KLYE's Quote of the Day #19

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Ever been so sure you knew the most efficient way to do a task then been completely mind blown when someone shows you a way better method? I sure as hell have! If you look at humans and what motivates us you soon realize we're nothing more than optimization algorithms... Changing the land and world around us to better suit our way of life.

I urge you to never stop looking for ways to improve yourself, your peers and the world around you. Perhaps that looks different between person to person but the fact remains the same, find yourself a better way!


for Witness!

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My goal in life is to improve my life in order for me to achieve normality. I believe that being normal is the optimum way of life and all else are just a bonus. @klye


I'd say you're one of the more real and normal ones around man.. Granted I strive to be exceptional.. Normal is boring! XD


We humans are designed for excitement as evidenced by our front-facing eyesight. That's why we hunt and kill and make wars with fellow humans.


I think it goes down to our engrained tribalism.. genetically programmed into us. XD

Being a predator species is neat though, couldn't imagine being lower on the food chain!



Mmm bb

Even when we fail, we should never stop searching...Thomas Edison is someone to learn this from, after failing many time before he finally invented electric light.

Thank you for the quote today @klye!


Makes me smile knowing such an influential member of the community actually reads my QOTD's!


lol I was hunting for an update about your offline witness and now I am coming back for more quotes!

Right guy to quote: Edison was famous for trying about 10,000 different materials for his incandescent light bulb before settling on his carbon filament.

One time, he tried a hair from his friend's beard!


Good share of fun facts!



Now, that's persistence...

There's always room for improvement! I believe we never really stop learning and growing; it's why those who have many years under their belt are so wise -- they've done this life thing for a while!


You tryna infer I'm some sort of decrepit old man?

lol, basically am. <3


Hahaha, I totally wasn't inferring that about you at all, but that's funny! Your profile pic really captures your youth; you can't be a day over 30! ;)

Thanks @klye!!
Just steeming before i go to work and It's nice to see some wise words.

It takes me to the moon!

Best regards

Happens to me all the time. Sometimes i feel like this is the best way to do this particular job. Then soon some one tells something proving that their method is better than mine.


Until they prove it I am skeptical.. But always open for improvement.

That's a nice quote to start the day :) And that's what life is all about- always trying to find better ways to make things easier :)


I'm only 8 behind for QOTDs... XD

A few more tonight maybe. Got a few things trying to get working or finished then can rest a bit

Would you let me know what is up with your witness @klye because I moved my vote now and can move it back when you are online again?

Inspiration for me and everyone. Thank you for sharing

its an informative post.many many thanks for sharing.please keep on.
i will wait for your next post...

Hmm u are right and your write is always learning for us.Thanks for sharing these with us.

the deep meaning of this paper, there is a very good motivation.

Superb Thanks for sharing @klye resteemed

good writing that is
i like it.......upvoted done

thanks for sharing..

I would love to read a book on this @klye. Work on it. Well done.

I do agree with your quote sir...
Its so inspirational, because where there is a will there is a way..Nice quote @kyle

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Don't post unsolicited links on my comments please..


I need pizza can I post unsolicited links? haha jk bro. I hope your well!