The Shit That's Bugging Me: Episode Two

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Oh my one
post per day
makes all the curators feel gay.

And I should
probably say
that I don't mean it in that way.

NoNamesLeftToUse - Drama.jpeg

Oh! Hello.

I didn't see you there.

My name is @NoNamesLeftToUse The Writer/Artist Himself and I was just singing a little song to help pass the time.

I could probably write about a thousand of those little songs in a day.

Wouldn't you at least be slightly annoyed with me though if I posted every single one of them?

I know I'd probably hate me.

Or how about any time I get an idea! Wouldn't it be annoying if I took the time to post every single little idea that popped up into my wandering mind, individually, every single day, forever?

Like OMG! I just saw a cat chasing a dog and it made me smile! Then I started thinking about pizza! Check out my selfie! Anyway, thanks for reading my post! Don't forget to vote! Thanks in advance for the money! I'll see you in ten minutes with more of my bullshit and another goddamn picture of myself with the stupid puppy dog ears filter that I've yet to realize makes me look like an overgrown child of the zombie nation where the sheeple roam free and bump into things!

Okay, okay.

Calm down.

I know you think you're being cute and sometimes it is kind of cute; but we only have ten full votes to hand out each day and you want twenty of them.

Not going to happen!

Yes! I get it! Some sucker has you on their auto vote list so you want to milk them for every penny. But each time you spam, you only diminish their voting power and that eventually means you're setting yourself up to earn NOTHING!

If you would just take the time to actually THINK instead of getting distracted each time your brain actually fires out another one of your moments of zen, you'd know this stuff!

Unfortunately for the obsessive compulsive shit poster, they are too busy working on their next thought, and most likely will not see this juicy little memo because it never occurred to them there are others here with more interesting things to say, plus this is WAY too many words for that attention span to be able to decipher.

Moving Along

Now there's another breed of shitposter brewing away in the test tubes of the spam lab.

How many times have you seen this post?

OMG! So stoked! The Palnet tribe! Blah blah blah short paragraph about the existence of Palnet!

I am a master of investing thanks to Steem Leo! Blah blah blah short paragraph about the existence of Steem Leo!

@neoxian I made soup for you! Blah blah blah short paragraph about the existence of Neoxian's City!

STEMgeeks OMG maybe they'll finally figure out a way to get me out of this test tube! Blah blah blah short paragraph about the existence of Stemgeeks!

Creative Coin! I made a sand castle when I was twelve! Blah blah blah short paragraph about the existence of Creative Coin!

Oh and it looks like I'm all outta tags so I'll see you in my next post where I do the exact same thing with five other tribes! Don't forget to pay me! Easy money baby! Bling bling!

Seeing that post once!

That was already too much for me!

Then to top it all off, some of these folks will actually tag members of those tribes who hold the most stake. That's a full blown ass kisser if I ever saw one.

That shitpost is contagious. One who lacks the ability to create actual content for these tribes sees that and writes the same post, as if they think internal advertising is somehow beneficial to the ecosystem and everyone will want to bend over backwards to give it a high five.

Hi everyone! Just a friendly reminder! You're not dreaming. We exist. You're welcome. And now you can pay me.

Disingenuous communications can lick my balls!

Pardon me for wanting to be surrounded by excellence, or at least the best you could do.

Earlier today I came across a fellow digital artist. He's been here since the early days. There was a time when his vote was worth one hell of a lot more than mine. Things changed, life happens. Now I'm the man with the pots and pan!

If you truly want to help recruit members, look for those you've known over the months and years. If you think their work and personality would be a good fit for one of these tribes, and you notice they are not using the tags, leave a comment and tell them about it. That's what I did!

In life, you'll invite your friends over. Everyone has a good time, maybe someone plugs up the toilet but hey! That's okay.

In life, if you announce to the world, "Party!" What happens? People are putting sandwich meat in the fish tank. Some chick can't find her phone. People are using the drywall as a makeshift punching bag. Cops are there giving people tickets for pissing on the street. Someone busts a cap. There's what looks like shit all over the kitchen floor. The cat is gone. Someone is floating face down in the pool and would you please stop sitting on my motorcycles! Those are not toys!


I think I'll call it an episode.

Have a nice day.

All art and images seen here were produced digitally, by me.
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"I'm hoping this form of humor is considered creative. If somehow it's not, let me know."

© 2019 @NoNamesLeftToUse.


'Now there's another breed of shitposter brewing away in the test tubes of the spam lab'

And to think that there's no limit to the possibilities to create new ways of draining.
Thinking myself about starting 'laxifit report cards'. People here must be wild with curiosity to know how many times I shat today.

