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RE: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Religion to Humanity

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So I just want to say that some people believe that humans are naturally good & that what makes us EVIL is capitalism & classism. I believe the latter 100%, the former I'm not sure of yet.

I'm totally anti-religious, but am spiritually conscious, & being an agorist, I would LOVE to see if people really are good at heart when we got rid of the corrupt gov't that is run by criminals.

I believe that religion makes people more dysfunctional, NOT more loving & kind. It's a man made construct to control others & act superior, not to mention gives people the excuse to look outside themselves for answers instead of learning how to find the answers within.

Based on my own experiences with religious people (mainly Jews, but some Christians too), almost all of them are NOT nice, kind loving people & many are slight to severely dysfunctional, but the same could be said about athiests & "New Age" people too.

And I just want to state that no one is perfect, so it's not like I'm looking for perfection, just NOT such fear based crazies LOL

Unfortunately, I don't know what is going on, but online all I get now are die-hard religious fanatics talking about Jesus & Gawd & scripture, etc.

I nearly gage when I come across people like this & they are all over the place on FB & YT & ON threads & in groups that have NOTHING to do with religion or gawd.

So if someone can explain to me WHY this sudden influx of religious people, it would be much appreciated.

Thanks : )


Wow. Wonderful postulations. I agree totally with you, religion uses fear tactics to indoctrinate fragile kids at young ages. Only few people eventually grow up to fully break free from it.

I believe with time it'll lose relevance. It makes people do good for the sake of a reward(heaven), and teaches them to avoid bad because of a fictional hell.

While I do agree with you, I respectfully disagree that this ONLY happens when humans are kids.

I've come across several adults who were never religious & then in their 30's-50's either jumped into becoming religious or even converted to another religion like Judaism or Islam.

It's clear to me that they are lacking something in their lives that they "think" they can get from religion & are easy swayed/brainwashed by the carrot that claims they will get peace.

Unfortunately, they don't even consider spirituality (I've been spiritually conscious since '92) which has NOTHING to do with religion & is all about freedom, love & acceptance.

I question why they can't go down that route & only pick religion as their method of healing.

I think this may also be why I'm seeing an influx of people online preaching gawd, jesus, etc. in EVERY post/comment they type.

They aren't even afraid to show how fanatical they are, which tells me that the insurgence of religious fanaticism has taken over once again. :(


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