so maybe I solved my first riddle but if so I can't really tell how I worked it out. At first @deemarshall comment confirmed my guess and because the second part of my decrypted text was wrong I copied it from her. thx for that , too :D

Again a homepage was really helpful to me, here have a look:

maybe you solved it.
But then with a little mistake ('my' instead of 'the').
You can look how @waldfee does it solve.

Thanks for the link. :)

I'll do but somehow I slowly become jealous of her xD no, just fun. Hats off 👍😅

I used the algo from the link I posted and the funny part is that I copied the second part from the riddle from @deemarshall into the crypto solver but have made an mistake. I copied a 'H' to much at the end which doesnt belong to the encrypted code and the algo spittet something out from which I was able to conclude the half right answer but after the first try I wasnt able to get the same output again. Tried it so many times but no luck. So strange xD

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