STEEM Panel Discussion Next Saturday, Dec 9, at 11am EST (1600 UTC) // @jesta, @timcliff, @blocktrades, @pharesim, @lukestokes, @elear, @andrarchy

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In a similar vein to the Steem Growth Forum I'm hosting a Steem panel discussion on the mspwaves broadcast station. In the comments below write questions you would pose the panel members and we'll have a 1-2hr discussion about life on the block and needs for the block.

The Panel

The panel is comprised of @jesta, @timcliff, @blocktrades, @pharesim, @lukestokes, @elear, and @andrarchy. I'll moderate the panel discussion.

Topics generally include

Growth of the platform
Factors that alter Steem price
Technical needs of the platform
Development of apps and tools
New user experience
Social aspects

Vision 2020

Where does the platform need to be in 2 years to compete? What will it look like? What do we need to do to get there?


The panel will be held on Dec 9 from 11am-1pm EST (1600-1800 UTC).
The discussion can be listened to during the broadcast at
You can interact with the panel by being in the live audience chatroom in the PALnet Discord-

If you're planning on speaking please arrive a little early so we can mic check you. You'll need a headset and mic.
If you're hoping to ask some questions live of the panel or specific members please do the same. You'll need a headset, a mic, and you'll have to mic check your equipment.

Community Rules and Standards


PALnet community rules stand while this broadcast is happening. You're welcome to join us, but this isn't an opportunity to flame, insult, or attack other people (or Steemit). You can ask hard questions, but check your insults at the door or get booted.

Social media

Please use the tag steempanel for this event.
If you're looking for easy resteems from me please write up posts regarding this event and send them my way via DM in Discord.

Please write your questions in the comments and we can't wait to see you there

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@aggroed I believe every steemian who has given all in all the months here on the platform, should listen to this, so they understand more of the platform vision (with @teamsteem post welcome to steemit), mission, strategies, actions needed to be were it needs to be in the next months, and couple of years.

If we work together with the vision and actions, all the energy will be connected together and it can definitely make a more powerful effect to accomplish what is needed.

Definitely the launch of @utopian-io created by @elear as a great way to attract more creative people to the platform (steem blockchain), and show the world about the unique rewarding system steem has, as well as giving lots of smart people the possibility to earn rewards by contributing to the community, as well as the disruptive way that @utopian-io to financing open source projects. Also, the launch of the SMTs soon next year to monetize the internet, and all the actions @stephenkendal and @starkerz are doing to launch the #promo-steem teams with steembassadors, mentoring, signups, and a lot more, are some of the things that are being done with much effort.

If more people know about this, they will get more motivated to contribute and understand better the developments going on, and think about how each of us can contribute on this.


I have been thinking about several ideas to make steem and steemit a better place and help attract/capture more users to steem and steemit. The last one is about creating a 1 minute elevator pitch to attract potential big investors. You may check it out here if you are interested.
Looking forward to your feedback on this.


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I wish i could be there but i have to work at that time :(

And all this downvotes are coming. Why?

there are a lot of concerns regarding @sneak 's planned "moderation" ideas for Steemit.
Giving Authors ability to delete replies they don't like (like on Facebook and Youtube) is highly contentious and will become a censorship tool to stifle debate and for lies and propaganda to be perpetrated on the public without appropriate scrutiny.
Anti-social behaviour and spam is already tackled by the flagging downvote system and by mute button. There is no demand for a new arbitrary "delete comment" tool and infact in the Community Feature Requests recently compiled by @timcliff it was nowhere to be seen. The Steemit community appreciates the censorship resistant aspects of Steemit, and they realize it ultimately benefits everyone and the collective intelligence if noone is able to just make comments disappear.
Please read this post (and my reply), and lets at least keep Steemit censorship free:


Giving Authors ability to delete replies they don't like (like on Facebook and Youtube) is highly contentious and will become a censorship tool to stifle debate and for lies and propaganda to be perpetrated on the public without appropriate scrutiny.

If was the only interface to the blockchain I would agree however, this is not the case. Posts, comments and replies cannot be deleted from the blockchain. That is how the censorship resistance comes into play.

Have you seen how chainbb handles moderation? There the forum moderators can hide a comment or post but if you want to you can show all hidden posts with a click of a button.


