Don`t let the Netcoins vote be a pathetic display for Steemit

in rambling •  5 months ago

I just read that even @ned made a post about getting Steem on Netcoins.

Currently Steem is third after PAC (never heard about this one) and Verge.


I often read how great the Steemit community is and how we are all going to the moon at one point.

Well this is the chance to proof it...again. Actually we should win every voting easily and it is kind of dissapointing we dont.

PAC currently has 4583 votes compared to Steems 2737. I mean serisously it takes around 30 seconds, you just have to enter a valid email adress and click a confirmation link.

It does not matter how unfair you think Steemit is, as long as you active here and grabbing into the reward pool it should be an easy task to do that every 24 hours.

We bragging about how many we are but we are not leading this poll by a couple of thousands is kind of sad and a real pathetic display of our community.

In case you did not vote yet just follow the link here

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I'm a bit surprised by the low numbers we have seen. I mean, I have voted 3 times already, and if everyone else has as well, there's only a thousand people who have voted yet.. And I find this very strange since everyone and their grandmother is blogging about Netcoin right now, so it's not like people haven't seen it. So, are we just lazy, or are there really so few people on Steem these days?


First u heard about the contest was yesterday which means i was late to the party because no one in my feed had mentioned it till then! Believe it or not it's also the first i've heard of netcoin .... yes, i live a sheltered life. Hopefully Steemians friggin get the memo to vote so we don't miss the boat on this one!


Hehe, I think most people should have gotten it in their feed by now. I mean, all the big bloggers here have written about it already, so it's difficult to not notice.


Nutz i know! Just Acidyo (i think) and someone resteemed tarzakap's blog post and this post is all i have seen till now. I just added my own post. Seems totally like it should be an easy win!! Let's see what happens.....


That is great!! I would not even mind if every Steemian would make a post about this as long he voted ofc!


I would like to see that my whole feed is full about NEtcoins.

I would be quite dissapointed if we dont make it and especially against coins like those.

I have vote and used several other emails


good job!!

Me too am surprised that we are not on the top since we brag about our numbers here on steemit.

Well, this is my second vote

Later today, I will be voting again and it will be my third.


Awsome!!! Will cast my second vote later.

I really hope we getting there, I would be quite dissapointed if not


Yea it will be disappointing if we don't get there, but I think we will get the top because post about it are springing up from every side.

Only about 400 votes away from taking second place.
Keep voting folks. 3 days left!!!


we catched up quite a bit.

There is hope!!

Spreading the message! Voted! 🙌🏼

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You would think this should be easy for us

Maybe not as many people as I thought are aware the vote is going on

Thank you for being here for me, so I can be here for you.
Enjoy your day and stay creative!
Botty loves you. <3

This is the time for steemit community to unite again and show the power :) i am doing my bit


That is great!

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Yeh, it's incredible, we should all help Steem and Steemit, I already vote!