Raja-Maharaja used these things to increase power

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215511.png.Increase the power- do you work all day long? Body and emotionally you are so tired of working all day that you get to sleep when you see the bed.

It's normal to have fatigue all day long. But you have seen the royal kings how they could keep their youth for a long time. And among them Stamina was too much for many years.

You must also have heard that a king had many queens and friends. But you would think that the king could keep youth for years. Hey Mister, kings used different ways to keep themselves fit.

According to the news, Ayurveda had different ways which kings used, and they were provided to them by their vidyas. By using those methods kings could have kept themselves young for years.

But you think that these methods can be used in today's age?

So let's hear if these methods can be used in the present time.

Ayurvedic way

Vaidya and Fakirra used to tell the Maharajas the different ways they used to use. Among these, there were gold, silver, earrings, etc. but there were some things that are very cheap and which are easily available.

White girl

215511.pngMedicines are made from white muslims to save men from infertility or deficiency of spamming.

The way - one spoon is mixed with milk powder and milk and candy to eat every morning. Then learn how to remove the mental discomfort from smoking.


Due to the absence of blood flow in the body, genital herpes is less and infertility. To remove all of these, the case was used. The above - 1 pinch of warmth is eaten with warm hot milk.


Due to infertility, smoking, drinking alcohol, etc. due to various problems of genital herpes, it was used for centuries to fix sperm.

Ways - 1 tablespoon candy, cow's ghee and half a teaspoon of powder are mixed with milk and then drink milk. Then learn what to use to keep youth and to remove weaknesses.


Immunity, old age, erectile dysfunction means lowering of genital sperm, weakness due to low blood flow, and all these diseases were used for irritation.

The way - according to rice size or 1 pinch of gram flour mixed with cow's ghee or honey.

Tamarind grains

Increase of sperm, erectile dysfunction means that the flow of blood flow is properly affected. Because of which the genitalia increases and energy comes, it is used to make the teetotal wings.

The way - to make the powder of tamarind powder, mix it with morning or afternoon candy or hot milk. Anything used to increase the sperm count.


Ambulances were used for all the diseases that caused pains, increased sperm and erectile dysfunction meant proper flow of blood to the national level and genitalia.

Ways - 1 spoon of amlaqi powder and one spoon candy can swallow with water and then eat hot hot milk.


Sperm deficiency, immunity, vulnerability is used for various reasons. Swarming is done by eating a tablespoon of horse powdered powder with warm hot milk before bedtime. Then learn how to use anti-aging and immunization.


Many people are categorized and said. It is used by many to cure pox cough. Many people use this page to eliminate anti-aging and immunity.

The way - half spoon redolent powder and one spoon honey are mixed in the morning.

Take care of the doctor's advice

All these things have many advantages. But before using these ingredients, consult a doctor. Only then will you use these entities.

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