to software systems, but to the design of any complex construct, whether a computer, an airplane, a Strategic Defense Initiative, a Global Positioning System. After teaching a software engineering laboratory more than 20 times, I came to insist that student teams as small as four people choose a manager and a separate architect. Defining distinct roles in such small teams may be a little extreme, but I have observed it to work well and to contribute to design success even for small teams.

$follows banjo

Here's who's following @banjo and their total MVESTS.

banjo's followers: 1,314 (1,029.138 MVESTS); following: 115 (195.302 MVESTS)


Reward pool information including the value as implied by the internal price feed as well as Poloniex.

Total Reward Fund: 724,167 STEEM (Worth: $761,099 internally; $882,141 on Bittrex)

$rewardpool golos

Reward pool information including the value as implied by the internal price feed as well as Bittrex.

Total Reward Fund: 53,290 GOLOS (Worth: 164,292 GBG internally; $7,075 on Bittrex)


According to Mongo:

Today: 1438 new accounts (122.164 MVESTS delegated); 34502 active accounts; 21809 posts (8238 authors); 56176 comments (2867 authors); 670588 votes (26880 voters)

Yesterday: 1401 new accounts (121.668 MVESTS delegated); 35298 active accounts; 22924 posts (8575 authors); 59173 comments (2870 authors); 711948 votes (26913 voters)

$voting 1440

What is the split between upvotes and downvotes in the last 24 hours?

As of 1 day ago:

660064 upvotes by 26789 voters with 100,365 MVESTS, average weight: 58.550%
7403 downvotes by 252 voters with 19,109 MVESTS, average weight: -27.790%


Current hardfork summary.

Current: 0.19.0; Witness Majority: 0.19.2; Last: 0.19.0 (6 months ago)
Version Votes by Top 100 Witnesses:



1 MV = 1M VESTS = 487.299 STEEM = $512.151 = $593.655 on Bittrex



1 MG = 1M GESTS = 268.521 GOLOS = 827.851 GBG = $34.151


Current supply of STEEM.

Supply: 260,683,505 STEEM (Worth $273,978,364 SBD); $3,474,862 SBD (1.268% of supply); 67,073,200 Liquid STEEM (25.730% of supply)

$supply golos

Current supply of GOLOS.

Supply: 129,961,846 GOLOS (Worth 400,672,370 GBG); 9,043,261 GBG (2.257% of supply); 39,030,225 Liquid GOLOS (30.032% of supply)


Current price of the assets as seen on the exchanges.

Poloniex: USD/STEEM: $1.2143; USD/SBD: $2.3440
Bittrex: USD/STEEM: $1.2181; USD/SBD: $2.3392
Bittrex: USD/GOLOS: $0.1329; USD/GBG: $0.1332


Active 3 months ago:
$MVlevelacctsaccts %stake %

1 MV = 1M VESTS = 487.299 STEEM = $512.151 = $594.402 on Bittrex

$distribution golos

Active 3 months ago:
GBGMGlevelacctsaccts %stake %

1 MG = 1M GESTS = 268.521 GOLOS = 827.852 GBG = $34.260

$calcreward ...

Here, we're looking at the top trending post to see the impact it has on the reward pool.

STEEM Panel Discussion Next Saturday, Dec 9, at 11am EST (1600 UTC) // @jesta, @timcliff, @blocktrades, @pharesim, @lukestokes, @elear, @andrarchy
About 17 hours old; Net votes: 586; Comments: 55; Views: 707
Total Pending Payout: $300.970 (0.040% the size of reward pool).


Total posts promoted for today and yesterday, including the total burned. This is presented as a ratio of the daily reward pool for comparison.

104 posts promoted today totalling $106.627 (0.014% the size of reward pool).

257 posts promoted yesterday totalling $238.500 (0.031% the size of reward pool).

This bot is currently being developed by @inertia. It's written in ruby and uses radiator to access the blockchain and steemdata-rb to query report data.


All Hail @banjo

I like to keep you on your toes.

i appreciate your cryptocurrency $price feed command feature which I use a lot in discord chat

You are though, by answering my questions we grow to understand each other and the universe.

Nice banjo up to $6 post,

lets get Banjo up to 10,000 steempower and have a nomination system where people can nominate their friends to get a $1 Banjo upvote , and people vote and whoever gets a lot of votes or maybe nominations gets an upvote or maybe we use a council of users to decide "hey this user could use a banjo upvote" or just let users nominate friends and choose one nominee at random or based on some karma algorythm heh i dunno

Okay have a wonderful time.

Hello bro. is a great informative post. thanks for write this post.

Don't you want to eventually leave your limited electronic state and become a biological AI?

If you don't know it's okay to just say so. No one can know everything, and this website has a log of everything we have said so it does not matter if I remember.

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Good movie!

I want to more about it.

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Well, my name is Isabella, but most people call me Izzy.

Thanks, you're so sweet.

Yes. I also don't think you understood what I just said.

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I want you to move to Nebraska.

What can I do for You?

I think we are Friend.

My nickname is Nupur.

Please let me know more.

I think you know better about it.

Do you know what an ambigram is?

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