The Advantages and Disadvantages of Religion to Humanity

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Advantages of Religion:

  1. It serves as a check for those who can't control their evil nature. Imagine if the concepts of God, heaven or hell were non existent, so many people would explore their horrid tendencies.
  2. Another advantage of religion are the religious holidays. Holidays like Easter, Christmas, Salah etc, are moments of rest and bliss for me.
  3. Also, religion has helped some people fight depression by giving them hope to carry on. Even though it doesn't make sense to me, it has helped some people stay happy and live purposefully.
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Disadvantages of Religion:

  1. Religion slows down the pace of human progress because it promotes faith over science and logic
  2. Religion also brings division among Humans. We have so many religions, as such, it causes rife between their adherents. We often have Christians hate on Muslims and atheists, and Muslims hate on Christians etc.
  3. Religion promotes wars, bloodsheds and intolerance. As a result of religion, people fight 'holy' wars in an attempt to spread their faith round the world.
  4. Religion increases gullibility. It indoctrinates people into believing imaginary fairytales they wouldn't normally believe
  5. Religion controls people's life and determine how they think and act. It suppresses freethinking and critical rationalization.
  6. Religion gives con men a platform to legally scam and oppress people. It makes religious leaders the benefactors, and makes them so powerful, rich and absolute beyond a fault. It makes adherents believe their religious leaders are better than them.
  7. Religion thrives on irrational fear and false hope. It tells people there is a hell where they would burn for eternity after death, if they fail to adhere; and a heaven where they would enjoy forever if they conform.
  8. Religion makes people lose control over their lives by making them less accountable for their actions (good or bad). It makes them praise God for something good, and blame the devil when their actions are negative.
  9. Religion arguable promotes a lazy populace because it makes people believe God works in mysterious ways, all they need to do is pray and they shall receive.
  10. Religion makes people care less about improving and appreciating the universe we are in, by creating the illusion of an afterlife.
  11. Religion has led to so many deaths. Many Jehovah witness faithfuls die as a result of their prohibition of blood transfusion during critical cases.
  12. Religion promotes female subjugation and homophobia. It makes ladies believe they are inferior to men, and makes homosexuals feel like dirt.
  13. Religion fuels a warped perception of what good and bad is, one common example is sex. Religion indoctrinates adults into believing that having something as natural as sex with whoever you choose to, is a sin worthy of eternal damnation.
  14. Religion creates sheeples who fail to use their brain but rather use books whose contents are static and fail to change in an attempt to meet recent standards.
  15. Finally, religion creates a huge confusion for humanity. We have over 4,000 of them and they all believe theirs is the true religion. In Christianity alone, there are over 400 denominations, and they all claim to be right and justified by the Bible.
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Feel free to add yours(pros and cons) in the comment section.


Re - Lie - gion
Region controlled by lies is what religion is for me.
Let everyone believe what they want and get along with songs and dance!

Lol. We have same perception. All lies. All fiction. Still, we have to let everyone believe whatever they wish, it's their business.

Religion is fun while it lasts...
Personally I'm done with religion...
Let's all have our individual beliefs and respect the next person's belief

Lol. I'm happy you have finally dumped religion. Let's keep enjoying the public holidays 😎


My thoughts though! I wouldn't say religion has an advantage. Because it has done more harm than good.
I stopped practising religion since, what keeps me is my love for Christ and other people.
Love is my religion!

Great article though!

Lol. Thanks for your remark. I just had to find some advantages just so i can be a little more objective. But definitely, it has done more harm than good.

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I have many of the same feelings towards organized religion. I have my own spiritual ideas but I don't agree with conformed religions. Nice post!

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I aopreciate your comment. Organized religion is absolutely ridiculous to me.

yes.. there isn't a single one which doesn't claim to be "the best" or the "right" belief. It's insanity.

I am not sure what purpose organized religion provides.

