Steem Revival #6, Steem price at $3.82 as Bitcoin recovers from all the fud

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Hello Steemians, @m3mt here bringing you the report of the last seven days of Steem and Bitcoin market prices.

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Everyone knows already of the bitcoin market crash, and about the small recovery that Bitcoin had in the last couple of hours.

So I am just here to tell you this is not the first time bitcoin had been in "danger", so you get the gist of this already, "oh no bitcoin is falling, let’s make a bunch of meme out it" and so on, but no one really believe this is the end of bitcoin anyway only a temporary setback, or even better, "bitcoin Christmas has come early" because you now can buy cheap cheap bitcoins, any way let’s talk about Steem!

What’s up with Steem?

Like any other alt coin Steem and his cousin Steem Dollar (SBD) suffered a large drop this week in price, yet Steem didn't really drop in price only bitcoin did in the last todays, Feb 05 and Feb 06, btc per bitcoin stayed relative the same rate until yesterday as it started to grown, but for real this time.

Now the Market are calming down but the storm is not over, nevertheless I hope that when bitcoin gets backs on track, (aka goes up again) Steem will see an explosive grow like it did in last Jan, there is nothing about being optimistic about it, you only need to keep in mind, anything can happen as new fud's go on stage, so "the show" can carry on.

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So even if the reward have dropped, keep posting, commenting and voting, keep acquiring those precious Steem, Steem Power and Followers, they will come in handy in the future : D

Until next time Steemians.

Thank you for reading thus far, you can go ahead and give it an up-vote if you like it, it helps me a lot and I can keep creating new content for Steem.

This is my personal opinion and it is in no way any kind of advice to buy or sell anything, take it as you will

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