Two of the best juggling and circus videos I've ever made!

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Almost 7 years ago I started the channel Malabarize-se on youtube.
It's been a long road so far and the channel has reached almost 140,000 subscribers and we have more than 350 public videos.

This month I released 2 videos that I'm really happy about.
will tell you about it here:

The day I killed the Sun - Le Lido 2016-2018

In June this year I had one of the best experiences on a circus festival in my life in Toulouse, south of France, at the Fete du Lido, and there talked with the promo who was performed this amazing show: The day I killed the Sun.

We had the opportunity to work together and create this piece full of crazyness, broken glass, flying dragons and timetravels.

Everything is true, in a certain sense. False, in a certain sense. And meaningless in a certain sense.

le lido 2018 - parada de maos.png

le lido 2018 - vidro.png

99% Green Rabbits: Awesome 3-ball juggling with Stefan Sing

Stefan is an amazing juggler that really influentied my work on the beggining and totally changed the way I thought about juggling.
He was the first juggler that I saw online doing 3 balls and moving/dancing instead of staying on the same place.

In 2013 I sent him a message and talked about filming together but it was only in 2018 that we could finally do it.
99% green Rabbits is a mix of surreal juggling, spinning bodies and pure improvisation.

Really hope you enjoy it.

Stefan sing - 99 - EXTRA mini.png

Thanks a lot for taking the time to be here!
Talk to you soon!

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Talk to you soon!

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