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We have had some really great weeks in the rap challenge thus far and more big things to come! Let's see what all the challengers have in store this week!



Going in on that scuzzy beat.

soundcloud/spotify: sean fiji
ig: seanfiji

BODIED. Flow n cadence was on point. And i can comprehend what you talking about

nice one m8. that god/condolence line was hot, mixing the true expression shit w braggadocio in your style is a nice touch, more of that !

Venezuela!!!!!! My wife is from Caracas! Peace from Halifax Nova Scotia brother!

Oh man you are a lucky guy hahaha the Venezuelan girls are wonderful. i live in Caracas! a big hug and thanks for listening my bro!

Bien perro

muchas gracias bro!!

Ese flow no juega man, mucho respeto!!

gracias por escuchar hermano!, un abrazo.

SKUUUU this is nice as hell man

thanks my brrroo!!!


Late Submission but its all good Im doing it for the love anyway. Salute to yall and s/o @riggsyfort for this banger!

Fast lane livin pushin poison like michael bivens
Got b!tc#e$ on the blockchain that give me that crypto kitty
Milk box flow boy this what the game missing
Shit aint a game with me brought the whole gang with me
its never the same with me Im always changing upgrading my system fine tuning my intuition
Tunnel vision to millions all i see is abundance
eyes in the back of my head see the snakes when they coming
100 miles & running play it big like Andre Drummond
Dumbing down the wordplay so its easy on ya stomach
I just go in the booth and vomit u dont want it
roll up and take off on this comet
keep ya comments and ya 2 cents just follow my blueprint no shoeprints or blues clues i got away smooth
wait a minute let me double back i mighta dropped a couple jewels
not to be confused with these dudes
we eating real good baby talking soul food
we eating real good baby call it whole foods

🔥🔥🔥 flow fire and you talking that talk

Thats love bro! Its definitely appreciated coming from another talented artist!!

Digging the verse man, thanks for dropping on it!

its never the same with me Im always changing upgrading my system fine tuning my intuition
Tunnel vision to millions all i see is abundance


Preciate the love bro! That dope track made it come easy

I really enjoy this minute, good one!!

Preciate it my guy!

About a lucid dream.

bound to my dreamworld alarm clock sounds,
i awaken to this realm where my conscious knows no bounds,
And as this dreamworld disappears, I adjust to which surrounds
confounded by the shroud of a hazy morning vision
so my eyelids droop, stoop back to shut position,
and I dive back to the system where my syntax collapses
granting me the access to every single remnant
leading up to the gates of the realm in which i entered in
under maps and over boulders, evolving, growing older
molded to the point where my wings cant be clipped
slide across your radar screen as a set of blinking blips as
blurred occurrences zoom across the film strips
the actor plays along yet he knows no script,
blind to the process so he cant read lips
and he's strung along until his dignity is finally stripped
rip cleanly from his function,
in conjunction with the process of this ever growing humble stumblin out the building blocks,
Building plots I concocts
Saving face --- a facade
And in one fell swoop --- I lost my front and my walk

word! but the volume was mad low bro..

Good looks, I just re-uploaded with a higher volume. Thanks bro!

Great positive lyrics. Thank you for submitting. Looking forward to hearing more flows for change. I thought your volume level was fine. I could hear you clearly. Much love.

Thanks my man, appreciate that. I see you on that tip too and I'm glad that we have emcees bringing this message.

Yea riggs talk that shit! We soaring to high for them to ever clip our wings!!

No doubt, always!

you at your best my dude

Yea you did your thing!!

the actor plays along yet he knows no script,
blind to the process so he cant read lips,

I would have to say these are my favorite lines!!

Thanks my dude, appreciate it! Glad to see you back on the challenges

Yea I almost didn't do this one. I feel rondonson doesn't like me. I questioned his rules and he never respond. I even apologized haha! So I don't know how to feel about doing this challenge.


How is it Everyone! How your friday is kicking off GReat!!

Came across this contest recently, and it seemed like a fun thing to do. Will be posting original content on my channel, so remember to give it a follow @TrustWordy. Thanks

Here is my new entry in the Rap Challenge, I used this nice beat to talk a little about toxic people, I hope you enjoy it. Shout out to @rondonson #PrayForVenezuela


That flow bro...clean!

Super smooth man!! Way to crush the beat!

ripped it

Great entries. Trying to get enough courage to enter next time. Thanks for hosting.

Hi, hello, I'm from Venzuela, and I rap in Spanish, can I participate by rapping in Spanish? or is it only in English?
I want to participate in this challenge, brother!
you could provide me the links to download the tracks that are allowed to rap, thanks I hope soon answer, to record and share my flow!
respect ma nigga! hip-hop 4 life!

yea man theres a couple ppl that kill it in spanish. some of my favorite entries too. hoping to see more non-english entries

Thank you, bro for answering, now I know I can also share in the challenge in rapping in Spanish, but tell me where do I download the instrumentals valid for the contest?
or the instrumental ones are to own pleasure?

Claro que sí bro, yo estoy participando acá, solo pon subtítulos en inglés para que la comunidad pueda captar el mensaje. Mantente activo para esta semana cuando salga el nuevo anuncio. Es chévere que vayamos sumando más personas para la comunidad en español y ver si en algún momento logramos nuestro propio reto de rap!

I havent missed this have i?

Submission time ended on Friday @ 11:59pm (NYC time). There is a rap challenge every other week though.

Shouts out to all who participated! This is a real #HIPHOP community!