I have to give some of those report card posters credit. Some have finally figured out it's okay to include more inside those posts. Still a long ways to go yet though to remove the reputation of being spam that exists only for small reward though.

I probably wouldn't vote for your shit report, unless it was hilarious and got all over the walls of a gas station washroom.

So this one won't make it I guess?


Holy shit man. What the hell kind of porn are you into...

"disingenuous communictions can lick my balls."

I like a lot of your post but this one simple phrase stood out. Anyway, I just saw a cat chasing a dog and now I'm thinking about pizza...Gotta go. 😊

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Don't trip over your balls!

One who lacks the ability to create actual content for these tribes sees that and writes the same post, as if they think internal advertising is somehow beneficial to the ecosystem and everyone will want to bend over backwards to give it a high five.

The problem is, they will bend over backwards and give those idiots a high-five. It’s not even really bending over backwards though. It seems that this is what Steem users want. It’s been happening for 3+ years.

With all of these “tribes” now, what you get is circle-jerk-ception.

“Hey, Steemians! Check out what you can do on Steem! Yeah, that’s right! You can join this little community over here! Isn’t that cool?! And when you get here, you can tell everyone in this ‘tribe’ how cool it is too!”

The morons upvote it and the poster bid bots it to the front page. Then they all blow their load in each other’s hands and pretend that they’ve spread their impotent seed some place where it actually matters.

And we’re all supposed to think that these “tribes” are better than the original chain and interfaces? At best, they’re just the same thing - cloned interfaces, cloned culture, and crypto tokens that not many people are interested in holding.

In reality though, it’s worse. It’s mostly just centralized garbage that can hardly be considered “cryptocurrencies” and it’s a system that will likely fall into legal trouble.

But what do I know? I’m almost never right. Just ignore me. I’m the idiot who asks cops to help traffic drugs. It wasn’t my fault though! He seemed nice!

It has been happening forever. I noticed it on my first day here and thought it was some kind of a cult. Eventually I dug a bit deeper and found actual content. It's lame, I have no problem telling people it's lame. They'll ignore it though because they're too busy trying to think up the next idea to extract tokens. Those folks and the ones who vote for that junk impede the progress of nearly all of the actual content producers and these fake ads end up doing more harm to the value of the token than good. It's always amateur hour.

When I wrote this, I was trying to show people how to write an actual ad, it would have been stupid to buy votes and put it on the trending page, all I wanted people to do was share it. I have no way of knowing if people did. I hope they did, otherwise it was a waste of time for everyone.

These tribes do have potential, I wouldn't say they're better, just an extension. People wanted a way to sort content. They wanted communities. People also want more rewards but refuse to power anything up, so there's that. They will inherit many of the same problems, that's true. Much of it always boils down to the actual users though, just like on Steemit. You don't use a hammer to cut down a tree, but some people will still try. Not many know how to use their tools to their full potential. That's life.

Everyone wanted SMTs. How will that be any different?

Everyone wanted SMTs. How will that be any different?

They'll at least be part of the consensus protocols and not subject to a centralized entity like Steem Engine. That should cut down on some of the risk. And based on what I've heard so far, they should be cheaper to create and will likely include burning of tokens. Using Steem Engine puts Steem tokens in the hands of those people running Steem Engine.

As far as their usefulness goes...I wouldn't expect them to be any different. Worthless tokens that have no utility outside of giving upvotes are still worthless.

That part I fully understand. There is risk but at the same time, it's not some mysterious unknown entity running the Steem Engine show and I don't have any reason at this point to doubt their trustworthiness. Of course I'm also not stupid and know only a friend can stab you in the back. So of course my guard is up. The airdrops come, I stake, if I lose, I'm not out anything to begin with.

I'll watch and learn. When SMTs come around, I might have a few tricks up my sleeve. For now, I see all this as a good step, progress. Many of these tokens will fail though. It takes so much more than just a few presses of a button to run a business. I'm already seeing some folks are in over their heads, and I can also see some who are on the ball.

The timing though. As we both know, and know it well: there is a severe lack of invested consumers now. The market is too small. That needs to be addressed first, which is probably why this next hardfork comes before the SMT hardfork.

It takes more than just a few presses of a button to run a business.
I like that.

Looking forward to soup.

It's City Soup!

I try to stay away from shitposts and drama. Life is too short to deal with that. Thanks For Real Entertainment writing.

Real entertainment is always fun to write. Nothing wrong with some flippant humor every now and again, even though some folks don't really get it; and that's fine.

