when you said, you cant dance with the phantom, please, I was like wow! that was sick man!

thanks man! appreciate you listening
On a suicide grind Im a hustle head
Hold my weight and some like a muscle head
life a beesh, so is karma
im trying to get em both high and get some double head
u know play touchdown then i doubled it
Copperfield with this shit I know its puzzling
So i aint got time to fool around w/ u circus clowns
Im looking down from the tightrope juggling
yea i acrobat i dont battle rap
a real hustler gon adapt to his habitat
i got the drum and the battery off in my back
fully auto i go in the booth and rat tat tat
whip white on white witness crime black on black
ability to see the future got me racks on racks
this that good crack keep em coming back
fiend took a hit and did a jumping jack
yea im that uncut u a dummy pack
where my refund at i need my money back
Solo Han but I move like 100 cats
My uzi weigh a ton u gon need 100 straps


[email protected], i think it's a great idea to use games as a background. You will be able to reach more people with your content this way. For this, you do need the gameplay to be of high quality, as far as i could see right now the quality of the gameplay is not good at all. People would want it to be high quality if you want them to actually watch it, for me it was close to unwatch-able. I think this has to do with your stream settings, are you using OBS for this? I have written some guides on how to use OBS properly and how to fix certain streaming problems with music if you would be interested, i would be very honored if i can help back someone like you who helps of people. Keep up the good work, and i would love your opinion on my latest post regarding upvote bots as you own a bot yourself.

Uyeee , coming 🙌

Can I still get in on this? @rondonson I've been off Steemit for a minute but I'm back! Hahahah as always, enjoy rocking the #rapchallenge!