Workout Every Day

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"As long as you keep going, you'll keep getting better. And as you get better, you gain more confidence. That alone is success."
-Tamara Taylor

"The battle of getting better is never ending."
-Antonio Brown

"If you believe in what you're doing, you should just do it. You'll keep getting better."
-Riki Lindhome


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Sir @xemurai you are looking very handsome. I agree with you that "The battle of getting better is never ending". Thanks for always sharing valuable quotes.

Very motivational quotes. I also exercise.IMG_20180726_221755.jpg


Good job always keep pushing

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Wow very sexy curves u got already.,

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So i kept on working hard and this was my result lol. I am no longer that skinny guy


Very nice keep it up bro

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Yes mentor!! Lol

Thank you! Try not to say “I will start exercise tomorrow” try to start the exact same day. If it doesn’t work don’t do it don’t cry after something you didn’t do than tomorrow say again I will start right now! Start with only 1 push up tomorrow do 2 than 3 .... step by step you must make it a habit part of your life you are afraid to loose if you to stop. Always start today. If you think I will do it tomorrow forget about it and keep living your live no reason to carry it around in your head putting pressure on you.

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Nice motivational quote... i will be glad if you can check this post that show my appreciation

Excercise is a must thing to keep fit. Always get motivation from u @xemurai

Always posting awesome quote, well done brother.

nice workout keep going

I think there is nothing better than giving good lessons.


Wow! Very super quote, my friend. Very happy to get good lessons from you @
xemurai! Thankyou!

Nice quotes, To become a better you, One have to be consistent in what he/she does and looking forward to challenging his/her limitation.

Great quotes, You are a handsome guy.

I always say myself that i will start exercise from tomorrow, but I say that everyday,
you already got a six pack., now go for eight,

Nice quotes boss,
Live as if you die today Learn as if you live forever.

nice quotes nice words to start the week with..... Thanks

Love you sir, you are a great man.

I strongly agree with the quotations that you share, we must believe in our ability to keep trying to be better.
Thanks @xemurai

Working out regularly makes you fit and healthy. and i love working out, that's my picture.

It's god job.we like a healthy life.I trying everyday for it.

I like five pake body.It's very nice.

There is no way to stay healthy without exercise.