Qanon- 4/23/18 - Amazing Revelations from the Deep State

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There appears to be an international war being fought right now. It's not like normal wars where team A in uniform A kill team B in Uniform B. This is much more complicated. It would appear that various factions of secret societies have infiltrated governments, institutions, courts, buisnesses, and militaries across the world. There is an unprecedented level of action happening now to remove elements of the Deep State especially around human trafficking and pedophilia. Major moves have happened since Trump won.

Questions I still have are: did we replace one mafia with another? Once Trump is done stomping the "Texas Camp" do the fortunes of average Americans go up? or will a business focused cabal riseup to fill the vaccume of the pedo/trafficking/drug running cabal.

Through the last half a year or so there has been an alleged military insider that's providing thoughts, leaks, suggested research topics who goes by the Name Q. There are people that think Q is a LARP. There are those that think he/they are real. I tend to agree with the group that think he's real, but definately try to hold open the space that the whole thing could be a LARP or that elements of this are, could be, or have been psyops or LARPs.

What isn't a LARP are the thousands of active researchers and the millions of people following that are helping to change the headlines today to all the busts and the Deep State Conflict unfolding in front of us. I present to you now the news that I'm finding, the theories behind it, and I try to reference some of the History that's brought up.

My process is to aggregate. I'm not leading these investigations so much as following and archieving them on my blog so that other researchers and this community can see what Q and the Qanons are working on and how it fits into the daily narrative.

Qanon Posts

Linked youtube

Other links include artlce on Al Gore as a green tech investor and Nunes looking into how the Trump investigation got started in teh first place

Q cheat Sheet

As the world turns- Was the show playing when JFK was assasinated. Possible reference to threat on Trump.

Relevant News

Utah Primary after shot



Maggie Nixon


Drugs, Pedos, Trafficking

Florida Trafficking Ring




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We mice have been sniffing around Q for a little while now. Reckon there is a few Deep State pedos scurrying.

How long can mainstream media ignore this?

True, false or exaggerated - we mice reckon the world is changing and for the better.

In the short term you might ask - Who moved my Cheese?

For those who adapt quickly, there will be plenty of new Cheese to be found.

Oh yeah, PS. friend @aggroed. The guy with shiny tunic said to say 'Hi'.

PPS. Appreciate the cheat sheet!


Welcome to the chain and my wall. Have some cheese. Stick around.

Terrible war occur on here

@aggroed the secret society are everywhere. Different activities had been carried out by them.

Cathy Obrien says that people under mind control have bug eyes because their brains are so traumatized that they start taking in too much information. Adam Schiff?

Assange did make a comment a while back that Trump does in fact represent a whole different hegemony from the one that was running the show, what do you think of the Democrats and Media trying to use kids to wag the dog in 2018?

News around are scary. End time is around the conner!

we are in the era where the organizations will cannibalize each other leaving power vacuums all over the world. A restructuring is on it way likely after the next global economic downturn.

What is this strange law::

I went down one of the rabbit holes on the secret society. Blows the mind...

Let me know your thoughts on it....


I think I like Abel Danger.

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Thank You! ⚜

Continuous thank you's for compiling this stuff man, plus on the blockchain! Gonna be hard to erase that haha

This might have something mething to do with why Yemen is on the hitlist

Great research, thank you. Ilove the last meme. I cannot wait to see their faces when they get sentenced.

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