I am looking to put my downvotes to use to combat this and I feel that there are many others looking to do the same. I feel that the experiment with a downvote pool for Hard Fork 21 will bring experimentation with it at the very least.

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People want to see actual content and these tribes can make that easier. What's better than a good downvoting? A dose of honesty. People will get sick of repeating themselves though. There's nothing wrong with sweeping the floors.

This seems to be somehow ingrained in human nature. I experience very similar in the real world too. The method seems to be to pander to the ones with the most influence and money, tell them how great they are and lots of other nice stuff about themselves that they already know. They, in return, give you attention to keep you coming back to give them more. If they don't give you as much attention as you want and someone else is offering something that looks better if you change your attention to them, then make a scene about it and switch idols. Repeat pandering while complaining about how badly treated you were by your former idol.

I don't do very well at this as I'm not great at telling people what I'm aware they already know or telling them they're great if they're really not. I usually manage to avoid telling them what I think if they're being an ass, though. I do try to avoid totally undermining myself, even if I can't kiss ass.

#WhalesAreTheBest #PleesUpvotMe

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I make a terrible 'yes man' and I'm far better at saying, "No, man." It drives me batshit crazy when people go around chanting their nonsense about kissing ass and how it might lead to votes around here. I had a vote that was once worth nearly $20. Did a joke post one day asking why people follow. Some actually answered and said, "because of your vote!" The first thing I did was never vote for them again. Some had left compliments under my posts for weeks and I thought they were being honest with me. Now I'm far more careful. Anyone I'm talking to and upvoting, I've known for a long while and each of you have built up a strong enough rapport with me.

There's a huge difference between being genuinely friendly and being an ass kisser. I cannot stand those ass kissers.

That could be an eye opening post. I wonder how many weren't honest in order to keep getting the vote. I don't have much of an upvote, so it's hit and miss if I have enough power to give a reasonable sized vote to my commenters. I'll usually add a little something to their posts, though, if I like the comment, but don't have enough VP left. So I guess I'm hopeful that my followers are genuine, because they don't get much reward from me.

Maybe you should do an instructional post on how to spot ass kissers? 🤔

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I might have the most amount of comments that don't have votes on them. I'm totally fine with that. I'd rather see people using their VP on posts. I have a little extra to spare and it adds up, so I don't mind. If the value goes much lower than this, people will get cut off because they'll need it more for posts.

How to spot ass kissers? Just look for them. Do they leave comments only on high value account posts? Do they tag the wealthier ones in their posts. Why are they not tagging those with less? Do they not want everyone to see, or are they just talking nonsense with the hopes of a paycheck? I could show you a couple but I don't want to mention names or be a prick like that.

Ah finally a post that gives me the warm fuzzies. I think I saw that post that set you off into rantcity it was unapologetic and over the top, no shame.. Shall I shame them? Nah, I've gone rogue so without a tribe of my own I'll just keep looking for the party..

It's salty Sunday!

I used to get drama til I had drama with the drama boss and got cut off.. Is that ironic or like rain on your wedding day that's not at all ironic and could be avoided by planning a desert destination wedding? 🐪

NaCl token for you once my salt ninja mining comes through.. I have a lightly salted list and the OMG im thirsty list I'm compiling for the evaporate into thin air drop..

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There were two posts that triggered me personally, recently, and a metric shit-ton more I skimmed over while browsing the 'new' tab on Steemit recently. People play follow the leader. These tribes want actual content. Why is that so hard?

Compliance vs Self Governance... Steem is like when the boss is out of the office and the staff goes into just enough to not get fired mode. Here the boss never came back and their memory is so faint nobody is sure they ever even existed or why they're still clocking in..

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That's an interesting analogy. You're very close with that one.

Thanks, it just kinda spewed forth.. Like a shit post. I'll refrain from dropping this on the chain without further pondering.

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Oh come on now. Let's not take things out of context. I'm sure you'll agree there's a difference between the comment section and the blog post section. Put the good stuff in the post, ramble away after the show.

Nods in agreement

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I never was into groups or groupthink.

I used to consider myself to be a free thinker, until I noticed there was an entire group of them, and they were all thinking the same way.

I still think of myself that way. I'll have to say "independent free thinker" now. lol

All these things make me jealous that I am not at the top of steemit.......somebody is making money. A lot like our government - the top brass and then the rest. Am I nosy if I ask what problems do the curators have with you? Are you maybe not submissive enough LOL

Am I nosy if I ask what problems do the curators have with you?

I do my best to not take it personally. Curators in these tribes tend to be far more supportive. I've always just stuck to myself and tend to do my own thing. If it's not for everyone, it's not for everyone. Nothing I can do to change that. Those submissive types can only go so far. If I set myself up to be dependent on a circle of friends or one or two wealthy individuals, then the moment they decide they've had enough, then I'd be screwed too. If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself. I'm grateful for everything that comes my way and that's the best I can do.

