Does they really change?

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People change, that is just human nature.
But for the people who saw you as the most important thing of their life one day and forgets you the next, does they really felt like that? or was that all lies....

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It is hard to know what a person's true values are. A person may not even know his real values until a time of crisis or some other change compells him to make some choice. One may be correct in one's assumptions about someone, or one may be completely wrong. You may come to correct conclusions in a short time, or after many many years, you may realise you did not know them all along. It is best to live life being aware all the time, that the only constant thing is that everything changes, and some things never change. What that means is, one never knows. the best is to know yourself, and trust in God alone. Live with a vision of self reliance, and accept when someone turns out to be different from the way you belived them to be. You can not alter some things and you are not your brother's keeper, neither is he yours.

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