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The Truth behind Pelosi, Schumer and the government shutdown. Who they really support.
Q proofs of The Plan.

Trump's Happy New Year and helping our heroes.

Border Security and the government shutdown.

What we may see happen between President Trump, the Deep State and will the House be able to impeach Trump?

What one very important Executive Order Entails.

History behind the Fed and the IRS.

Why does the IRS have a cache of weapons and ammunitions?
Qanon proofs of The Plan.

2018 Amendments to the Manual for Courts-Martial, United States

Amendment to Military Justice Act 2016 some interesting declarations

#NewYear, #2019, #Qanon, #BorderSecurity, #DeepState, #Trump, #ThePlan, #USA

Thank you to all of you who subscribe and take the time to watch and listen. May God continue to bless each of you and strengthen you in this coming New Year! Stay strong, Safe and Keep Fighting the Good Fight! God wants you to know He is for you and Not against you. He is greater than the deceiver that is in this world.

Here is the article from Steemit,

It's Here! 2019 now what can we expect in going forward with The Plan? Are there Any Coincidences? Qanon Proofs

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I love how you say "Television Box," very cute, very awesome, very Original oatmeal, it is good for us to research other sources as that box has been turned into monolithic source, like a monopoly, from control freaks, and that is what it is all about as we promote family first value. Merry Christmas and I was downvoted today for my Christmas 2018 article. Here's an upvote. Happy New Years 2019. Have a beautiful day. Oatmeal.

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