Tutorial- How to run reward script by inertia for steem

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Hello guys, today we will learn how to run reward script named stinkypete by @inertia to conditionally claim steem rewards.

You will need linux or any flavor of linux like ubuntu ,centOS or fedora. If you dont have one check here to run it as virtual player on windows machine.

You will also need ruby and gem installed on linux, if you don't have it check here uptil step 11.

Now we are ready to download reward script and install, here are commands

$ git clone https://gist.github.com/db94986d168f7b35034b0d7ccba6f2b4.git stinkypete
$ cd stinkypete
$ bundle install



Once installed, we will now have to edit stinkypete.yml file, go to file explorer > stinkypete folder and open stinkypete.yml


We now have to replace social and posting_wif with our steemit account and posting key. You can also play with claim rules, I've set minimum vests required to claim as 0. Once done save and go back to terminal.


On terminal you now need to type following command.

$ ruby stinkypete.rb


You have now successfully claimed your Steem rewards! You can run this script manually or setup a cron job.

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Excellent tutorial. I have an old XP machine I am planning to repurpose as an Ubuntu script server. I'll be going back through your other tutorials to see what other scripts I can incorporate.


Thanks for this post, very useful.

So these are just linux scripts? They are not written in python? I was of the idea that programmes to deal with the Steemit blockchain were all written in python.

One can invoke the Steemit database just using linux?


No these are ruby scripts using the Radiator API designed by @inertia, there is also steem python library . You can run these scripts on windows but its very tricky.

Your post is at night where everyone sleep, you might want to post when everyone of ur followers is at the computer. You didnt read my post about posting and sending in money. You might want to try to read it before sending in next time, make more.


sure, sorry for inconvenience.

i m new here would you like to guide me a bit about this claim reward service, it works like a paid bots, like randowhale , booster ? btw you explain very will via screenshots , i m going to upvote u and resteem it.


Claim_rewards script just automates claiming reward for you instead of manually claiming from your wallet. Randowhale and booster are voting bots, I will post a tutorial how to create your own booster bot today! If you have any questions hit me up on discord

Can you help explain how to setup a cron job? I've been trying to do it using the crontab file, but I'm apparently messing something up.

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