Tariq Nasheed Calls Murder of XXXTentacion Cowardly; Calls out Coons;

in #xxxtentacion5 years ago (edited)

One of the saddest stories of the year, seems to surround a controversial young rapper that was shot dead on yesterday. Like Tariq, I'm an old head and was completely unfamiliar with the artist and his work. I also knew very little about is remarks on racism, his calling out other rappers, or his domestic violence case. None of those things call for death though.... especially in a climate that black people are in right now.

Black people celebrating the death of other black people are f*cking Coons - Tariq Nasheed

I have to agree with Tariq on this point. He's made it before, when talking about other coons, like Stevante Clark. It seems like XXXtentacion 'also' had the same stance on racism, that black people are the cause of our own problems. This is a position scared black people take, to appease whites.

Being a 'safe negro' will not protect you from racism however. Stevante Clark, and his brother found that out firsthand.. Meanwhile the murder of this young rapper at this time, appears to have been committed by another black person.

You Get NO Stripes for killing another Black person 'In this Environment' - Tariq Nasheed

With all the danger black people are in from white supremacist individuals and groups, now isn't the time for black on black violence. The same groups trolling and Swatting Tariq are quick to say "what About Chicago?".... ignoring all the times black people speak out against black on black crimes.

They ignore the discussions on what 'leads' to black on black crime as well, and most likely will do the same here. The things the young rapper talked about, like so many nowadays are cries for help. The youth are in crisis mode, because they are part of a system that attacked their parents, grandparents, and great grandparents ....

Black people are a race of survivors who continue to take Losses, and get Wins that the system didn't account for. But, the losses often involve senseless crimes like these. George Zimmerman is walking around, partly due to the mentality that puts black people in 'fear' of targeting someone who isn't black. There is a mindset hat no one cares about black life, so no one will look for the person who commits a murder of a black person.

The truth is, the killers of black people 'often' get put in jail.

There are also a Lot of black people in jail for murders they did NOT commit, when they system decides to punish 'someone black', rather than find 'the person who did it'. (The perceived Infamy of O.J. Simpson)

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