What the Hell Is Qanon? & Why You Should Take Notice

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If you’ve spent any time at all in the backwaters of social media you will have come across the Qanon phenomenon.

What is it? After nearly a year of observing it, and watching commentary on it from various angles I’m none the wiser. I do know, that to dismiss it out of hand or to deny its existence is very foolish. It is what is. It is an underground phenomenon that refuses to go away.

“Serious journalists” are either unaware of it or dismiss it out of hand. On the other hand, sensationalist media personalities like Alex Jones have been burned by getting to close to the fire. “Be careful who you follow.”

Whoever, or whatever it is, it has set a course, attracted a cult-like following and has a target in mind. Just what that target is, is open to conjecture and for that reason alone the Q posts need to be followed and scrutinised. You simply can’t build the level of excitement and anticipation and not deliver an outcome. There are a lot of very “woke” wired people out there and they aren’t in the mood to forgive an elaborate hoax.

So what is it exactly?

It’s easy to dismiss as some sort of underground trolling operation or maybe a group of misguided activists running a Trump supporting campaign. Many never give it a second look. Of those that do dig a bit deeper, some dismiss it as a LARP, others suspect it is a Psyop. Others suspect it to be Deep State AI. Many, however, believe Q to be the ultimate saviour and hang on Q’s every word. Right now they’re positively salivating at the prospect of very high-level arrests of known Deep State criminals.

For what it’s worth I think Q is none of these things. I suspect it is an operation of one of the many warring factions within what we call the Deep State and its instigators are well versed in the dark arts of propaganda, espionage and doublethink. They are to be treated with respect and a degree of caution.

Q has many positives. It also has some very worrying and quite scary undertones.

The Messaging Method, Choice and Delivery

Qanon announced itself to the world initially through the 4chan message board. He/she/it/they claimed to have Q clearance and to be very close to the President.
Initially, Q asked a series of questions – leading other board members to search for their own answers. Some of the questions appeared to be inconsequential – others to have obvious answers. From day one Q was intent on making people think and to ask questions.

The choice of 4chan seemed to be an odd choice – but was justified on the basis that other social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit etcetera were compromised.

From very early on Q seems to have been under consistent attack from elements working against him. 4chan communications were ceased after the channel became compromised and communications have been switched to 8chan.

The Message: Truth Lies or Hope Porn?

There are several consistent messages throughout the Q Posts. These have been.

THEY NEVER THOUGHT THAT SHE WOULD LOSE – an obvious reference to Hilary’s ties to elements within the Deep State. This has been backed up by tying together various deals – Uranium one and a plethora of Pay to Play agreements to elements within the Deep State as well as foreign governments. Much of this is old news and has been covered in depth by many quality journalists who sourced the WikiLeaks Clinton email dump. However, some of the connections that Q led people to make are interesting, to say the least.

THE PRESIDENT IS SAFE – throughout the ongoing Mueller probe, Q has been at pains to assure the board followers that Trump is safe from any Mueller actions. Mueller’s character and role n the ongoing drama has been left deliberately grey by Q. Much is made of Mueller being an ex-marine.

THE FIGHT IS GLOBAL Saudi’s First, Israel last and just about everybody in between. The coup in Saudi Arabia was hinted at prior to it happening as were developments in North Korea.

TRUST THE PLAN Adherents to Q are encouraged to trust the plan- although they’re never really told what it is.

TRAITORS EVERYWHERE Q lists a rogue’s gallery of politicians, CEOs and foreign government dignitaries that he claims are corrupt and have sold out the interests of the USA for dollars. Republicans and Democrats alike are named.

YOU HAVE MORE THAN YOU KNOW Time and again this phrase is repeated and the words open sources are used again and again. This appears to reference document dumps from WikiLeaks, the Snowden files and perhaps even places like the CIA library.

Amidst these key messages, Q weaves a narrative of hope. The “white hats” are taking control and systematically removing the bad actors within the various arms of government. This narrative encourages the belief that Trump is supported by the military and some elements of the three letter agencies. It’s a tempting and alluring story.

Despite the promise of things changing, the key villains in this saga remain at large and CIA swamp creatures appear to have been promoted to positions of power (Pompeo, Haspel) but all is well we are told, just trust the plan.

Q defenders would defend these developments by quoting Q “Disinformation is necessary. Trust the Plan”


There is no doubt that Q has provoked much discussion and investigation of corrupt and evil practices within the USA and throughout the world. Organised child trafficking, paedophilia, pay to play, drug running, arms smuggling and political murder are rabbit holes that Q invites people to wander down as well as treason, systemic fraud and illegal surveillance.

It certainly has opened many people’s eyes to the corruption within the world.


There is a real cult-like quality to the Q Anon movement. Q leverages that to neutralize any criticism or questioning of its veracity.
If the saviour won’t let you think for yourself, the saviour isn’t a saviour.
I haven’t been following Q closely enough to make a judgement on the seeming expulsion of several people like Jerome Corsi. This alone is cause for concern but to me the real concerns relating to Q revolve around what isn’t said rather than what is. The treatment of two icons of freedom demonstrates this.

SNOWDEN much like Mueller, Edward Snowden is given a deliberate grey persona. For a while, Q’s posts seemed to be saying the Snowden was a black hat. Later some of the posts indicate that Q is on quite good terms with Snowden. Independent journalist, Suzi Dawson has pointed out that the original team set up to go after Snowden was called the Q team. If that doesn’t set off an alarm bell or two, I don’t know what will.

ASSANGE Right from the start, Assange was given special status by Q. There was some speculation allowed to foment within Q circles that Assange had been spirited out of the Ecuadorian embassy and was being held in protective custody by the white hats. This was pure fantasy. Certainly, in the early days, Q seemed to give the impression that they were in direct contact with Julian Assange. Curiously, since Ecuador cut Assange off from the outside world, Q has not mentioned him once. It’s as if he didn’t exist. Perhaps that was always the plan. I don’t know.

So, we’re left with this phenomenon that has grown into a movement. We need to watch it closely because its formation was no accident.


Why would an arm of the deep state (good or bad) go to all this trouble? It has never been necessary in the past.

What could possibly be the end game here?

The power of Qanon’s followers has already been demonstrated with the #releasethememo campaign. An active, engaged group of Internet warriors has been activated and is ready to go.

The Q narrative persists. Corruption is being rooted out. The good guys are taking control. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

I desperately want to believe Q but Iran is a powder keg the Deep State monsters have their hands on the levers of government and the most potent voice against war has been neutralised.

Hold on. I think things are about to get rough but trust the plan….

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Smells like a Psyop to try and placate those who voted for Trump the candidate, but ended up with Trump the president. "Change is happening, but you just can't see it right now". Trust the plan indeed.


I agree, but to what purpose? Why is it necessary? What is the end game?


Hey mark, I read this article when you posted, but didn't comment. Imo this whole character is part of the usual charade to keep the political base distracted, while at the same time try and swing their perceptions and ideals to fully support the current administration in power. Keep them on edge and convince them that they are on the 'right side'. This has always happened in some form.


Also, If you are interested in what I thought of this charade, I put pen to paper a couple of times in rhyme form that includes my feelings on the whole topic. I think you may appreciate the message.




Thanks - yes awesome work - well done

Nice content.