The Racism Of White Culture Will Kill us All

in #racism5 years ago

If my race (the black race) held the Power in this nation; Held all the political seats; Were most of the Police - and if it were My people going around Murdering all non-blacks; and using the System to back our actions; I would like to think that I would not have a problem with non-black people, speaking directly about the Wrong My People would be doing; If that were the case;

What often saddens me is, that as black people we get called names, and accused of Hate, just for speaking about what is happening to us, at the hands of whites. We even get told "well look at how blacks treat you!" - as if mistreatment from our own, justifies Mistreatment from Others ---- As if the mistreatment from others, isn't somehow fueling the Mistreatment by our own ---- and in no point of our history as a nation have we ever sat down to discuss these matters, properly; so I'm not surprised these issues continue to plague us now.

For years, I would confront racism - and for years I'd be told that I was the racist; nothing is ever done - and just like any cancer or disease, when ignored, it spreads, and just gets worse .... not better.

Whites should be up in arms over the murder of Nia Wilson, and Markeis McGlockton; there is no way the white murderers should be alive right now; Darren Wilson should be rotting in jail along with George Zimmerman --- and though some whites are indeed, enraged, incensed, and are working towards change; Not enough are ..... far too many continue to ignore these matters; pretend they are not happening; and support the 'system' that perpetrates it; far too many....

There will be a breaking point --- eventually black people will stop taking out their misplaced anger on one another; and will start aiming it where it goes; at that point, I often wonder what the outcomes will be.... how many of us will survive that?? ::: how come no one wants to reverse course before we reach this eventual destination?? .....

Even though we made fun of BBQ Becky and Permit Patty; Let me see your ID Adam; these are all representations of what's 'wrong' with white culture, going back over 500 years now; We should 'all' be discussing these matters;

White people should really be examining themselves to figure out just why can't they Leave others alone?? Why must they meddle, why do they insist that everything is THEIR business - especially things that are not? What gives them this Entitlement attitude that makes them assume ownership over every single thing .... even dance moves, dialect, and fashion .... ??

This isn't 'new' for me to say; and I'm not sorry if it's offensive to anyone -- because it's the truth; White people are the only ones who can change white culture; and that 'culture' is the entire problem; mostly, a problem for anyone who isn't white; or who doesn't embrace it as 'their own' ... but let's be real; Even non whites who embrace it, often learn that it does not embrace them. They end up feeling like they have to reject their Own cultures, to be embraced --- and still; this does not work.

The culture of 'ideas' that white is right; white is better; white is dominant, white is supreme; all non whites need to bow down, and do as white tells them; that white must lead and rule over everything; and always dictate terms of all matters --- and is always justified even when doing wrong; even when murdering, or stealing, or raping ..... or violating others in any way -- it's all wrong; it's an issue; and white people need to address this;

They need to stop calling black people (like me) who address their culture 'racist' -- and deal with racism within; it's the only way we survive; Otherwise .... the path we're on; doesn't end well.

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After reading your thoughts, it reignites these feelings that I have:

  1. Many folks still don't truly see us as equally human.
  2. Many" good" folks will not speak up unless their community is directly affected by these issues.
  3. We are really on our own unless we are in some area where there is more local control of the government and community.

I hope it doesn't get worse before it gets better, but with the national lens focused on a person, the prez, and his ilk that have little respect or understanding for our community, it definitely will not.

I really do try to remain 'hopeful' ... but I never wan to be unrealistic. As you said, there are no Saviors coming to save black people. So we are ... in a way ... stuck, to deal with the conditions we are in. We can't make Them change - they have to change one another; and yet if they choose not to ... I'm not too 'bullish' on our future

Like you I hope it doesn't get worse; maybe everything happening now, will be the spark for the change this world sorely needs

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