ey cool so I'm some kind on the right path :D

you are on the right way, but there art two little spelling mistakes in your first part of the solution.
Look again at DECRYPE and GJSEUSJEEMF.
The next hint will come soon.

Thank you. Here are the corrected spellings: DECRYPT GJSTUSJEEMFHope they are right now!

Yes, now you solved the first part of the riddle.

Spent ages on the decrypting but what you call 'a simple cypher' is beyond me. Reluctantly, I have to give up :(

You've solved the first heavier part. I thought that the second part was easier. As @waldfee wrote, the second part was a caesar cipher. You have to replace each letter with the letter that comes before in alphabet.

Ah, thank you for your help.

And thanks for resteem this post.
Saw it after reading your great introducion! :)

Except I didn't really. I had lots of help.
Hope the resteem brings you more members. Looking forward to the next puzzle :)

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