Self-made Mate-lemonade (fast & easy) - better than Club Mate!

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Do you like Club-Mate or other Mate-based lemonades? They're fresh, not too sweet and stimulating. With my simple recipe you can make your own delicious, thirst-quenching and healthy energy drink in 10 minutes.


Why do you want to make your own Mate soda?

Mate-lemonades are very popular in Germany these days. Not everyone likes the sugary and with caffeine overstuffed energy drinks like Red Bull. The first popular Mate-drink was "Club-Mate", favored especially by hipsters. Nowadays a lot more people drink such sodas and there are more brands with different tastes, caffeine contents and sugar amounts. They all are relatively expensive - maybe because it still is a very trendy beverage.

I tried a lot of brands. Some are too sweet, too expensive and some have way too much caffeine. 32mg / 100ml is the maximal allowed amount of caffeine for soft drinks in Germany. That is too much for me because of my low caffeine tolerance. Moreover the supermarkets in my area don't have the brands I like. The solution to this unbearable situation was clear: Do it yourself! It's very fast an easy and even a "kitchen noob" like myself can do it. Okay, okay the 10 minutes preparation time I mentioned in the spoiler text was partly a lie. You'll need some additional hours too let everything get cold.


To make your own Mate lemonade is very easy! You'll need:

  • 6 tablespoons of Mate tea (should be 12g)
  • 1 liter of water
  • 1 1/2 lemons (medium size)
  • 125g of cane sugar
  • ca. 1 1/2 liters of cold mineral water

Transform these ingredients into something wonderful!

With these amounts you will get around 2,4 liters of Mate lemonade. Lets do the magic:

  1. First brew up your mate tea with one liter of 80-95°C hot water. Let it steep for 5 minutes (or longer if you like a stronger mate taste).

  2. Add the juice of one and a half lemon and stir. If you have small lemons, use two :)

  3. Now add 125g of cane sugar and stir as well. Of course you could use artificial sweeteners but I don't recommend it in an organic drink. Stevia may be a good idea - the recommendation is 1 tablespoon of Stevia powder. I didn't tried it myself but it is said to work well.

  4. Allow it too cool off and put it in the fridge until its cold.

  5. Fill up your glasses with 100ml of your cold Mate-brew and 150ml of mineral water. You can use still water instead if you don't like sparkling drinks :)

  6. Optional: Add some ice cubes, mint leafs and a slice of lime.

  7. Enjoy!!!

mate.jpgOne liter of brown mud... um I meant delicious Mate brew :)

With this method it is easy to adjust the taste according to your preference. Simply add more or less water until you find your personal sweet spot. For me 100ml of Mate and 150ml of water works perfect.
If you like you can mix everything in a large bottle, bowl or carafe. That comes in handy if you want to drink it on the go. At home I prefer the method I described because your guests can adjust the amount of Mate and water as they like.

I hope you'll now are interested in trying to make your won ice tea - Mate. My guests and I were very surprised how delicious it is especially considering that the preparation is very easy and cheap!
Please share your questions and experiences with this or your own recipes in the comments. If you liked this post please consider upvoting, resteeming and telling your grandma about it! And always remember:



Homemade lemonade is so far removed from the rubbish in the stores it is unbelievable. So delicious and so good for you. I applaud you for sharing this with the world. This is actually good for you rather than harmful as the regular bought lemonade. I am following you for more now.

Yeah you are right @sallybeth23!
Everytime I'm reading the ingredients of soft drinks in stores I get sick! Very unnatural stuff that don't belong in beverages. Thanks for your comment, I'm always happy to see that there are some intelligent and nice people out there!

Absolutely unnatural and of course it spreads beyond beverages to just about all your processed foods in supermarkets. It is hard to find anything worth buying in mainstream stores. Sugar for example is added to virtually EVERYTHNG whether it requires it or not. No wonder the world is full of unhealthy , fatigued people.

Of course! It is important to get ill, all the pharmaceutical company need money too... Sugar is the number one drug, very addictive and dangerous in high dosages. There are some products you can still buy in German supermarkets. They may be healthy but you don't want to know how much slaves were needed to produce that food.

That's look very delicious . Thanks for sharing this. Have a nice day. @thecoach

Thanks and no problem. A nice day to you as well :)

A really interesting post. Don't know what 'mate' is but I would use green tea infusion instead anyway. Really enjoyed reading. X

Green tea could work too. Mate is very popular in Argentina. If you like green tea that Mate you possibly like mate as well.

I am sure I would but I live in Spain! I have promoted your post on my latest crepe post as I found it very interesting. I am all for making replica recipes as at least you know what goes in them. Thank you for your reply. X

Yes it is a good idea to know what you drink and eat! Mate sometimes is callex yerba mate. I'm sure you can order some in Spain!
Thanks for the promotion :

Your quite welcome my dear. Don't know if I will try it but I will make your recipe using green tea though. :)X

If you do, please report. I'm interested how it will work out :)

I certainly will. I have promoted your post on one of my posts yesterday as I thought it very interesting. Any more? :)X

Awesome :D I am a junkie of this stuff :D Seriously! I drink it two times a day. sature also sometimes makes a lemonade fresh. Super nice! 100 % upvote ;)

Thank you very much. I can 100% understand that you like to drink it often. It is sooo delicious :)
I think I will make it regularly especially since it is that easy! I'm very happy I found an energy drink that tastes good!
Do you still feel the rush of the caffeine if you drink that much? I'm curious because I'm a little afraid to increase my daily caffeine dosage.

Lemonade tea is also good for body detoxification good thing u remind me about tea and this is a good idea to replace soda.

Yep and it even tastes better than soda :)

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Wow...will definitely try this mate recipe
Thanks for sharing