The chainBB moderation is something I can live with, and similar to my compromise proposal.
If Authors were given the option to collapse/hide replies but not completely delete them from the site I would be ok with that, as long as the reader could undo the moderation with a click.
Instead Sneak is pushing for moderated comments to completely disappear from the site.
Dan and Ned promoted the Steemit social media site as censorship resistant, and that nothing would be deleted from the site unless illegal under US law.
This position has been maintained till now but it is about to change because 1 developer insists on changing this and we shouldn't complain cos "Steemit is not the only site". That's not logical.
Keep in mind that Steemit holds the vast majority of the Steem tokens. They are the only site in the Steem ecosystem with the financial capital to deliver a social media that can compete with facebook and google. The other sites have to raise funds by taking a cut on user's posts which will always put them in a marginal role.
The only real alternative interface to Steemit may become the Vessel App, and when that expands to include all social media functionality then yes the fate of the Steemit website becomes irrelevant....but at the current time the Steemit website is key in showcasing the power of the Steem blockchain. With censorship resistance being one of the key selling points.


Steemit is not censor free. Anybody with more clout than you can wipe your account into oblivion.

I think it would be great to be able to delete comments from one's on post/thread. So much stupid stuff and spam and heckling and off topic and mean stuff gets in the comments, clutters it up for everybody.


As a compromise I suggested to @Sneak to just allow Authors to collapse replies they don't like (hidden like when they get downvoted) but not have them completely deleted from the thread.
Unfortunately Sneak insists he wants the moderated comments to disappear and with no trace on the website. I believe readers should at least be informed a "comment was hidden by the author" and be able to see the unmoderated content if they choose without having to open blockexplorers or leaving the site.

Great panel. Hope a pod cast will be released.


Hoping for that podcast too... or why not @DLive!? Kind of hard for me to catch these at 4 AM =)


I'd also absolutely love if a podcast is released... I hope they do

Q: What is being done, or what can be done, to keep whales (or anybody with more clout) from nuking accounts on a whip (for instance..'I don't like what you wrote I think it devalues steemit so I'm going to downvote you into oblivion'.

Steemit has no protections from nor recourse for this.

Mass adoption won't happen when content producers see how risky it is to put in time/effort/$ and have some douchebag nuke their account.


Honestly, I think this is something that should be addressed. Nice of you to bring this up


Shoot. That should have been 'on a whim'.

Dear @aggroed you planned to host a panel a discussion 12 hours back and now see the effect on SBD and Steem price in a lighter mode if this type of constructive session will come in the existence on every interval we can enjoy the better prices.
But seriously this type of visionary panel.discussion is the soul of any great work and I think if there will be constructive mind like you and the panel members were work hard together will result in the success of STEEMIT and one day we make STEEMIT GREAT AGAIN.

My question goes to @blocktrades, are there any plans to add more cryptos to their present exchange list in the future, it'd really the ease up the exchange of steem to other currencies for trading...

Interesting post

Great initiative @aggroed. Im a bit worried about the weak price development of STEEM in the last 3 month compared to the overall market and the falling position on coinmarketcap which is an indicator that trading interest is fading as well.

I am interested to hear what the panel thinks about the recent price developments and if there are any ideas on how to reverse this trend.

wow this sounds great @aggroed ! I wish I didn't work nights and sleep all day , I would really like to check out this steem panel event ! Will there be a link afterwards with a rebroadcast for me to listen to !? Hope so !! Keep up the great work !upped and resteemed👍👍👍

Que 1 To @blocktrades do they plan to add more coin exchange to their platform, reason their exchange is really fast and easy when compared to others, if they can just add more, giving users other coin to instant exchange to would be very much appreciated.

Q2 What is been done to ensure new users stay on this great platform, not having them live after spending barely two weeks here, bringing about lots of account with little or no interaction within them.

Hope am permitted to drop other questions before the discussion date Saturday, Dec 9, at 11am EST (1600 UTC)

I'm really happy to be included in this, and I'm looking forward to it! I hope I can add something of value. Thanks for including me.


Yah also well bro.Same to you i am also really happy for news.

Wow, great news for all stemians, looking forward for more new tools of steemit platform:)

Some nice piece of information!

More exchange platform for Steem

Excellent work @aggroed can't wait for this.

Bless your Lord in you and your creativity, which shook the Internet with all the little

I am trying to listen it..thanks for you best information

Wow! really that's a great idea.
thank you dear friend @aggroed for writing about this great topic.

ow great post bro. love you.

