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RE: Steemit Only Article: Opinion: Why Independent Media Voices Are Questioning the "Q" Persona

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I wrote a piece about Q a week ago. I simply asked what the end game was. I think it's become clear over the past week - that the end game is the extradition of Assange while Trump's base is "trusting the plan" I have no doubt that Trump's election was an unforeseen hiccup for the Deep State and his base's awareness and anger was disconcerting. IT appears that Q has neutralised the base and Trump has been coopted long ago.


I also was touching on the subject of the #QAnon phenomena a week ago as Nathan from Lift the Veil was highlighting it. A lot of people waking up to the deception now. Glad to see it as well all need to be putting our energy where it really matters.

My Two Cents On The #QAnon Phenomena - An "Open-Loop" Psyop of the Deep State Colluding With The Global Mafia

Amen Christopher.

Agreed 100% an all these points. Link your piece on Q if you want, I'd like to read it!

Here it is - as with just about all my stuff it doesn;t go very deep

Thanks! I'll take a look.

they don't care who wins the election show. neither should we. you lobby/protest whatever useful idiot is put "in charge"

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