My Entry to the Random Challenge of the Day #22 - Deep Dream Generator Art

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Hello Steemians @m3mt here again, how had you been? Today i bring yet another entry for @khackett challenge : D

Like I always said, @khackett has being carrying a series of one challenged day per till payout in her blog, and each challenge can be completed before the post payout, that means you have seven days for doing the challenge after it was originally posted by @khackett.

Random Challenge of the Day #22

This challenge is the Number 22 of the list and without any further delay, this is my entry:

Deep Dream Generator Art


Original Photo - Taken with my phone

Filter that I used Stones

The result

I hope you like it and Until the next time.

: D

Thank you for reading thus far, you can go ahead and give it an up-vote if you like it, it helps me a lot and I can keep creating new content for Steem.

Gif created by @skeptic check out his work and say hello to him

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Wow its really amazing photography. I like it. Best of luck for future.

That's a really great image. Would make an excellent large wall-hanging :)