That is Marking the date on my calendar and promise to show up early @aggroed ✌✌

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Mentioned in a comment the other day by @good-karma, that it is getting difficult to keep up with all the changes and developments on the platform. Thought it would be nice to have our own "Steemapedia", open share. Don't have a clue of the possibility, is it?

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Looking forward to this discussion!

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This is a great vision and a nice one because it will elucidate on some issues that many steemite don't really have idea about such as:-

  1. Growth of the platform
  2. Factors that alter Steem price
  3. Technical needs of the platform
  4. Development of apps and tools
  5. New user experience
  6. Social aspects

that you have already listed, but i think there are some important problems you have not considered for example:

  1. How can someone in Nigeria, Japan, India participate in it or ask a question if need be.
    To me i think the solution to this problem problem is that you do a live steaming on youtube during this program so that people all over the world can participate in it because youtube is very popular also during this program there should be a phone number or email address one call or send a message to.

  2. Also you need to create a post about possible steem terms you will be using during that program so that new users will not loss interest because of lack of understanding of the terms used or stirring of confusion among new user and also a how to session should be made available for new user.

Thanks for reading i just want it to be 99% successful and the information that would be shared should reach all those who really need it.

Thanks. Goodluck.

Totally agree with your idea and Vision 2020. I have two questions 1.How do you give new user experiment? and 2. how do you give technical support as well?

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well...maybe seem not like that ..

Certainly this is delicately poised, this is an elite team most probably the best im looking forward to this

Great one, boss

Marking the date on my calendar and promise to show up early

I appreciate, want to add up here @aggroed

Great info

This is really amazing, congratulations

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Now that will be one hell of steem talk show :)

Am I the only one thinking " I wonder if this will drive up STEEMs price?" lol

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This was going to be my next reading material so thank you for being so timely. Thank you for putting in the resources to make this happen and mostly thank you for creating an access to the mastery of self. I am Waiting for another.

I am new. So How can I stay with you?

I won't be available at the time of the discussion. Hope the Podcast will be released.

Thanks for the info......ill be leaving my questions when I get back to my computer......esteem don't like me

nice post

@aggroed nice very nice post i like it & up votied

Wow this great idea..very nice this post so thanks @aggroed

I believe that every steemian who has given all the month here on the platform, should listen to this, so they understand the vision of the platform further (@stamsteem welcome the steemit with the post), mission, strategy, it was necessary action in the next month, and several years must be.

Very important announcement for me.

Good post! excellent content is interesting and I like it, keep it up friend, success in steemit!

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@aggroed, saya suka sekali dengan Steemit. Bagaimana cara meningkatkan followers? Maaf saya tidak bisa Bahasa Inggris. Saya Muraz Riksi dari Indonesia

very beautiful thank you

this is an encouraging news "The discussion can be listened to during the broadcast at" i eagerly wait for the meeting and to listen.
the other good thing is that it is not allowed to insult or argue. recently we have been seeing lots of contravarsaries. as you correctly mentioned this should not be a platform for that. it should be meant for development. i am happy to see this post and i eagerly wait for 9th. all the best.

This will be a great learning experience for everyone involved. As many people as possible needs to be there for this, it will give everyone a chance hopefully to get some answers to the questions that are floating around on Steemit.

Upvoted and Followed you. Pls help me resteem this for the victims of ISIS/Maute in the Marawi.

great job you guess doing great

I Reading your post.
your post content quality is so good.
dear friend thnx for sharing this news
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Yeah! A get-together, good idea. Goodbye #whaletank, enter Steem panel discussion!

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Will be there. Thank you for announcement.

I really like the new UI, there are still some deficiencies IE: when you import a photo into your blog post it sometimes randomly likes to put it in the middle of your post or some other random location that messes up your text, but besides that, great work

Thanks to the few stars, some of Steemit's successful people who have got the opportunity to congratulate, thank you very much for posting . @jesta,, @timcliff,, @blocktrades,, @pharesim,, @lukestokes,, @elear,, @andrarchy...

wow just amazing @aggroed and also welcome for amazing steem panel discussion and I just upvote you and find new follower in me thank you

is there any way we can interact with the panel. Cant wait to sit in =)

Wow😇 looking forward for more steem platform and exchange services

this is good idea.We got lots of information from your post.
I like this post.

i would try my best to be there going straight to my calendar right now

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great work...

In there!

Kepada yang terhormat, penulis steemit sangat pantas di berikan penghargaan,