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Welcome to the 47th Edition of Qurator's Tasty Tuesday!

Below you will find some awesome food images taken by some your fellow Qurites that captured some of their appetizing culinary moments! Come along and let's enjoy these delectable pictures and make sure to vote for your favorite!

Note: some of you have been curated twice since the start of the daily qurator and some have been curated only once. As the Daily Qurator is gaining fame with every passing day, many new steemians are asking/will ask to join us. So, expect to see posts from new users for now. When the opportunity arises, posts from older users will be curated once again.

When this post reaches payout the participant with the most upvotes on their comment will win a Tier 5 membership for 30 days! Awesome right!?Only upvote from Qurator members will count.

We made it easy for all participants by providing the links that they can just copy and paste into the comment section of this post to officially enter the competition!







Let the competition and upvotes begin! Best of luck to all the Qurites participating!

Note: Any upvotes from pay4vote bots will not be counted.

Spamming messages and asking for upvotes on your comment is frowned upon and could lead to being disqualified. Stick to friends and people you know!

Your Quality Curator ~( @goldendawne )~ Presents:



Shirred Eggs- A Quick Breakfast Treat

Let's do breakfast! How about a quick breakfast? Or maybe a quick AND delicious breakfast? Well, here we go - a great option for a healthy egg-based meal. Shirred eggs are a great way to start your day. Yes, they're so delicious as well as easy, quick and versatile. Plus, cleanup is minimal

Have you ever had shirred eggs? Have you ever heard of them before? I know I haven't
And look at how @offoodandart has prepared them for a quick, easy and delicious looking breakfast; or snack. Doesn't it looks scrumptious?


Honey Duck Aiguillettes

A simple recipe, made for guests this week. They still laugh because I take pictures, maybe one day they will do like me.
The accompaniment is a simple mashed potatoes (cooked in water, and crushed with a fork with a little thick cream, but keeping a firm texture is not mashed potatoes, and some mushrooms sliced thinly , pan-fried and a little cream)

Do you like duck? The savory and juicy meat usually made with some luscious seasonings bringing out the flavor? Then @cryptoyzzy has just the duck meal for you! Just look at that sauce!




I was going to teach you how to cook an eggplant stew with root veggies according to my family’s recipe. But then I realised that eggplant wouldn’t be vegan. So we’re going to cook an aubergine instead!
This dish is perfectly timed for the early autumn season (if you have one in your part of the world), when aubergines, pumpkins, cucumbers and root vegetables of all sorts are usually harvested

Oh YES! Can you imagine this comfort food waiting for you on a cool autumn or cold winter day! It not only warms you up but the aroma fills your head. The perfect stew loaded with all those root vegetables.


PMC Grill And Resto: The Crypto Accepting Bistro Is Opened Again! Steem & SBD As Well!

After some weeks of preparations...
The first restaurant to accept steem and sbd as method of payment is opened again.
So if you are planning for holidays in Mauritius, please do let me know!
Me and my family will be happy to welcome you in our small bistro and make you enjoy some yummy Mauritian food!

It's time! If you want a delicious meal and you're in the Mauritius area then make sure to stop over at @progressivechef's restaurant, the PMC Grill & Resto where you can pay for your dinner with steem and SBD!


Delicious And Nutritious Fruit Salad Breakfast

Today I'm sharing with you this Fruit Salad I made a few weeks ago. I can't find plums and peaches anymore, but maybe you can. I mean....I can find them here too, but I wouldn't buy them because the season is over and what we find on the store's shelves are imported and definitely not healthy. So, I can't find the point of eating a fruit salad with no nutritional value

YUM! A fresh fruit salad with hemp seeds and some maple syrup drizzled on top? What's not to love here!


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The winner of Tasty Tuesday #46: @nickychu

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Absolutely stunning!

What a simple and elegant egg dish! Looks like the perfect dish for when you have guests for brunch.

Thank you!

You’re right. We had last-minute guests then and I used what I had available. So simple and quick!

Top notch as always from @offoodandart!

Looks so good and really, I have never heard of the dish. Interesting!

Congratulations!!!! Yes!!!

Wow, that makes my mouth water :) I love the colour and flavour contrasts. You have my vote!

Thank you @ngocbich. 😉

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Congratulations @nickychu! What a delicious dish :)

Thank you @deemarshall. 😉

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Thank you @offoodandart 😀

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