Think Positive Do Positive And Get Positive Results

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Thinking positive will make us feel a great person and the personality can be explained with the positive thinking always this is not that good when you see some one is doing wrong and you explain that you are doing wrong things because the other person is doing wrong it's not an excuse for any reason !

For Example m y country is going down day by day due to people are not paying what they need to pay to the Govt like different kind of taxes we should pay to the govt but we are not paying that to our Govt which make us in more debit day by day and we are getting to worse of the condition in the world which is damaging our economy !


And what we are doing that we say that if my neighbor are not paying the tax why would I ?

So i am asking if that we are not paying this who will pay this for us we will live with such rule for a very short of the time and after that we will get to the feet and we will be not able to get out feet back in the world and the time once go can never come back to any one it slips from the hand like a sand and we will not recover this type of loss every !

The problem with the lf is that when someone is doing wrong we should guide them that you are doing this wrong !


The main example from our daily life is that we are not paying the electricity bill in our country most of the time almost 50 % will not pay the bills and there will be only corruption in the pesco department that when you have a bills of 30000 PKR the department will go bribery and they will take 5000PKR from you and they will just cancel all the bills that is pending to you so this is not the way you are support the country which need so much development in this fat growing world we are going very backward these days from a very long time we should stop this and we should support our PM and our system If we want to make them Correct the system will get honest and we want to make is more corrupt the system will get more worse thanks!


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