The evolution of Adam - Inheritance and Redemption.

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Integral to organic evolution is the concept of inheritance.

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Inheritance, in this sense, relates to the passing down of traits from one generation to the next by means of reproduction.

If traits are not be passed down, from one generation to the next, using a relatively predictable mechanism, then the genome of a species would be too fluid.

Under these circumstances, new mutations or genetic recombinations, whether beneficial or not, would have little lasting effect.

The process of natural selection and even artificial selection would not function and would not produce, over many generations, desirable enhancements to a species or render them more suitably adapted to a changing environment.

The notion of inheritance makes its appearance already in the first chapter of Genesis.

All the plants and animals, including humans, are to be fruitful and multiply and to bring forth after their kind, to thereby replenish and fill the earth.

We see the notion also relating to behavioural traits in Exodus...

...visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, and upon the children’s children, unto the third and to the fourth generation.

...relating to how often children will follow in their parent's footsteps and thereby reap the same consequences for generations.

Later in the New Testament, we find the principle of inheritance relating to actions and resultant consequences in the familiar phrase...

...for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

The scriptures paint an early picture for the notions of determinism where A leads to B and B to C if there is no intervening change.

The consequences of the fall devolve upon the whole of humankind as a result of the actions of Adam in Eden, but similarly the remedy or redemption from the fall comes by way of one man.

Just as Adam was no ordinary man, so the remedy would require a Redemer who was no ordinary man, possessing no ordinary traits through inheritance.

From Mary the mother of Jesus Christ, he would inherit mortality or the ability to die. From His Father, even God, Jesus would inherit immortality, even the ability to live forever.

Being the inheritor, by birth, of both of these traits he would have power over death and be able to bring about the redemption from death.

Those who accept Christ as the Redeemer but question his divine sonship miss the role of inheritance in this aspect of his divine mission.


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...relating to how often children will follow in their parent's footsteps and thereby reap the same consequences for generations.

I have always contended that religious textbooks explain sociology and science and I am for the merging of the latter.

However, I penned a blog about the dangers of conformity and this fits right in. Many people follow religions without understanding the consequences of their own beliefs. Dogmas are dangerous because they work like "predictive programming" at the core of a static conformism that only a crisis, a revolution of the Mind, can alter.

I have been enjoying your series I had no idea this concept of passing down traits was even mentioned in biblical text. I left off at the honor your father and mother part! lol On another note I'm trying not to let it ruin my day. I feel like I just got fired. I see you took me off your up-vote bot. I was really relying on that for the tiny income and SP it gave me for each post. It also motivated me to improve the work I was putting out and I think I've been doing a great job adding quality content to the platform. Any explanation for taking me off? I do appreciate the time you had me on it. But can't help feel a bit bummed out. Hope you are well. -Dan

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i agree with you bro

Excellent post, the Bible says that we are joint heirs with Christ, which means that the order of the inheritance exists from the foundation of the world, where did the Christ come from? of David's lineage. Hence a passage in the word refers to JESUS as the son of David.

As we inherit the divine, we also inherit the sinful nature, thanks to the act of love of God the Father to offer his son to die for us the plan of redemption of humanity was carried out, henceforth all we accept that JESUS is the savior of the world, we have access to the throne of grace, to the divine inheritance.

We, in this corruptible body we are heirs of pacados, but by Jesus we can change our history, he through his sacrifice on the cross justified us forever and thanks to him we can be called children of God.

@darlenys)1 very well attitude


all are potentially divine. all are sons & daughters of themot high.
we evolve through soul evolution as well as dna evolution.

We inherit the evolution of Adam, since we are human made from dust that will soon return to dust, but our soul and spirit came from God an inheritance of the Divine which will never die so we need a Savior who inherited the immortality of the Divine.

Great words.

صديقى العزيز
اتا متابع هذة السلسة الرائعة
واعتذر اننى اكتب باللغة العربية ولكننى الكيبورد حاليا اكتب عربى

شكر لك

Definitely thought provoking. Like the inclusion of laws like cause and effect, sowing and reaping.

It is really so. How often children repeat the fate of their parents! Make the same mistakes and getting similar result. No wonder they say that if you want to raise good kids - start with yourself. When people think about this, and will start to atone for his sins, then he may save his children from much bad. And if not, then let then do not complain that his family bad luck, that the children live in misery.

Thank you @gavvet for posting this series.

Appreciated how your writing brought into focus.....Christ Jesus is the Saviour.....the God-Man....God's solution to fallen man's problem of separation from God....thus the need for a Redeemer.

All the best to you and yours.

Am I really the only one wondering why there is a #science tag on this?

This is like the contradiction extremis, maybe there's some sarcasm involved or something hidden in this fiction I didn't notice yet ;-)

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Evolution is an interessting theme. We developed in thousands of years to be what we are now.
For example our engenierings wouldnt be without the evolutin


posting is very good @gavvet.
Thankyou for sharing!

Sin came to the world through one man and through another, the world was redeemed. Sin is often washed away by blood. The new Adam was to act as a lamb without blemish, which was to shed blood once for an atonement of sin.

We need Jesus in our lives. Thank you @gavvet

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a great series, with good thoughts.

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Teacher, comparing scriptures with scriptures, I agree with you. keep on the good work. Am blessed by this post.

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great post, thanks for sharing.

Evolution is brought about by natural selection.

Thank you so much for sharing all this information! that's great! All the best! Waiting for more posts! :)

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Great post about inheritance. Thanks for sharing.

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very historical theme!

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I'm not really a believer of god but this is a very interesting article

A wonderful and fun topic and valuable information. Thank you for your efforts

İt is an interesting article. Well done!

