The Ultimate Psy-Op - Conspiracy Writing Contest III [100 STEEM/SBD in Prizes]

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We Live in a World of Deception, Disinformation, Misinformation, Fake News, False Flags and Intensifying Propaganda

It's Becoming Increasingly Difficult to Distinguish Fabrications from Reality.

Psychological Operations

Psyops   Definition of Psyops by Merriam Webster.png

Psy-ops are an instrument of war used to attack the mind of the enemy in hopes of influencing the individual(s) behavior.

A military officer trained in using psychological tactics to influence the emotions and actions of enemy troops told CNN Thursday her unit was ordered to used those skills to manipulate visiting lawmakers into securing more troops and funding for the war in Afghanistan.

After a fellow officer questioned the legality of using "psychological operations" on elected U.S. officers, both received reprimands that could threaten their military careers, she said.

"We're not allowed to do that against any U.S. citizen, whether it is a congressman or my neighbor three doors down," said Texas National Guard Maj. Laural Levine. "That is the first thing you are taught -- never target Americans, ever."

"My job in psy-ops is to play with people's heads, to get the enemy to behave the way we want them to behave," Holmes, the head of the "information operations" unit.

"I'm prohibited from doing that to our own people," he said. "When you ask me to try to use these skills on senators and congressmen, you're crossing a line."


YouTube - Democracy Now Interview with Michael Hastings

Operation Northwoods

Government documents from the Cold War era show factions of the US government planned false flags against US citizens to justify a war with Cuba.

Operation Northwoods was a proposed false flag operation against the Cuban government that originated within the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) of the United States government in 1962. The proposals called for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) or other U.S. government operatives to commit acts of terrorism against American civilians and military targets, blaming it on the Cuban government, and using it to justify a war against Cuba.


What Is Fake News ?

Who's Telling the Truth and Who's Lying?

People Are Not Who They Appear To Be

Outgoing President Legalizes Domestic Propaganda in 2017 National Defense Authorization Act

We Can No Longer Trust The Images Thrust Upon the Screen

Vegas Lombardo FBI Guy1.jpg

These Are Not The Issues You're Looking For

Your Mind IS the Battle Field

The Battle to Control Your Mind is Ceaseless

Can You Trust Your Own Mind, Your Own Memories?

Ultimate Psy-Op Contest

For this installment of the Conspiracy Creative Writing Contest, I'd like you to attempt to detail the most convincing Psy-Op.

Of course, this can be either fiction or non-fiction, just make us BELIEVE!


Must resteem this post

Must keep submission to 1500 words or less.

Limited to 1 contest entry per account

Submissions must be made in a separate post (not in comments please)

Submissions have to include the lead tag: “psyop-contest”


The winning submission will meet the rules criteria

Winners will be announced 7 days from the time of this posting (7-day payout)

Prizes and Categories

Overall Best / Most Convincing (First Prize - 50)

Biggest Mind Fuck (20)

Most Humorous/ Funny As Hell (10)

Best Style / Tone (10)

Best Line (10)

Bonus @v4vapid upvotes/resteems also in the mix
All Kinds of Entries are welcome - Just be sure to include some conspiracy elements!

*Note: Due to volatility of SBD at the moment, the prizes may be given out in STEEM or SBD or in Combination

Previous Winners

Be sure to check out previous Conspiracy Creative Writing Contest winners

@jordan.lesich - Dance into the Devine

@pulpworx - Flight of the Wrong Chords

Extra Special Thanks to @fortified / @animate for making another original thumbnail for this contest on short notice and in less than an hour!


Activist Post
YouTube - Richard Hall
YouTube - Watchleaks TV



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I'm Game, I'll get cracking, Resteemed and 100% upvoted for the good of the platform. Also because your cool.


Awesome! I look forward to it.

Nice to get at least a couple comments from people who realize it's a contest, lol!


Wait wait wait.... It's a CONTEST? Nu uh! It's a way of life for sum...
Imma gonna store this here for posterity;



How could people not realize its a contest? lmao


Yah bro.

Cracking idea mate, You may well bring me out of semi-retirement 😀
I'll have a think about it and see if I can win the 'mind fuck' prize.
Good on ya V, great contest.

·'ve fallen for the bait and my diabolical plan to force you to enjoy writing again is working.



Damn! I walked straight into that trap.


DanG IT !!! - )))

Eco-ALEX .. has "lured" me in TOO !!! !!! - ))
.. thanks @v4vapid - ))

Who knew that being "tRAPPEd" .. would be so FUN ?? - ))

lovelovelove )))
greb'Z )

.. the BAIT in my post - ))

= nothing like a roll of PapeR ...
.. when t'HERE is so much S'HIT .. on the ass of HumanitY - )))

My post - ))

this is a GREAT challenge.. i really like it!! i will be writing.. and i LOVE that you say:

Of course, this can be either fiction or non-fiction, just make us BELIEVE!

now how to choose the biggest Psy op! there are so many to choose from!


Oh can't wait to read your entry!

Resteemed and Upvoted! Here's my entry - The Darkest Wizard.

Cool gif bro. :)
I might actually give this one a go this time.


Thought you might like that ;)

Awesome GIF, thanks so much for lending your talent to the contest once again!

