Rebirth Games introduce new game special for Steem

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Dear participants of The STEEM blockchain, we would like to present our game Rebirth: Bunker. It is an RPG with simple battles, interesting leveling system and all sorts of interactions between players. From fighting and trading -- to building a new world. The game will consist the elements of strategy and management. The speed of game development depends on your support (how much you support this post).
We are eager to listen to your opinion as much and as soon as possible -- so we ask you to leave comments. All questions and requires will be answered.

As the author of the idea, I decided to create a game on the Steem, because here are the most grateful players. Because there are free transactions. In my opinion, the player should not pay the platform for the transaction. Players buy tokens. A potential user of Steem provides content, buys a token and supports the site in many other ways. So this is our contingent.

At this moment we have already tested the system of combat, the development of leveling and work of some parameters. You will fight with live players, but as long as we do not have the full online, you will fight with players under computer control (AI). It is not necessary to sit and fight for days to reach heights, on the contrary it can greatly damage the character's development. Formally, each player will be able to master all professions, but it will take too long and require too much resources. Therefore it will be easier to create guilds and tribes to distribute responsibilities between players. Someone will gather resources, another to create items from them, and the third at all will become a teacher.

In general, you are waiting for exciting fights, interesting development of the character, communication with new interesting people, a developed system of crafting, the system of elections, the trading system through the Steem, the construction of a tribal camp and many other opportunities. And for those who think that is good in advertising and will call friends, a affiliate parameter, which in many ways facilitate the game.

Subscribe for @rb-game.eng account and find out first when the arena is opened in the bunker, become the best fighter and explore the new land with us. In the meantime, read a little bit of the history of the world. Well, if you are more interested in the technical side, then come in @rb-gamedev.rus for reading our development diary, from our company programmer side.

Welcome to the Bunker Museum.

Book of the World History, the fall of the prophet.

Once upon a time, about a thousand years ago the Great Prophet Zhivchak predicted the destruction of the world, if people do not come to their senses in their endless emotional war, our world will fall. But he became great for us, and then he was an ordinary man. Nobody listened to him and pseudo-wrestlers for rights, continued to attract trouble, called the Crystal of life and death from space. Intelligent and alive, who eats only one thing in this world, the brain waves of sentient beings.

After falling on the ground of the crystal, it had long behaved quietly and showed no signs of life. It was gaining strength and growing. So it seemed to the people who studied it, in fact, it came into contact only with "the selected" (chosen people) . One of them was a crazy professor who became the main participant of the destruction of the world of the Old World. The great Prophet gained his power. Most important, the chosen have become immortal and still roam on this planet, in search of the unknown, what is necessary only to them.

We, the descendants of those who have hidden in the secret government bunker, honor the past and try not to repeat their mistakes. Information coming through the centuries is badly distorted, but we do not interfere with it, to learn from other people's mistakes. Every citizen receives food, clothing, shelter and tools necessary for survival. If someone wants a more chic life, this person can extract useful resources for earning more money and buy more delicious food, beautiful things or entertainment. We have no difference between a man you or a woman, what color of skin and hair. We are all united, we are all equal. Distinguishes only the status, which depends on what benefits the person brings to society.

A thousand years we have lived underground, it is time to go to the surface. Unfortunately, our organisms have atrophided, and we have to conduct long training for short intelligence operations. So far we know that the upper world is inhabited. But we didn't meet friendly creatures. You are admitted to this text as a fighter of the arena. And so you can learn the secret. The crystal of our bunker almost exhausted, it can no longer support such population. You are preparing to become elite scouts. Those who will build the road to a new world, for our people.


Hi and welcome here! When I started on steemit, my biggest problem was to find interesting people to interact with. So, to help newcomers getting started I created a directory with other interesting and or talented steemians to follow or interact with. Feel free to check it out at I am sure it will help you find like-minded people. Enjoy your stay here and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

Жду запуска игры с нетерпением😊

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