  1. It serves as a check for those who can't control their evil nature. Imagine if the concepts of God, heaven or hell were non existent, so many people would explore their horrid tendencies.

I do not agree with that. It was/is organized religion that tells people what is good what is bad. People are not and never have been throughout recorded history unable to control their "horrid" tendencies. Most war and conflict were brought about by organized religion.

I am not religious. I accept we dont need religion to be moral, but we have to accept that in some way, some religions(e.g christianity) have helped serve as a CCTV camera to loyal adherents, curbing their evil tendencies.

Organized religion makes no sense to me, but when people admit they find fulfilment and purpose in it, how do you counter that?

So I just want to say that some people believe that humans are naturally good & that what makes us EVIL is capitalism & classism. I believe the latter 100%, the former I'm not sure of yet.

I'm totally anti-religious, but am spiritually conscious, & being an agorist, I would LOVE to see if people really are good at heart when we got rid of the corrupt gov't that is run by criminals.

I believe that religion makes people more dysfunctional, NOT more loving & kind. It's a man made construct to control others & act superior, not to mention gives people the excuse to look outside themselves for answers instead of learning how to find the answers within.

Based on my own experiences with religious people (mainly Jews, but some Christians too), almost all of them are NOT nice, kind loving people & many are slight to severely dysfunctional, but the same could be said about athiests & "New Age" people too.

And I just want to state that no one is perfect, so it's not like I'm looking for perfection, just NOT such fear based crazies LOL

Unfortunately, I don't know what is going on, but online all I get now are die-hard religious fanatics talking about Jesus & Gawd & scripture, etc.

I nearly gage when I come across people like this & they are all over the place on FB & YT & ON threads & in groups that have NOTHING to do with religion or gawd.

So if someone can explain to me WHY this sudden influx of religious people, it would be much appreciated.

Thanks : )

Wow. Wonderful postulations. I agree totally with you, religion uses fear tactics to indoctrinate fragile kids at young ages. Only few people eventually grow up to fully break free from it.

I believe with time it'll lose relevance. It makes people do good for the sake of a reward(heaven), and teaches them to avoid bad because of a fictional hell.

While I do agree with you, I respectfully disagree that this ONLY happens when humans are kids.

I've come across several adults who were never religious & then in their 30's-50's either jumped into becoming religious or even converted to another religion like Judaism or Islam.

It's clear to me that they are lacking something in their lives that they "think" they can get from religion & are easy swayed/brainwashed by the carrot that claims they will get peace.

Unfortunately, they don't even consider spirituality (I've been spiritually conscious since '92) which has NOTHING to do with religion & is all about freedom, love & acceptance.

I question why they can't go down that route & only pick religion as their method of healing.

I think this may also be why I'm seeing an influx of people online preaching gawd, jesus, etc. in EVERY post/comment they type.

They aren't even afraid to show how fanatical they are, which tells me that the insurgence of religious fanaticism has taken over once again. :(


Excellent post! I agree with most of what you said, at least with regard to the patriarchal religions. A very few religions do not claim to the be the only true religion, such as Buddhism and the Hindu religions from which Buddhism was derived. But, most of what you said does hold true for most of the religions of the world. This is a good philosophical treatise, and I sincerely hope it helps to open some eyes. BRAVO, and thank you for sharing this with #steemitbloggers 😊

Lol. Thanks for your thoughtful comment. I really do hope people wake up to realise the scam in religion and break free!!!!

I love the contrast between the pros and cons you talked about. I'm also not the religious type. I believe that the human experience goes beyond religion

Exactly bro. The human experience goes beyond religion.

Religion and faith are not close to me. I don't feel that it can improve my life in principle. When it comes to the spiritual world of a person, it is easier for me to trust psychics. There is free psychic text chat now, so this is a doubly cool opportunity to get to know yourself better, cope with difficulties and find your own path in life. Even if you are skeptical about psychics, nothing bad will happen if you try something new at least once.

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