Riddle #1 : Some Fun With Flags (SOLVED)

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Dear riddle friends,

today I will start my new riddle series. I will try to generat at least one riddle per week.

The first one is not very hard, so that there is a change for every one to solve it.

There are two steps to get the solution. If you get it, you can post the solution as comment.


if you need hints, you can write a comment where you stuck.

I will give a hint from time to time or every ten upvotes.

hint 1: What the background looks like? It's not the sky.

hint 2: some kind of maritim communication

the next hint will come after two days or 30 upvotes. You can resteem this riddle to get the next hint faster.




Great puzzle, thank you. Here is my solution to the first bit: THE FIRST STEP IS DONE NOW DECRYPE JTPMWFEUIF GJSEUSJEEMF
I need a hint to work out the second step please.

ey cool so I'm some kind on the right path :D

you are on the right way, but there art two little spelling mistakes in your first part of the solution.
Look again at DECRYPE and GJSEUSJEEMF.
The next hint will come soon.

Thank you. Here are the corrected spellings: DECRYPT GJSTUSJEEMFHope they are right now!

Yes, now you solved the first part of the riddle.

Spent ages on the decrypting but what you call 'a simple cypher' is beyond me. Reluctantly, I have to give up :(

You've solved the first heavier part. I thought that the second part was easier. As @waldfee wrote, the second part was a caesar cipher. You have to replace each letter with the letter that comes before in alphabet.

Ah, thank you for your help.

And thanks for resteem this post.
Saw it after reading your great introducion! :)

iDunno if the first step is done but if so I stuck at the end somehow if not I've absolutely no clue... I don't like picture riddles cause my visual perception
some kind of sux 🤓

so maybe I solved my first riddle but if so I can't really tell how I worked it out. At first @deemarshall comment confirmed my guess and because the second part of my decrypted text was wrong I copied it from her. thx for that , too :D

Again a homepage was really helpful to me, here have a look:


maybe you solved it.
But then with a little mistake ('my' instead of 'the').
You can look how @waldfee does it solve.

Thanks for the link. :)

I'll do but somehow I slowly become jealous of her xD no, just fun. Hats off 👍😅

I used the algo from the link I posted and the funny part is that I copied the second part from the riddle from @deemarshall into the crypto solver but have made an mistake. I copied a 'H' to much at the end which doesnt belong to the encrypted code and the algo spittet something out from which I was able to conclude the half right answer but after the first try I wasnt able to get the same output again. Tried it so many times but no luck. So strange xD

I am not sure what is this , need a hint to

What could be the blue? Give some suggestions and i will tell you if you are on the right track.

I think, I know it, but have no time to solve it today. But i will try to decode it tomorrow.
If I'm right, the blue is water.

first step was International maritime signal flags:


the second step was caesar cipher (Rot 1):


Caesar ( Rot1)


you solved it complete. :)

Caesar?! Really??? Shame on me! I just suggest I was somekind of drunk even if I dont really drink xD

Tried it but somehow I must forget 1-2 steps xD

If you writed this way:


you can see how easy it was ;)

yeah, just sprinkle some more salt into my wound :P

OK I have decoded the first 4 rows.
But the bottom two rows (10 flags and 11 flag) don't make sense.

The first step is done now decrypt... (the bottom 2 rows)

You can post what you have. @deemarshall post it also, but has two little mistake in the solution.

the bottom two rows are rypted with a simple cypher.

This is tricky! But like the riddle idea x More please

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This is awesome!
I solved the first riddle... ;-)
I want moar :D

so nice but i not get it

ahahah can somebody explan , it is like a morse code or a rebus

thank you so nice i wil try to play this too its relaxing after a lot of reading and try to understand all at once
thanks crypto for the time you took

Do you really want a hint so early?
I think I wait one hour before the first hint or until there are the first ten upvotes .

wow upvote no 10 is there. So here is the first hint:
What the background looks like? It's not the sky.

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