The Human Kindness Project – New Zealand and the Netherlands – And Now for Something Completely Different

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Well today is the end of my first year at Steemit. I look back at it as a beautiful experience. I wasn’t always busy because of my health, but the last months I’m getting more involved with the crowds hanging around here. Thanks for all the new people I’ve met across Steemit.

Special thanks to my real-life friends who introduced me to Steemit (@thetimminator) and who motivated me to keep on going (@valderrama) with posting good stuff. I introduced a good friend of my here as well. Hope you still like it @dboontje? And I’ve met @trexxie already in real life. I hope to meet some other people in real life now as well (@mrprofessor, @surfermarly thanks for the chats we had already, hopefully we'll have them one day in real life). I can’t mention all the people here, but last but not least I would like to thank my opponent @themagus for the nice competition we have at the pirate game from @mrprofessor.

And Now for Something Completely Different

But actually, this posting is for something completely different. It’s about the post @toocurious made a few days ago. I replied with some earlier posts I made for the positivity challenge and my travel blog which I think would apply to the Human Kindness Project.

Kiwi kindness

I wrote about our Airbnb hostess that didn't want to have any money from us and the same evening the guy we met at the rugby match that arranged I could go surfing the other day!

To be an eyewitness

Last week with the #7daypositivitychallenge I wrote about two people. One with his hands full the other one walked by and returned, and did press for the elevator on the button. Such a small gesture, but oh what a big pleasure for the other person! You can read it here.

Oh, don't you just love all these positive stories about people? Humand kindness is everywhere 😍 Can’t describe how I experience the moments but it’s a wonderful feeling. And I’m sure there is plenty of kindness in the world. But people won’t see it. The media only brings bad news. That’s why I love the positivity challenge and the #RAK initiative I’m joining with this post.

Human kindness it is something every human being has somewhere inside him or her. You can say we’re born with it, and it can tell us something about our focus on other people. The basic meaning of human kindness is for me treat other people like they are your friends, and how you want to be treated yourself. You can show it, by being interested in other people, being nice and patient, by taking others into account. Friendly people will attach much value to their relationship with other people I think. I even think your personal health benefits from this! Friendly people can forgive more easily, that’s why I think they can release stress easier.

But why is our world about kindness then? In fact, it seems as if kindness has become scarce. Is it that difficult to be nice to someone else sometimes? Everyone is focused on themselves. Even I want to share here at Steemit what I do with my life, what I think is important. Everyone is working with to-do lists, everyone is busy, and we don’t want that others disturb us. And I mean really no one! Focus is all on yourself, not on how you can be more kind to other people, it’s distracting from your to-do list. Am I right? ;)

Too bad! Aren’t kindness and happiness related to each other? Like a vicious circle; you’re kind to others and that makes you happy, and happiness makes more kind. Oops this sounds like you’re doing it for yourself again instead of someone else :P

Just do it!

Go on and be more kind. Just try the #7daypositivitychallenge although I didn’t tag you. Don’t feel obligated you can start it without my permission. Or support this wonderful project from @toocurious and tell the world about human kindness aka #RAK you did experience anywhere anytime! Go on don’t be shy.

Thank you all for being so human and kind during my first-year journey here on Steemit!

PS. Sorry if I didn’t mention you for a thank you at the beginning from the post. Otherwise I can write days about all the nice people here. In my heart I would like to thank you all in person.

PPS. If you want to celebrate my first year on Steemit here with me, can you help @surfermarly become a Steem Ambassador .


Great writing again @guchtere! I still have to make the posts for positivity ... but they are on my to-do list. The humankindness project sounds interesting too. It's a good thing to make people all over the world aware of the kindness that you CAN find everywhere, if you're only open and willing to see it.

Great words about where people can find kindness, totally right about that!

