My Two Cents On The #QAnon Phenomena - An "Open-Loop" Psyop of the Deep State Colluding With The Global Mafia

I put together this lengthy post as a response to Lift The Veil's (Nathan's) Steemit video but wanted to share it with more people as it covers my opinion on quite a few important aspects related to this #QAnon phenomena and why people need to be putting their energy elsewhere instead of believing in #QAnon and Trump who are part in parcel of this corrupt system.

Hi Nathan, I've been watching your videos lately that expose the #QAnon psyop. And personally, I'm very glad to see you revealing what is going on behind the scenes with this whole ordeal so that hopefully it can soon end and people can put their energy where it really needs to go...into revealing the truth themselves. I believe you are particularly well suited for this task as your approach to things is very honest and direct. The purpose of an "Open-Loop" psyop is to keep the people coming back for more and believing there is gold at the end of the rainbow (the pursuing of the sealed indictments). The way to lock people into this endless loop (hamster wheel) is to give them what they want....but just enough to keep them coming back for more......hence the "endlessly open-loop". The TV show "Lost" is a good example of how this psyop wastes time and energy. Steering the Trump crowd was necessary for the CIA in order to placate them after the election. They had to give them something, after all Clinton would not be going to jail. Thus, by telling them that Trump is working behind the scenes with #QAnon and 'draining the swamp' he can then do the real dirty work out front that the "Corrupt Powers That Be (Global Mafia)" actually placed him in power for......more overthrows (Iran), more money for the banksters (Blackstone Group, Goldman Sachs, etc), more control for the surveillance and Control part of the Deep State (hence all the generals in cabinet positions/the school shooting false flags). Its all Hegelian Dialectic/divide and conquer bullshit as taught to the elite). When one thinks about it, its quite practical that the Deep State came up with this post election/Russian collusion smoke and mirror show. Their deception knows no bounds. #QAnon fits very well right into it and now plays an important role keeping the Trump base confused and tethered to some hope (albeit false hope and delusions).

In relation to all the above, I put together a post on Trumps real backers and why he was placed into power back in October. Link here:

Beyond The Divisive Agenda – Defining Donald Trump As A Tool of The Zionist-Elite And Why He Was Really Placed In Power To Wage War on Iran

The problem Trump "believers" are having is that they are stuck in their own cognitive dissonance bubbles. Ironically, these political bubbles mirror those of the faux left who put the same energy into supporting Clinton. All these folks have, unfortunately, become delusional in their desire to have their team on top. Their own political bias and cognitive dissonance related to such has these misled people trapped in one sided thinking that reaffirms their own long held beliefs. They simply want their red team or blue team to win so they "choose" to block out that which stares them in the face. That both teams are controlled by the same team owners at the top (Global Mafia).

In order to break through the veil of deception that has been cast over our eyes one has to realize that the elite mafia control both US political parties. The onion has many layers and more will be pulled back if we ALL WORK TOGETHER. They would never risk their entire global charade by not utilizing all their cards. Trump was their insurance plan. Kissinger whispers in Trumps ear and when one follows all the easily verifiable links they can see that it goes all the way back to Lord Rothschild via Blackstone Group and others.

The real way to expose all these global mafia criminals is through exposing their foreign policy moves which revolves around wars of deception, massive theft and support for terror groups. I have put my time and energy into exposing the White Helmets terrorists in Syria and the Nazi Azov battalion in Ukraine. Note that when I do this there is no open loop. I simply present the video and photo evidence that I research and find online. People can take it for what its worth. That is what #QAnon, if it was legit, should be doing. The #QAnon phenomena has brought more people in to be red-pilled (so that's possibly its only real plus) but it hasn't provided them with the verifiable evidence that it professes to be exposing. Instead it is a game of riddles and innuendo, a tapestry of mixed "mostly already known" information.