Cannot agree more - rather true to yourself than a phoney

Oof those autovotes. I feel guilty posting my progblogs because of that XD I mean the progblogs were started as I thought my Patreons would like seeing how I was going, and then I thought maybe people here might also like to see how I was going, and also so I posted more regularly here rather than once every blue moon or so when I had a finished piece to post, but it's not exactly quality stuff, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! But at least some people seem to like watching the glacial progress? :S

Are there seriously people out there that post ridiculously to milk that? Why would one do that, it seems so rude D:

Those meta posts crop up every time there's a new thing don't they XD I've been kind of skipping over them most of the time, a little bit oversaturated because Narrative is in that phase at the moment and I'm over it.

Poor fish, once upon a time I went home for the holidays and left my stuff and my fish at a friend's place to look after til I came back a few months later. When I got back, he'd bought me a new fish because during a party everyone had gotten drunk and someone thought it would be hilarious to photograph one of the fish in a beer bottle. They'd washed it out with detergent, filled it with water, caught one of the fish out of the tank, photographed it, and put the fish back. It was fine for a bit and then it wasn't. Parties can be hazardous sometimes XD

as usual you nailed it. If by chance you're looking for another decent digital artist, you might find the work of @dutybound of interest. A relatively new member hailing from the Canadian east coast who has done some pretty amazing work IMO.

Yes, I suggested he start using creativecoin on his posts.

I'm always on the lookout for more and provided they're not buying votes, I'm always eager to support them when I can. Thanks for the heads up!

Well, if I see clear abusing of tags, I press downvote. Simple as that.

This is true. But I needed something to be pissed off about.

Haha, do you your thing by all means!


Well at least you didn't forget to farm drama also!

:) Some days my posts are less than awesome... Other days..

I'm all over it, although I don't do art!

So, don't forget to tag creativecoin. :) See on the block

It's my understanding CCC embraces all forms of the arts. I hope creative writing and humor falls into that, or I'm screwed half the time. I really enjoy having a spot to put everything, and the added chance of extra visibility for actual content is stupendous! <--- I don't normally use that word.

It's made things fun for sure! Yes, I was hoping you would use the tag.

Don't get me started on those bs posts. They will soon earn their way to be muted by the Tribes they are tagging.

Another thing that bothers me is something like this.


FFS, it doesn't even work like that, but you see the attempt at token farming right away. Tagging every Tribe in hopes to earn every shitcoin possible. It's comical, ignorant, and sad.

Yeah that's just... blah.

Some of the bidbots are staking up as well so soon enough this whole thing will be trashed like steemit.

Well said. Nothing really to add. Please don't waste your time replying to or upvoting this comment. Thx.

You've got DRAMA!

To view or trade DRAMA go to

Your writing is really interesting. I am new here. I am glad to find you

Welcome to the madhouse!

Thank you

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figure i shouldn't vote unless you have at least 4 tribe tags. Must be feeling altruistic today.

oh, what where you whining about? :)

Of course I'm going to use the tags, when they fit, as I carry on doing what I've always done. Or maybe tomorrow I should write about sports? But not actually write about sports, just write about the sports tribe, bag it, tag it, send it down the line?

Not whining! Just having some fun with reality!

Four unrelated sentences with 4 unrelated tags to farm votes. That's not cringeworthy at all.

I'm ambivalent about the tribes, I'll tag related posts and collect the tokens like playing cards for shits and giggles, but that's about it.

Have you ever seen a telegram or discord tipbot room? Some of them regularly rain some shitcoin if you've recently messaged in the room. So it's basically a bunch of people posting nonsense constantly hoping to catch some sub-penny payout that gets rained on them. A project made a big deal about raining 1,000,000 tokens all over social media. I tried it for fun and it gained me about $0.03 in their token. People waited in that room for hours for this typing nonsense, it was pathetic.

I think a similar thing would happen if the behavior on this platform was left completely unchecked.

One decent post per day of actual content will yield far better results than what majority of these spammers will see in a day. Sometimes I'll do two. Usually I'll do one. Been doing it the same way for years. I'll use the new tags as well but nothing about me changed except now I actually have a place to put my stuff and finally have a chance at some more organic visibility after bidbots and their users literally ruined this place for people like myself and many others, for years.

It's an opportunity that some will take for granted as they try every little trick in the books to scrape pennies off the floor as well. I don't mind pointing and laughing at them. Look how much time they waste...