REBLOGGING! Lets see the real intentions of people FEATURING other authors!

in reblog •  2 years ago

Hi everybody! By now you probably all know about the new feature in Steemit that was introduced yesterday. REBLOGGING, the ability to share posts from others with those who follow you. First I would like to say that even though this feature still requires further development, it is beyond a doubt an AWESOME feature! Congratulations to the DEV team for this exciting new feature.


Now to my main point! Having this new Reblogging feature will allow us to see the real intentions of ALL those people that are constantly featuring new authors, all of them say they do it out of good will and that their MAIN GOAL is to expose undervalued authors and that they also give all the earned SBD to the authors that are featured. I don't know about you but I have always thought there should be another way to do this, I usually see 2 or even 3 posts in the top 20 trending results from the same person featuring several authors and I say to myself we should use this only to see the author and go to that person's blog and vote for his post instead of the featured one!

Well now we have the perfect solution! REBLOGGING, THE PERFECT WAY AUTHORS FEATURING PEOPLE CAN ACCOMPLISH THEIR MAIN GOAL, if it really is only to expose the Author and not get a cut of his reward in Steem Power.

Featured authors will get what they really deserve!

  • STEEM POWER for writing a good post, instead of just the SBD generated by the featured post.
  • Actual exposure of their blogs.
  • More potential followers.

People reblogging will still be rewarded:

  • More followers if what they are constantly sharing is good content.
  • Good curation rewards, since they would be the among the first people voting before exposing the content.

Well it all comes to what people featuring other people really wants, but now, we can see their real intentions!

Upvote and Reblog this so that we can see MORE REBLOGGING AND LESS FEATURING !!

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Nice! They slipped this feature by me. Thanks for the info! Reblogged and upvoted.


Hi @kendewitt , you're welcome and thanks to you for upvoting and reblogging!

I suppose now people will reblog the post that they are also doing a feature on??? Time will tell. Either way the feature theme was a nice little niche market for some users, but like any other market, things can and do change and one must adjust.


I think if their intentions are what they say they are, they should reblog instead of featuring. This provides more value to steemit and it is something that will help achieve of the main goals of the comunity right now which is reward more authors.


Yes, agreed. It doesn't mean that will happen though. Like I said, it was a nice little niche market. I';m sure some were motivated by that as well. Now their market just got discontinued. I don't hate on the feature theme because it still did bring attention to authors even if they were making SP off it.

But yes, the reblog option is much more contributor friendly. Better bang for the buck.

I do wish I could reblog without it showing up in my personal blog though. It makes me want to reblog super selectively as I don't want my blog in a messy disarray.


Totally! Reblogging is more contributor friendly. And yes I agree with you but like I mentioned, this feature still has a lot of room for improvement, I am sure the DEV team will work on it.


If you look into it, there are a lot of shady stuff behind featured authors. There are quite a few, that get consistently featured, have low followers in their journal, post almost nothing there, and moved $5-10k SBD out of the system. Perhaps not as quick as @msgivings, but for me that casts a doubt on the whole "did bring attention to the authors". Still, good for them. :-D


completely agreed

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