Don't worry about the positivity posts, you don't have to do them immediately. Already proud that you accepted the challenge. Thanks for putting them on your to-do-list 😘

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I love this post. Not only so well written, but the fact that it's about human kindness is great. Because while many of us keep complaining about even non important things, we must not forget those things that are kind in humans. I've had several moments in life where I actually lost faith in humanity but people proved me wrong. Actually complete strangers did :) thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the kind words @anouk.nox! so good to here people proved you wrong. I always try to keep faith in the people on this planet. Already had so many times people proved me wrong, and hurt me or others. But I'm still a sucker for the good thing, and I always return to that thought. Maybe people did hurt you, but even those people, have people they love and they try to be nice to those people. I hope I'm right..! 😎

Thanks, super nice story to read and definitely one that qualifies as a RAK! You are completely right I also think that kindness and happiness lay very close to each other.
I hope I can read more of your stories in the future. All the best!

The #RAK postings are going nice aren't they?

Will do my best to write more #RAK stories in the future when I see things happening.

Oy thanks for the mention @guchtere! I'm sure we'll hang around soon in the future, it's just a matter of money hahahaha

I'm also glad that we became friends here, do you realise that the good friendships start from nowhere? I don't remember how we met..

I think that kindness happens everywhere, all the time, but we are so imerse into negative vibes that we don't notice it. Or people are so used to negativity, that when they find kindness they distrust it... they think that you want something from them... it only shows how broken humanity is.

hanging around is for sure just a money case! But like the Discord conversations very much. Thanks for the good conversations there.

I didn't realise that good friendships start out of nowhere. never thought about it that way. But wait... I still remember how we started talking at Discord 😂 sorry just kidding!

Is it, is humanity broken? Even the older stories tell us about people thinking only about themselves, and some think about others before thinking about themselves. Think humans work as designed, it's just what they do with the design. Same as a knife you can do good things with it, or bad things. Humans are made for choices, they usually choose the easy way, their way. That's why there is #RAK, or the #7daypositivitychallenge so people will start thinking about making choices not only good for them but to others as well.

Oh yeah, I've realised later what you wrote there and I agree. Someone shared a quote for my Quote Challenge that talks somewhat about that.

Wow beautiful quote! Is it for your quote challenge?.

Good that you think about my reply's! 😈

Awesome to see you getting more and more active on here! And it's awesome to see that you're posts are gaining traction and some nice upvotes! Deserved!

Hehe thanks @valderrama! Did you ever lose hope on me the period I wasn't active here after my registration😉

Did notice you had a celebration yourself by the same 1 year anniversary! Congratulations for you to 🎉

Kindness is everything. xx You are the sweetest for writing this, and you just make the world a better place by being you. My favourite RAK was last week when my pharmacist hugged me because I was crying from my back pain (I'm all good now) which made me cry even more because it was just so NICE. xx

Thanks again for the nice words! making the world a better place by being you, I like it well said! 🧐

What a great story about your pharmacist! It really shows that being kind is already in very small things. And good to hear your back is ok now. I know how it feels... Just keep on fighting! What was the problem with your back ?

Aaaaaw, what a nice way of celebrating your first anniversary on Steemit! :-)
And thank you so much for the mention a the end!!!

The basic meaning of human kindness is for me treat other people like they are your friends, and how you want to be treated yourself.


This had to be resteemed :-)

All the best for your next year on Steem.
Hugs, Marly -

Isn't it just perfectly normal to make a celebration something kind?😎
I can't buy a cake here for everyone although I would love to 😥
So better to share some nice things, hopefully it brings a little smile on everyone's face!

Thank you for the resteem! How are the waves, already becoming better?

OMG! 😱 So many lovely replies guys you make me blush!
Thanks @valderrama, @mrprofessor, @riverflows, @hetty-rowan, @anouk.nox. Gonna reply to all of you but a thank you all is what you deserve first!

Really good natural scene.i think this is a long time projct Netherland and new Zealand after completing this project many possibility available for turism

Hmm sorry I need to ask, but what do you mean? Not getting what your trying to say.. :(