Pascualina Tart

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Hello Steemians! Today I will show you how to elaborate a Pascualina Tart.


The Pascualina Tart is traditionally served during Lent, but it makes an excellent lunch or supper any time of year. You may either elaborate your own puff pastry for the Pascualina Tart or buy the premade puff pastry and elaborate the rest of the recipe. I will show you how to elaborate the Pascualina Tart and how to elaborate the puff pastry in case you don’t want to buy a premade one.


Puff Pastry (for the Pascualina Tart caps)

You will need:

400 grams General Purpose Flour400 grams cold butter
Lemon JuiceSalt

Put the flour in a bowl, a teaspoonful of salt and cold butter in small pieces. Add two tablespoons of lemon juice and 300 cm3 of cold water. Mix with a wooden spoon joining it together. Put on a clean table and stretch it with a rolling pin. Fold it in three sections, stretch again and repeat the process six times. Set it aside for one hour and then stretch it.

Make two buns and stretch them to form the two caps for the Pascualina Tart.

Pascualina Tart


You will need:

1 Garlic Clove1 Bunch of Chard
1 ½ Onion2 Scallions
3 Slices of Ham1/4 Bell Pepper (red)
1 Raw Egg4 Hard Boiled Eggs
NutmegSalt, Pepper
Grated Cheese2 Pascualina Tart Caps


Boil one bunch of chard and then chop it; set aside. Saute the onion, the scallions, clove and bell pepper. Add them to the boiled chard.

Mix the preparation with one raw egg, the slices of ham, salt, pepper, nutmeg and grated cheese.

Put one of the Pascualina Tart caps on a pizza pan. Spread the preparation and on top put four hard boiled eggs (you may cut them in if your wish) and cover with the second Pascualina Tart cap.

Put in an oven over high heat during about 40 minutes (20 minutes in the lower side of the oven and 20 in the upper side).


Serve and enjoy!

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That looks yummy! I could make it without the ham as a vegetarian tart. :D

Thank you @opheliafu! Go ahead, try the vegan version!

I'm reading through your recipes right now, yummy.

Oh and I'm following you x

Thank you @opheliafu, I'm following you too, because I like your SteemArt!