Steemworld Benefit Raffle! Win SBD & SBI! ~~~Week 1 Winners and Week 2 announced~~~

in raffle •  5 months ago

If you're anything like me, you use Steemworld... a lot! I think that page gets more traffic from me than anything else on Steem. So when I connect and see this popups, I think "I need to do something..."

So I upvoted... and I put @steemchiller on my Steemvoter, but I want to do something more. If only there were a way to create base levels of support for members that deserve it, with minimal investment...

Oh wait - Steem Basic Income! Now why didn't I think of that?

Let's Raffle to benefit Steemworld with SBI support!

When I initially announced this 12 days ago (yes, I've been slow to announce winners), there was still partial post payout in SBD. Since posts were paying out entirely in STEEM by the time this paid out, there was no SBD payout.

We said this:

Posts payout partially in STEEM now, and partially in SBD. Every upvote on this post will receive raffle entries. There will be two draws. The first draw will receive 50% of the liquid SBD on this post, and @steemchiller will receive 50% of the liquid SBD.

Since there was no SBD payout, we are going to convert 50% of the STEEM payout to SBD for the SBD draw. It will be paid in addition to the full STEEM payout going to SBI support for the winner and for @steemchiller.

#Week 1 Winners!!!

The SBD winner is @dkid14, by way of upvote via @treeplanter. I thought this was incredibly ironic, since that was the example I gave in the post for voting by proxy. Obviously it works, folks! But there are many more ways than @treeplanter to vote by proxy, so find your favorites and get voting!

50% of STEEM payout was able to purchase 1.035 SBD, which results in 0.52 SBD each for @steemchiller and @dkid14. I sent a little extra to @steemchiller.

I almost forgot the 15% boost for @dkid14's Resteem (there is a reason I systematize everything else I do, and this will get there!) so I sent it separately.

The SBI winner is @denmarkguy. Denmarkguy has received 3 shares of SBI, as sponsor of @steemchiller for 3 shares:

Week 2 Raffle

For week 2, we will split the liquid payout 50/50 if there is no SBD component again. 50% of the liquid STEEM will be converted into SBD for the first draw. The winner will receive 50% and @steemchiller will receive 50%.

img source: pixabay

The second draw will 'sponsor' @steemchiller for SBI support. There is even a special syntax for that: @winner2:@steemchiller
With that syntax, steemchiller and winner2 would both receive SBI enrollments, and I will not. 50% of the STEEM from this post payout will go to SBI enrollments (rounded up to the next STEEM)


But wait, there's more! If you resteem this post, you can get a boost of 15% on your prize if you win. So if you win the SBD, the prize for both you and @steemchiller will be boosted by 15%. If you win the SBI, the total STEEM will be boosted by 15% before rounding up to the next STEEM.

Enter Again and Again

What? But if you enter by upvoting, how can you enter multiple times?

Here's a twist: whenever you upvote, the post you upvote is rewarded with rshares (check the steemd of this post to see the rshares it has received). Your number of entries will be the number of rshares you vote.

If a voting service wins, the Steemian that sent them will get the prize!

say that again?

If a voting service wins, the Steemian that sent them will get the prize! For example, if you sent 0.20 SBD to @treeplanter with this post link, they would drop by and upvote, with a nice little note that you sent them. If @treeplanter wins the draw, I will check on who sent them and the person that sent the 0.20 SBD will win.

That's something new, I think. You can enter as many times as you want... but be careful! if the paid upvotes are not from the account you send the SBD to, I might not be able to trace it back to you...


So complicated! Okay, let's break it down:
Upvote to enter!
Resteem to increase your prize if you win.
Upvote by proxy for more chances to win.

But what about Steem Basic Income?

This post will receive some support from @steembasicincome, because I have a few shares. (full disclosure: it is my program, of course I have a few shares!) The upvotes from @steembasicincome will not be included as entries in the raffle. Any other accounts I run that upvote (like @thedailysneak - check them out) will also be excluded as entries. It wouldn't be fair for my own accounts to win, now would it?

That means that their upvotes will increase your prize value... but without decreasing your chances of winning!

Go forth and upvote, my friends!

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I am curious, has anyone ever tried to sponsor like 10 - 100 people in a country with a high exchange rate for the dollar?
Does this provide a decent basic income?
I wonder if you bought ten shares per person at 0.008 Steem, which right now is about 0.08 cents times 50 equals 4.00 Phillipino peso. So you would need to buy at least 100 shares for 40 peso per week. Or 1000 SBI for 400 Peso a week. I wonder if there are places with greater then 50:1 exchange rate?


We have a few members in Venezuela and various parts of Africa that others have sponsored for significant amounts. Currently the system has quite a bit of manual processing involved, so it makes it a challenge to make targeted efforts. It should be fully automated soon, and then we have quite a few ideas for making a more targeted impact in areas like you are suggesting.


Thank you

Does comments count???


Are you asking about the raffle or the upvotes from Steem Basic Income?

that's so much to read, any sum-up?? I can't get the event.


There is already a sum-up in the article. Search for 'TL;DR' in the text.

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I wrote this for my daughter. I though you might like it.

(Paul Savage)


That's awesome! I meant to get back to this after reading it with my wife, and just now remembered.



No problem mate. If falling behind were an art form, I'd be a savant.

Strangely, neither the image nor link in my original comment are displayings. So:

There is a tremendous genealogical book you may be interested in:

It is incredibly well researched and I bought two copies: One for my Dad and one for myself and daughter. Our clan, as you can see from the poem, has a pretty storied past.

And, as a poet, the ability to claim descent from Alfred Lord Tennyson, and an indirect connection to Shakespeare, makes me pretty haughty when arguing with other poets ... which, surprisingly, amongst poets is not as obnoxious as it would be for everyone else.

Anyway, let's not be strangers.

BTW, the name's Paul. Most everyone calls me Quill.


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