Preferred topics I have to learn about the Creole religion

If not for the actions of Adam and Eve, there will be no suffering in the world. They brought it upon us but i was starring to think, what if they didnt? There wouldnt have been steemit

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Nice post and interesting post for knowledge.. thanks for sharing @gavvet

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Good post Integral to organic evolution is the concept of inheritance. Nice upvote and reestem

Good post!

I do not believe if death can be inherited, I think that death is something that happened on the power of god, god can kill anyone according to his will ..

Because logically, if death can be inherited, then there will not be a small child who died, because all parents want to see his son grow ..

#### And I still do not believe in your last phrase, that the mother of Maria can inherit death, because she herself died, and the Pharaoh, mummy is intact of mesir, also died before the mother Maria was born. is who inherits death to the Pharaoh?

It's all in my logic mind, and I do not blame your expression of thought.

Thankyou @gavvet.

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Parallels between Adam and Jesus, huh? Never thought of that; very interesting notion. Fall vs Redemption, Made vs Born*, Born in a Perfect Environment verse Born in a Manger, Both Direct Products of God's Will for the World

Made vs Born: Adam is the "antic clay" raised from the dust by the raw power of Creation while Jesus is actually a "man born of woman" a la Shakespeare. Yet the former is but first among mortals while Jesus is .... well, Jesus

Very interesting post

adam is indeed the first man in our belief and the air as his partner and it was the beginning of the creation of man by god ..

Great post! Thanks for sharing! Looking forward for more!

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Being the inheritor, by birth, of both of these traits he would have power over death and be able to bring about the redemption from death...

words of wisdom, thanks for sharing @gavvet, another excellent post

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or blind believers :)

I like that one better :)


Dalam Al-Quran disebutkan tiga jenis makhluk berakal yang diciptakan Allah yaitu manusia, jin, dan malaikat. Manusia dan Jin memiliki tujuan penciptaan yang sama oleh karena itu sama-sama memiliki akal yang dinamis dan nafsu namun hidup pada dimensi yang berbeda. Sedangkan malaikat hanya memiliki akal yang statis dan tidak memiliki nafsu karena tujuan penciptaanya sebagai pesuruh Allah. Tidak tertutup kemungkinan bahwa ada makhluk berakal lain selain ketiga makhluk ini.Menurut syariat Islam, Adam tidak diciptakan di Bumi, tetapi diturunkan dimuka bumi sebagai manusia dan diangkat /ditunjuk Allah sebagai Khalifah (pemimpin/pengganti /penerus) di muka bumi atau sebagai makhluk pengganti yang tentunya ada makhluk lain yang di ganti, dengan kata lain adalah Adam ‘bukanlah makhluk berakal pertama’ yang memipin di Bumi.

Dari ayat Al-Baqarah 30, banyak mengundang pertanyaan, siapakah makhluk yang berbuat kerusakan yang dimaksud oleh malaikat pada ayat di atas. Dalam Arkeologi, berdasarkan fosil yang ditemukan, memang ada makhluk lain sebelum manusia. Mereka nyaris seperti manusia, tetapi memiliki karakteristik yang primitif dan tidak berbudaya.

Volume otak mereka lebih kecil dari manusia, oleh karena itu, kemampuan mereka berbicara sangat terbatas karena tidak banyak suara vowel yang mampu mereka bunyikan.

Sebagai contoh Pithecanthropus Erectus memiliki volume otak sekitar 900 cc, sementara Homo sapiens memiliki volume otak di atas 1000 cc (otak kera maksimal sebesar 600 cc). Maka dari itu bisa diambil kesimpulan bahwa semenjak 20.000 tahun yang lalu, telah ada sosok makhluk yang memiliki kemampuan akal yang mendekati kemampuan berpikir manusia pada zaman sebelum kedatangan Adam.

lots of possibilities

Of course.... Human is perfect creation

Thank you sir for this awesome post! You really did a great job with this especially the part of Jesus divinity being questioned by certain groups. Stay blessed.

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From whom we became as what we are, is actually not the question. The bigger question is What we would like to be.
Unfortunately there are too many influences (not so nice ones) which make people think in the wrong way,......

Adam and DNA from the anu- naki?

That was great. I looked forward to this things. remembering the holy land of peace.

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i have wtched this serial

I feel as if you're solely basing your point on the Old and New testaments. Don't get me wrong, for justice to be served mercy or the grace of Christ is needed as the balancing factor. However, I feel that we can't leave out eastern religious beliefs too. Eastern religious concept of Dharma and the concept of Grace and Mercy from Christianity should be explored by all those who are seekers of the truth. I personally feel there is truth to both concepts.

It is a different way of interpreting this concept, I will be attentive to your next interpretations. @tecnovida

This story is all analogies, yet religious people think there really was an
Adam and Eve.

The concept of inheritance with Adam and Eve is quite bizarre given that eve was apparently made from Adam’s rib. Therefore there is no chance of genetic diversity there. And the incest... let’s not talk about all the incest that would have happened if this story were true.

the adam rib allegory meaning genetic manipulation, easier explained to illiterate people 2000 years ago

I am into the annunaki gods, love that rabbit hole :) Adamu in sumerian means "made of clay"... the bible refers to the body as dust.

thanks for sharing keep it up

Inheritance of acquired characteristics is one of my favorite subject.

Appreciate research oriented work.

That's amazing I never realised it mentioned traits and touched on genetiscism being passed down through generations, a very interesting read.

Another interesting post. I enjoy waiting for new posts from you. Keep up the great work.

An interesting genetic approach to the whole creationist theory. The bible wasn't meant to be interpreted the way we do now, it is indeed full of symbolism and it really contains the story of creation, but not literally... We just can't understand it, because our spiritual doors are locked, and can not see beyond this human realm

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