Review of QoinPro which Gives You Free Coins Every Day - Scam Or Legit?

3 months ago

Hey guys,

I thought I'd review QoinPro since they are offering free cryptocurrency coins in order to boost their userbase. Seems like a win-win situation for those new to crypto such as myself and they don't require any personal information or anything. I am not affiliated with them in any way although I do receive a minute % of free coins if you sign up through my link.

How It Works

Signing up requires no verification documents, just an email and password and can be done within seconds. The day I signed up I got free coins of a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. Here is a list of the coins I got simply for signing up


  1. 0.00000250 to your BitCoin balance,
  2. 0.00007671 to your LiteCoin balance,
  3. 0.00604838 to your FeatherCoin balance,
  4. 97.85271991 to your FedoraCoin balance,
  5. 5.68181818 to your InfiniteCoin balance,
  6. 0.02403846 to your DogeCoin balance,
  7. 0.03306878 to your DigitalCoin balance,
  8. 0.24640460 to your Virtacoin balance,
  9. 0.00056826 to your PeerCoin balance,
  10. 0.00004063 to your Dash balance

Six of these balances are immediately available to you and the remaining balances are unlocked between 2 and 30 days after signup.

However after they give you those balances, the following free coins will be credited to you every day which is pretty awesome:


BitCoin: 0.00000002 BTC * Bonuses
LiteCoin: 0.00000036 LTC * Bonuses
FeatherCoin: 0.00002827 FTC * Bonuses
Virtacoin: 0.03577794 VTA * Bonuses
PeerCoin: 0.00000630 PPC * Bonuses
Dash: 0.00000040 DASH * Bonuses

The "bonuses" which multiply your daily free coins are based upon how many people you refer, the more people you refer the more coins you get for free every day not to mention a % of the free coins which your friends get too after signing up.

Is it a scam?

This question was asked and answered by some Reddit posters two years ago:

Admittedly the site had been down since then since they were working on the launch of their updated version meaning they are now out of beta phase:

Just a few hours ago a Reddit poster mentioned that he had received free money from them too:

Withdrawing your money has been done and a user mentioned he paid 0.0001 btc to do so, here is a screenshot of the withdrawal:

Worst comes to the worst they close down their website and take your coins but even that very unlikely scenario that wouldn't happen for at least a half year if not longer since they have only just launched the non-beta version of their wallet. The founders have their repuation on the line afterall so I wouldn't worry that much. If you're really that paranoid then just withdraw your free money 3-4 months from now. I wouldn't recommend depositing any other coins there just yet until they become more of a trusted company though.

When PayPal launched they also gave 10 USD for free to anyone joining which was one of their key successes in creating a mass market, something I read in the fascinating book called Zero to One by Peter Thiel. So it appears QoinPro is applying the same tactic to get more users.


In summary you have nothing to lose (spend just 2 min signing up and forget about it for a few months) and something to gain (free coins of which you get even more if you refer friends!), so I see no reason why not to just sign up and get free money! If this post was of any value to you, I'd appreciate you sign up using my referral link (you don't get any less free coins):

If any of you have had any experience with QoinPro, do let me know in the comments below!

Peace Out
Hooked2TheChain aka blockchainttmft :)

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When I try to sign UP I get an error message saying:
"This email address is already in use, please use another email address"

When I then try to sign IN I get one of these error messages:

"Authentication failed, please try again (code: 002)"


"Password is not strong enough to meet our requirements (code: 006), please follow our password guidelines."


I have the same problem.

Solution: Click login then on the popoup window click where says "Didn't receive your registration e-mail?" and follow instructions.


That worked. Thanks!


hmm that sucks, worked for me. I just tweeted them them, let's see if/when they reply.


Hooked2TheChain ALLIN ON CRYPTO tweeted @ 21 Jun 2017 - 14:26 UTC

qoinpro Made a review about your site and got a question from a user who had a signup issue. Pls help him out:…

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Update: they still haven't replied and considering they have much more incentive to reply (I reviewed their site); I wouldn't recommend anyone else to join them lest they face some annoying technical problem which Qoinpro don't support their customers in solving.


Clicking on "Didn't receive your confirmation e-mail?" worked for me.

Hi, I've been a member of QoinPro for about 3 months, and I hadn't payed much attention to it until last week that I received a notification telling me that I can benefit now from the bitcoin fork since they are going to duplicate my Bitcoins and give me the same amount in Bitcoin Cash. They tell me I have to deposit my Bitcoins so they can duplicate them in Bitcoin Cash. I'm really skeptical of this because I didn't find much information or reviews for this page, and the owner does not look very professional. Has anyone tried this? did it work? I don't want to loose my Bitcoins nor the opportunity if it's real. Please tell me if anyone has successfully withdrawn bitcoins in this platform. Thank you!


I haven't but i recommend not using them.


i am just depositing 0.4 and we will see! If It works my referal will double that amount they say up to 1BTC for more contact them... still 6 days left.. but if it's a scam you will need to boost me here so i can gather back some of that!

@blockchainttmft I have just signed up through your link and will hopefully let you know what happens soon.


Good luck!


@blockchainttmft Hi, I managed to sign via your link with no problem, I hope you get your percentage .
#cryptocurrency #cryptos #qoinpro

I did sign up using your referral link, if you want to earn more for free try this : Free Bitcoin for Everyone ! - I've earned 0.055 BTC it's about $260 !


where is that link ?

How to withdraw from qoinpro ?

if there is more webs like that one?


Not that i know of