Sasha Airdrawndagger ...presented by QSOUNDS

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With the Summer finally kicking in and the Sun showing its face to my little country and everybody and everything in it, I decided to enhance this experience by digging up one of my favorite albums of 2002.

  • Producer: Sasha
  • Album: Airdrawndagger
  • Style: Trance
  • Year: 2002

Although I'm not a big fan of the Trance genre; This album I really LOVE! And I use the capital letters for a good reason. Of course, taste is very subjective, and you may not that into electronic dance music at all, but even if that is the case I urge you to not hesitate and just hit the play button on the YouTube link below and listen for yourself.

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Takes me back! I actually preferred the GU mixes more than this CD, namely Sasha and Digweeds GU 9 l, CD2 if you push me to choose!

But as mentioned, I'm not a big fan of Trance :)
Will try to find the ones you mentioned and give it a try.

I'd say it was more house, it's the quality of the mix between tracks that gets me! Hope you enjoy.

Took me back as well and inspired me to post my favourite track.

Thanks for this @edje It is kind of bittersweet since it reminds me of when I first got into electronic music in the year 2000. I had a whole hard drive full of that music but it was destroyed so i am sad for that but happy to hear some old school stuff.

full steem ahead!

Wow, that is not nice indeed. Well Soundcloud may have some of it?
I have many recorded sets from those days.
What is your favourite kind of electronic music?

That's some fine sound @edje and Sascha a classic. I like his productions much more than his live performances

I actually do not know a lot about him and actually never listened to much to his stuff. I know I like this one and played it many times while driving to some remote place :)