PMC Grill and Resto : The crypto accepting bistro is opened again! Steem/SBD as well!

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After some weeks of preparations...

The first restaurant to accept steem and sbd as method of payment is opened again.


Remember the name : PMC Grill and Resto
Location : Mauritius

So if you are planning for holidays in Mauritius, please do let me know!
Me and my family will be happy to welcome you in our small bistro and make you enjoy some yummy Mauritian food!


Never heard of this place!?

Simply check this post out, I made it 11 months back introducing my bistro


PMC = Progressive Mauritian Cuisine! For the curious ones!!!

Most of the dishes have been uplifted with new tastes, and couple of classics still here of course!


And here we go for couple of dishes that you can enjoy at PMC grill and resto!

The best seller : PMC Tandoori marinated grilled chicken burger...

Chicken panini with a green tomato mayonnaise and granny apple!

Chicken Skewers...

Grilled chicken, lamb, sausages...

And of course...the Mauritian Chinese Dim Sums!

So voila my friends, today I had my first service after nearly one month that we were closed. Things went out very smoothly, but this weekend gonna be very busy...I can already feel it!
I just have to be ready with all the different preps and we will be good to deliver!

I hope to see you guys one day here in Mauritius in my bistro!
Until then!
Steem On!


good wishes to you guys!

Hello Friend how are you? congratulations for the reopening of your fantastic Bristo, everything looks very nice and the food looks delicious, for sure it will go very well and the best of all is that it is your own business and you will be your own boss there is no better satisfaction

just by seeing the images my mouth watered, and also I'm hungry. great post

This is so cool. I'd love to visit Mauritius. Buying a meal using Steem would be freaking awesome.

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Friend congratulations for this new opening of your bristro, I like that they accept Steem / Sbd I would like to go there and eat something but I am very far

I was delighted with the dishes you had there you would have seen my face, the grilled chicken burger was my favorite, the potatoes look very good

It looks cute and tasty

Congratulations @progressivechef!

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Good Luck!

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Excellent news my friend !

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