Are you prepared for living with the impossible?

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You know that feeling, right?
you want to much to make things happen but can't find a way to start.

I've been there, done that.

i also felt hopless before.

But it all changed
after i realized the infinite potential each human being has.


if you work hard enough you will accumplish anything.

Like them:

They tried hard.
they worked for hours, days, weeks, months, years, even DECADES!

they failed, A LOT!

do you know the struggle, the taste of the sweat?
the color of your hands after working hard for hours in a day and the feeling of going to sleep calmly and happy because of the work done?

Do you know how to identify invisible flying elephants?

It's more or less what happens in this video.
Imagine walking in a gym full of amazing skills! Rings, balls, yo-Yos, anything can happen!

Recorded in azores at the European Juggling Convention 2018, it has the presence of amazing people like Quentin Godet, Petter Wadsten and Samuel Gustavson, system 47, Till rautert, Bar mual, Pedro Gouveia, Bach ' La Ouach, Ivar mangoni and more, much more!

Check it out!

ejc 2018 crazy gym mini - ivar.png

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