Fundraising raffle for @familyprotection. Only 2 weeks remaining!!

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Screenshot_2018-07-22  familyprotection(3).png

If this is the first you have heard of this raffle, I will inform you that if we reach 125SBD there will be a 4th silver round up for grabs!!

So come on folks!! How many great reasons do I need to give you?!

Rules and prizes described below.

And if this is the first time you have heard about @familyprotection, here is an introduction into how this proud community came to be.


@canadian-coconut: I discovered Mark's interesting blog about 10 months ago, and then a month after I started following him he put up a post about how how CPS in Sweden had threatened to take his child away! He followed that up with yet another update of how they had to flee the country.
Introduction post

@familyprotection assist and support families who are fighting against forced adoption orders and the corrupt Child Welfare system.

Here are some of the families posting under the @familyprotection tag.

Screenshot_2018-07-22  familyprotection.png

Screenshot_2018-07-22  familyprotection(1).png

Screenshot_2018-07-22  familyprotection(2).png

Steemit members already entered into the raffle and thank you to everyone who has donated so far:

@em3 x 3
@healthy-home x 1
@stbathans x 1
@ironshield x 1
@richq11 x 6
Total raised so far
24 SBD (+10 steem from last post payout)



    (Please notify this in the comments section and when it has been confirmed you will be entered into the draw. If you do not receive a confirmation message, you have not yet been put into the raffle. Please contact me if there are any problems)

  • YOU WILL NEED TO SEND A MINIMUM DONATION OF 2SBD TO @familyprotection. Please put the word "raffle" in the memo section .
    (Again, once this has been confirmed you will be entered into the raffle)

    There are no limits to how many times you can enter the raffle.

  • 2SBD will get you 1 entry to the raffle

  • 5SBD will get you 3 entries.

  • 10SBD will get you 6 entries


(give or take a day or two).

I will be using a discord raffle-bot to draw the raffle and will record the event for you all to find out on the final post that announces the raffle has been drawn.



Screenshot_2018-07-23  familyprotection.pngScreenshot_2018-07-23  familyprotection(1).pngScreenshot_2018-07-23  familyprotection(2).png

I have purchased 2 of these silver rounds for the raffle, via @pit-bullion. The 4th silver prize has not yet been purchased, but if we do get to place a 4th piece of silver into the raffle, I would like to offer the winner the choice of any 1oz piece of silver from the @pit-bullion website:

Screenshot_2018-07-23 Hand Poured Silver.png

Please check out the following projects and communities on steemit.






Screenshot-2018-3-26 IICSA Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.png



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Thank-you @article61 for submitting this post with the #familyprotection tag. It has been UPVOTED by @familyprotection and RESTEEMED TO OUR Community Supporters.

"Child Protection Agencies" are taking children away from their loving families.

Voted, resteemed, and donated. Great idea! Thanks for doing this!


Thanks for the donation! You have been entered into the raffle :)

Lol. You really got the name in the title wrong. Protestation???

Thanks for the update!!



Haha! Not sure what I was thinking there...I may need some sleep. Thanks for the heads-up and no worries, there will be another update next week.

Here is my entry for a donation of 10 SBD. As we discussed, please split however many entries this gets between @canadian-coconut and @markwhittam. They are always on the giving side and they deserve appreciation too. I have upvoted at 100% and resteemed. Thank you for running this contest to support what they are doing here. It is amazing to be a part of something greater than ourselves and show this blockchain/social experiment can be more than greed.


Thanks buddy, you have been put into the raffle ( x 6). Your support is much appreciated :) I have heard lots of negative stuff around steemit lately and I find this community is 2nd to none and unique in it unbiased generosity and kindness. In fact it has made me want to start a similar project for a cause very personal to me. If you know anyone who is qualified in setting projects up it would be great if I could be put there way.


Hey, good luck with your upcoming project. I don't really know anyone qualified to help. Thinking maybe just something you would start and lead by example until it grew from others who share the same passion being inspired by your lead.

I will be adding more to this over the next 2 weeks as I get more SBD for you to split between them.

I can say coming across what this community is doing was a defining moment for me as I was about to quit Steemit as it was nothing like my expectations suggested based on videos that brought me here. This blockchain and social site offers something rarely found and i really hope it grows and shows that people can band together and create a new dynamic.


I can't agree with you more, although I have never anticipated leaving, not yet anyway. I'm really glad you found a better side to steemit :)

I'm in..Sent 2


Hi @thethreehugs, looks like we have a few hardcore fp members in the raffle this time around :) Thanks for the donation, you have been entered into the raffle.


My pleasure..anything I can do to help this most worthy cause. Thank you for all you do personally. the raffle is an excellent idea.


Thank you and good luck for the raffle.


Hey, if I win, I will simply donate it to @familyprotection...It's not about the $ for me, it is all about supporting and getting the truths out out to the world..


Really loving the vibe around here at the moment. Thank you @thethreehugs I will draw the raffle with the names provided and if you win I will announce your decision it in the final post.


That or simply send it to @familyprotection.. LOL Just leave comment on transfer..raffle winner donation. Up to you my friend. I'm here for the long haul and building steempower to help others that are less fortunate.

I upvoted and resteemed the first post, then never got round to buying my ticket! When I came to do that today, I realised my SBD is currently quite low, so only got one. But who knows, I might buy more before the 2 weeks are up.


Thank you @kiwideb it all adds up in the end, so don't feel like it is any less of a donation. Thank you for donating again :) I have put you into the raffle. Good luck!

the most important thing, my friend, is the purpose of your raffle, I think it is the second installment and I still can not participate but I hope the funds will multiply


Thank you very much for your words of support and they are no-less appreciated.

Bang up job buddy. 100% and resteemed


Thanks mate, that is great to hear. I have been trying to get hold of you on discord, I need your LTC address.

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Looks awesome, good luck to the entries! I don't have much to enter so hopefully it will be around when I can.


Your support is still appreciated, matey.

Hey @article61 I’m entering again!! Upvoted, Resteemed and sent 5 SBD for the raffle. Thanks again for coming up with a fun way to donate to @familyprotection :)


Thanks @crosheille really appreciate the support. It's been relatively slow so far, but still a week left and we may still reach the target.
You have been entered into the raffle (x3)


Absolutely! My pleasure to support this! I hope the target is reached and beyond! 😊

Thank you~


You are more than welcome, it's a pleasure to be a part of this.