Random Challenge of the Day #31

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🌟 Here is our 31st Random Challenge of the Day! 🌟

Remember, you have until each posts payout to enter each challenge.

🌟 Find the 26th challenge here: 🌟

Share your farourite song and what it means to you.


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Coloring Contest

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Suggest a Challenge

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Black and White Photo Challenge

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Create Your Own Personal Flag

👀 Today's Challenge IS: 👀


✍ Poetry ✍

Poetry is something that I don't feel needs a whole lot of prompting, so:

Do this one in your own post with the tag randomcotd or in the comments.

Let's do some freestyle poetry!

Write any kind of poem you like.

Have fun with it!


Roses are red

Violets are blue

It's snowing here today.

How about you?


Can't wait to read your poems!


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I was a lonely balloon,
escaping the shackles
on a dreary afternoon.

I saw birds poking clouds
so they would cry in anger
at the unsuspecting crowds.

Sun winked at a plane
sharing a naughty joke
about the grounded train.

I drifted down, it was time
a little hand reached out,
that was entirely mine.

Hello khackett! I am jumping in on your fun challenges!

Only two hours till this contest ends,
I'll try to write something that does not offend
The senses of those who critique poetry.
I do love to rhyme with a rhythm that's free!
I know it does not mean that I'm an artist
And my little poem may not be the smartest
It was fun to write, so thank you for that!
And to you I offer a tip! of my hat!



Yes! That was awesome! 👏👏❤


When at a crossroad

The crossroad of life's load

Where you need to make a decision

That will lead you to your destination

Striving to fufil your life's mission

With a clear vision

And with stipulated goal

You will have a great soul

I need to reach my goal

With my vision

Making a decision

To fufil my mission

I have vertigo
So I'm laying low
Was gonna go chalking
Now I am balking
Excuse my bad rhyming
I kinda feel like I'm dying
Gonna go get my lunch
If I can make it to the kitchen without falling (much)
The end ;)

Hello, this is my entry: My Entry to the Random Challenge of the Day #31 - Write a poem - and 1 Free Up-vote

The day before:

On that day, you broke.
On that day, you melted.
On that day, you were obsolete.
Now, you have become slow.
Now, you are not as you were before.
Now, you have an invisible phantom on you.
Yet, I still think you are whole.
Yet, I still see you as new.
Yet, I still use you, as the day before.

: D Awesome challenge @khacket, thank you for doing them for a month already D: whoa.

Heres mine its very short im affraid 😊its called
My head sometimes
I know that i know something
But i cant remember what it is


Man, i know that feeling. 😂

Saw this in my memo. A random poem.

Why does it have to end this way
We are together almost everyday
We fell inlove unexpectedly
Why does it ends so suddenly?

I know i have to let you go
It's the right thing i have to do
Continue living without you
To move on and forget you, too

I know this is our painful end
This reality i cant comprehend
I have never imagine this happening
Oh, my heart is shattered & breaking

I will always wish you well
I will miss your eyes, lips and smell
You'll forever be special to me
Now, it's time to set you free.


Thank you. Please dont cry. 😂😂😂

Here we go
Then we back
Don't to slow
You will lag

First you fart
Then you smell
Poem is art
You shloud tell

"All I Ask"
I'm not asking you for a castle of gold!
I'm not asking you for more than you could afford!
All I need is not to feel ignored
All I need is not to feel that you're bored

All I need is a kind word
I'm not asking you to make the year 14 months!
Nor am I asking you to make the week 8 days!
I'm not asking you to make the sun rise from the west!

All I need is to sleep on your chest
To hear your heart beat
All I need is to feel complete
I don't think I am asking much!


Please chek my poetry. Hehe
Thank you🙌

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Hi, here is mine. Hope you like and can enjoy the words, and i also Hope you can feel it. ;)


My favorite song is Love Story by Taylor Swift, that song is the song I was stuck on when I first fell in love, I had the same situation as the lovers in the song.

Hello, this is my entry

I will plant a tree for the world,
continue in link below


Finally got inspired to make a new post. Here's my entry:


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