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Sorry so late, this was a tough weekend. My grandmother flew in, car troubles, etc. etc. Just a long weekend. Wanna shout out @gentlesouljah for giving me that extra nudge to hop in.

I also understand this is at a tough angle, wasn't much I can do. I explain it and give the raw footage on my original post.


Yea. I’m just chillin with a microphone
Realizing the height that I’m at, I am quite alone
Flying near the sun, I’m a space pilot, gone
That’s why these haters never speak above a quiet tone (Shhhh!)
I can see all of these green cats
Clawing at my door, as they watch me stack these greenbacks
Talked with @seveaux, he agreed that
People only hate whenever they can not achieve that
See… Some bitches put up a polite show
They act all proper like a doctor in a white coat
I see the green bleeding through like a light coat
All these coyotes pissed that I’m a white G.O.A.T!
Uhhh… Some will drown, and some might float
But either way I’m the king, you’re in my moat
Uhhh.. I walk a fine line, a tightrope
Hard pill to swallow, yea, you might choke
Uhh… Face it, to me it’s basic
I paint this by the numbers, I’m just fillin in the spaces
I make hits, tyson, while you silent like you take fifth
bull in a china shop, bitch, watch me break shit

My Man!! You made it .. good lookin out. Dig it!


Hey Rondonson, this is my new account. If I place, please pay me using this account. Thx!

I’ma send some KNOWLEDGE
My verses are structured like birds flying in formation (INFORMATION)
Trying to follow my train of thought you need to be a storm chaser
My BRAIN STORMS through clouds beyond space
Anyone there? Realize I’m alone in my domain
I DUPLICATE myself and form my own race
You accuse me of arrogance and to FUCK MYSELF, no way
I did Jose, sent clones to your home be safe
Maybe you should TRY and CATCH me, since my thoughts are slow but PACED
EXCEPTION to the rule, programmed can’t make my CODE break
JAVA reference to these nerds, turtle in a herd of HARES
Instead of observing they JUMP to conclusions
Thought short term came up short ended up losing
I colour code my rhymes, can you rubik’s cube it?
Ah ah, TURN it down, bow, kneeling feeling stupid
Why am I a lyricist? When I shouldn’t need to
I just need a bassy beat, mumble rap like pre schoolers
Why not, when I got my PhD dude!

kept hitting the laptop lol much luv

lyrics /////

they try to tell me i aint conscious enough
well im weatherin the elements my conscious is love
im just writing what im feelin when im needin my drugs
see im healin broke a beaker while im cookin this up
im livin a life that i dont recommend
swingin for the fences every chance that i get
but its crackin when i hit it hall of famer when im finished
if i were sittin in a cubicle id rather be dead
brahmy got the antidote for common folk and spanish girls
not a g but heart of gold
knowledge over phantom goals
we are but just animals
forgot about our instincts
always sprinting, then we end up limping
overthinking wonder what we’re missing
how to breathe how to speak how to listen
how to feel how to hurt how to give in
how to love how to love without condition

Always killing it mehn! Perfectly delivered !

Theres this new rapper on the block chain named 88N8 don't get it twisted this a diss track, you talking about you got that digital gold probably in bed with some digital hoes, Jergens in hand and kids on the floor

16 shots fired at my terabyte hard drive that was encrypted and now it's disintegrated cuz the information that I've had was incriminating, it's still not yet done ventilating from the thermite side I gave it an hour ago about an hour ago my best friend hit me up on the airwaves told me that the FBI and the CIA they were headed my way and they were coming today I should take everything out the Faraday cage and give it a thermite bath today well anticipation has been loading since that picture surface of me bowling and Russia with Lattimore Putin it was me him and Edward Snowden and I was on a flight heading straight to the USA when I swear a high-powered laser equipment satellite changed Orbitz and lock my way I'm not sure if it missed or maybe missed fire but either or it was cause for alarm so I've been up early in the morning like my name was Jake.... from State Farm(she sounds hideous) well she's a guy like a f****** tranny with big balls like Peyton Manning Now show some f****** respect b**** when you talkin the Bradley Manning our Communications encrypted you you you just don't understand me and I've been doing this since the lunar Landing.....

Hola aquí les dejo mi participación , @rondonson disculpa por haberla publicado en la fecha que no era, ya entendí la dinámica, saludos desde Caracas - Venezuela ♥



Hola hey mucho gusto me presento en los compases
demostrando que con unas cuantas líneas como tú en el beat puede pasarme en
un flujo inigualable que no tiene escuchado en otra parte
directo de Caracas Venezuela para tus oídos deleitarte.

esto facilita para mí , no se
presta para ustedes la corriente eléctrica y el flujo en el ritmo para que se escuche diferente
desafío del rap semana 24, para todita mi gente
patrocinado por las panas yo vine aquí por el billete.

Ya que la situación en mi país es un poco deprimido
el dinero no alcanza para nada, así que el salario lo aumenten
por eso agradezco el apoyo con los votos que me regalen ustedes
que viva el hip hop y sus raíces en todos los continentes.


Took part of this with my old profile. Need to get back in it.

you know I will. All set up now. easier when your solo

What I appreciate is that your freestyles are actual genuine freestyles. Well done.

Thanks. Congrats on the W!

Fuck! This sound sweeeeet. Just read the lyrics over at discord but sounds shit-hot with beats behind it! Bangin bro.

I've got lyrics but no beats mate,. Can I still put some work forward?