Remember how Q pushed the Saudi prince assassination attempt was supposedly related to the Vegas false flag? Its obvious by now that Saudi Arabia is still the worst of the worst and Trump is fully onboard with that terror state. What are the Saudi's up to? War with Iran, bombing Yemen, supporting ISIS and al-Qaeda in Syria, building mosques in Europe to flood in the jihadi's as part of the divide and conquer agenda.....and Trump goes over there and dances with swords with them while Jared Kushner's working with them on behalf of Israel behind the scenes. This stuff is all quite obvious, but for the reasons states above (cognitive dissonance/political bias) the Trump following crowd still refuse to wake up to it all. Obama's early followers had the same problem back in 2009 when it was becoming obvious he too fooled them and sold them out for the elitist mafia.

Alas, once we ALL get past all this simplistic sheepherding and the "my team's better than your team" bullshit then we have a chance to really start to change our world for the better. The whole system is corrupt. The apple is rotten to the core. Q is just one bite of that apple. We have to remove them all from power. All of them. Its time for people to become the hero's they seek and take responsibility for things themselves by working harder to get to the truth behind the whole corrupt system and quit being easily herded sheep. I just wanted to state that and point out my work as an example. Real truth providers provide the truth, they don't sit on it.......not while people are dying and the rich are getting richer conducting this nefarious, murderous agenda that is being carried out. The time for action is now.

Oh, and Lionel Nation......that guy is cashing in too on the Q phenomena. He didn't have a clue about it when it first started and now he's all Q all the time. He constantly feeds his audience what they want to hear and then quickly moves along switching subjects. Just never mention Zionists or Israel's role in all the deception, wars and division or you will get hand farted and mocked before he quickly spins the blender in another direction. All the worlds a stage and he's simply another showman. The way you can tell what he is really about is in that he barely mentioned the White Helmet terrorists after the April 7, 2018 false flag that nearly led to WW3, instead he steered the Trump herd onto Stormy Daniels and other aspects of the greatest show on Earth. You can usually tell what people are about by what they choose NOT to talk about. Hollywood plays Trumps foil (Hegelian Dialectic) and it is my opinion that Lionel knows this full well. I wouldn't be buying his coffee mugs. (Don't say Zionist- hand farts). If, like Lionel, someone chooses to support either side of this corrupt two party hamster wheel then they are not legitimate truth revealers. People need to wake up to this fact.

Link to Nathan's video:


Absolutely agree with you 10000000%....With every new President or switch of teams, comes a new or re-invented weapon of mass distraction.

YES WMDs real acronym. lol

Great analysis. I’ve been listening to Nathan since he first started on YouTube and he’s a breath of fresh air. He is often correct and when he’s not he will admit it on his show to his listeners unlike these Q sheep. The plan is working quite well, they hijacked the truth movement and large swaths of the alternative media. Glad there’s plenty of people who know this is a bunch of crap.

Po-Q-mon anon struck me as an ARG from the get go. Thanks for this excellent analysis.

Curated for #informationwar (by @wakeupnd)
Relevance: Questioning known liars.

It is all just another channel on the TV in the heads, turn your head and change the channel. Follow the money has always been my method for finding the truth, who is gaining...

Spot on analysis. One thing I never understood though. How could anybody believe that a guy who posts riddles on an internet forum could be some kind "White Hat Insider". That is so ridiculously infantile that only a completely dumbed down audience raised by Hollywood movies and video games could fall for it. But no. Even grown-ups and so called intellectuals seemed to believe that cryptic messages which could be interpreted in many ways are the only way to communicate. Blows my mind. And horrible proof of the state of the mind of our fellow truth seekers...

Thank you so much for awesome article.......i am your new Follower from today.

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Nice work. Ive been trying to convince my family for nearly a year now that both parties are indeed a single coin with two ugly faces. The founders knew this would happen and I am almost convinced they set it up by inventing the universe...what if they knew the earth was flat and our enemies couldn't resist such a grand delusion as outer space and planets and the endless potential for distracting delusions...some things to think about. #EarthisFlat

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