pushup - january 2018

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Push your post UP with @pushup bot!

End of the Month Report

In January @pushup got stronger.

Received additional 45,000 delegated SP for a total of 371,000 SP.

Curation rewards increased vested balance to 2,080 SP.

More than doubled number of pushupers and followers.


+1,450 SP+45,000 SP




+0.37 SP+1.6 SBD+1,425 SP



Top 10

@brittuf 188 16
@angela.ghkh 1216
@spencercoffman 120 5

Current 100% pushup ~ $520, every 2.5 hours.
Minimum bid: 1 STEEM or SBD.
Copy url in memo.
Post must be less than 5 days old.

Joy bids 5 SBD.
Alice bids 2 SBD.
Tim bids 3 SBD.
Total: 10 SBD
Joy gets 50% @pushup.
Alice gets 20% @pushup.
Tim gets 30% @pushup.

Bot tracker can help you bid. http://steembottracker.com

For support contact pushup#7678 on Discord or leave a comment below.


Didn't get your upvote yet @pushup from SteemBotTracker

Your post got a @pushup about 11 hours ago.

Great service! Thx bro

one day, I'll capable to bid. :)
keep me in pray. 🤗

let´s try to reach the goal together :D

Great job on upvoting copyright abuse and helping it to get to the no. 1 position on the trending page! Thanks to services like yours that upvote content without having a look inside, steemit.com is full of overvalued trash.

will try your service soon once I got my payout tomorrow, followed you.

How come I sent you 2.00 Steem Dollars and I only got a 2.00 Dollar upvote !? Can you please check it out ! This was Steem Dollars I sent not Steem!! thank you for checking into it !!I will not use it again !! wow thats a big loss because I would have made more by exchanging it for steem on the market !! this is not right !

I got less back ! Sad

Its BS ! Somthing is going wrong lately , none are paying out like they used to !

Vote value is entirely dependent on how much is collected in a bidding round. Vote is divided among the bidders.

@pushup value depends on amount of bids collected in a round.
Use steembottracker for bidding.

Can you walk me through how to use your service. Im new to this and I'm a little lost. thank you

Send a bid to @pushup, copy url of the post you want to promote in memo.
Bit must be at least 1 Steem or SBD.

18 hours ago i sent to you 1.00 sbd for up vote still i can't recieve any upvote from you. https://steemit.com/photography/@mirzaaliimran/photography-orchid. if u dont give me upvote then pls refund my 1.00 sbd

Your bid was refunded.

not refund yet. still i m waiting

Great stuff

Its good news for stemians.I hope one day it will become on the top list of bots!

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