Thailand Tasty Tuesday Thoughts on Food

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All of the food in this post is from Bangkok with the exception of the last photo from the North of the country. All of the sickness and weakness I carried with me from California drained away from this and other foods I have not shown you yet.

But first a personal update:

Thanks to a generous STEEMer, I was able to get healthy food yesterday from the food stalls near me in my current home of Kuala Lumpur. I got too much food, and ate too much and made myself sick.

Intermittent fasting does not work for sick and obese people.

I am no longer obese to look at, but I am obese in my head. 50 years of being the fat girl has not been wiped out by the last 8 years of being thin.

I see food; I eat it.

The best I do is when I eat healthy and I have not been. My hair is falling out for one thing. At least I got seaweed for iodine and bananas for potassium recently. I will try my best to do better so I can continue on.

Eating every 36 hours is not a good plan when you lack nutrition to start with. Wolfing down a huge amount of food to "break your fast" is also not optimal.

"Get your nutrition and better health going before trying to fast" is what I tell fat people all the time.

"I will stop eating on Wednesday and go to IHOP for family pancake dinner on Friday" is what they tell me.

Now on to my photos for today:

Random Bounty from the street

Two packs of turmeric root - 30 cents each

Three baby cabbages - 15 cents

Cucumbers are already more than half gone. - 30 cents

Oranges you see one-third of - 60 cents

Ginger as big as my hand - 30 cents

Total - $1.45 usd

abund2 IMG_3943.JPG

Jack Fruit for days 60 cents usd

Food of the Gods

abund2 65 Contest Week 4 F fitinfunfood  IMG_3974.JPG

Flash Fried Fish about to be devoured

So, so good. "Do not eat the skin!" say my Thai friends, and so I don't.

abund2 IMG_5262.JPG

Protein sources and rice getting ready to be put in soup

Loving the guy waving/smiling/protesting (?) from the newspaper. Does this photo montage encourage you to lose weight?

I got all this cut and mixed together, packed it tight in a bag in the fridge and then added it to (unseen) veggie soup for a few days. I might have just eaten some of it balled up in my hand while standing at the open door.

abund2 IMG_5114.JPG

I have no idea what the yellow thing sticking out of the black bag is. The two orange-ish lumps on the rice are BBQ pork from off of a stick I cut up small. The little fish is a yummy little fried guy I cut up.

The seed packet is 30 cents of the best sunflower seeds in the whole entire world. Thailand 711 rules!

These were the first thing I got to eat off the plane in Bangkok last month and will be again in November. There are two 711's in the airport and when the first one was sold out, I went to the second.

I used to have to ration my sunflower seeds when I lived there - no more than 2 packs a day!

Green Bananas Ripening on the Porch - Northern Thailand

The top is as high as my waist and it was just cut down and placed here last night. This will take a month to ripen and it's free.

This is why you can barely give bananas away in Northern Thailand. Everyone has a few or many trees. My foot for scale is so much more deformed now - three years later. {{{sniffle}}}

abund2 20 Contest Week 4 F fitinfunfood  IMG_4200.JPG

I hope you enjoyedthistrip down Thailand memory lane.


Eat Less CRAP!


Try to get more of these and ask me know to do that if you do not know:

essential nutrients purple fitinfun.jpg

My post today is for the weekly Tasty Tuesday contest by @qurator. Here is the call for entry post:

Show us your food and you can enter too!

fitinfun before and after difference.jpg

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You are awesome, @freewritehouse. I appreciate this so much!

You know it makes you sick, you advise others and do exactly the same? I understand it was good to eat again but why not safe for the next day?

I have been inserted and food still kills me. I learned I feel better if I feel a bit "hungry". My intestines always seem to be filled.

Will you join the ccc contests?

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