Give it a Go!

Cool contest!

My Account... All of it... Is my submission.

Ya Dig?



lol. Nice

Mmmm... challenge accepted. :)

Awww I hope I had better writing skills! But can't wait to read all the entries :)
Btw, your thumbnail is so COOL!!!!


You should try!

Yes, @animate is a wizard :)


Looking forward to sitting down and reading your entry!


You missed the bonus round where commenters guessed which were facts in the fiction. Go read. It's a shorty. Can be read standing.


A contest within a contest, that was cool I accidentally read the answers before i could guess, oh well. As a political junkie that was a fun read, were you a journo before?


Yup. Worked as a tech journalist for half a decade. And I am the opposite of a politics junkie. Politics makes me itch. I sat in on enough committees and session in the Israeli Knesset to develop a thorough dislike of anything political.


Awesome, thanks for getting it in early!


Hopefully it brings something different to the competition :)


Wow, really enjoyed this Muxxy, excellent submission!


Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it.

Phew. I just made it in time!
Great topic @v4vapid thank you.

I wrote a short, but meaningful post!

Shew! Didn't know if I'd make the deadline or not. Huge thanks to the night shift over at @TheWritersBlock for getting to this so quickly. Here's my submission:


Rhonda, that one there is a masterpiece! It flows just so perfectly.. wow. Exceptional, really.


YEESSS! It wouldn't be the same without you! Of course, there's still time :)


Thank you, @josie2214! :-)

Sorry I could not let it go earlier.
That was such a blast, thank you @v4vapid for this amazing contest idea.
Great to see some fellow conspiracy analysts on steemit.

Much love

Glad to have caught this. I missed the last one and wasn't sure there'd be another. I have a theory that is pretty outthere and wasn't sure how to present it, but this has provided me with the perfect medium to so.


I like the sounds of that, glad you caught it this time round :)

Hey, I stumbled upon this just today, took me a while to shorten the story to the maximum word count, I didn't count the caption in word count and without it, it is 1,494 words, too bad my imagination has no limits and I could write this into a movie script, here you go my submission:

Hoping I've arrived on time, I'll once more throw my hat into the ring with this tale:

"Pulling Strings" by Duncan Cary Palmer

Thanks again, friend @v4vapid, for running your stimulating contests. ;)



I have entered with my first article on Steemit so I hope that I have got the rules and tags right!

I nearly forgot to resteem the post! I hope that is clicking the button next to the comment button?


Awesome, your first article on Steemit and you found my contest? This is cool, thanks and Welcome to Steemit!


You definitely still have time! Thanks for joining!

Certainly this is amazing, im joining


Thanks for getting this started, can't wait to read all the great entries :)

If i did not participate on this i. Will forever regret the fact i didn't wrote this shill. 💪

It is time to sharpen my writing tools and reshape my writing skills because it is contest time.


yes, everyone is welcome. Take your time you have 7 days ;)


I will take all the time i have

Great idea for a contest @v4vapid. If I was any good at writing I'd have a go but it's a very ingenious way of getting your information out there and to those who might otherwise overlook it.

Good job mate. :)


Thanks @tonyr, appreciate this comment. I think this is a great way to spread some awareness and have some fun in the process.

Fun idea, count me in.

My entry:

It is meant as an actual warning, it is an obvious truth wrapped in fairly obvious fiction. But I haven't read the warning elsewhere.

However, if you read a lot of what I am writing about in non-fiction, I am witness to more than a few real world conspiracies and police-state developments in the USA you have not heard about anywhere else, plus my first steemit post regarding Arizona.

In the case of Arizona, I would not be capable of writing something more twisted and conspiratorial than the true story of #devani.

btw @v4vapid would you be up for an interview on my mspwaves show?

Well, I made this. It's not exactly what was asked for, but I did that as a sort of advertisement for my ongoing story, since it has a lot do with psy-ops in general.

If people are interested, I invite them to check it out. :)


wtf is up with the link being truncated? Some kind of conspiracy to suppress the truth???

Let's try it again...
My Entry

This was super fun. Going to put my

Constructing the Invisible

Here's my entry.

I actually enjoyed writing this so thanks for the inspiration.

WOWW! That first gif had me staring for a good minute!

I love the premise of this contest. Thanks for the opportunity.

How strict is the word count?


It's a general guideline give or take 500 words. Glad you like it, I'll drop by the wirter's block to remind folks as well :)

Ok everyone. Here's my entry. It's called 'The Proxima Genes' and plays on a number of different conspiracies. It was really a joy participating in this contest. There are some great ideas here and I'd hate being the person who had to choose which one wins in some of these categories because there's a lot of great work here.

I went back and forth about which conspiracy I'd cover because there are honestly so many to choose from. This is my first contest and I look forward to participating in more down the road. This is great for community-building.

Check it out and tell me what you guys think!

This seems like fun! I'm not sure if I'll have the time, but I'll definitely consider this. :)

I gave this one my absolute best! I had been waiting for the next Conspiracy Creative Writing Contest for a looooong while now, haha! Many thanks @v4vapid - It's a great idea, and a very fun prompt to write about.

Please, do read my entry and share your thoughts:

The Truth Will Set Us Free

In the meantime, I'll check out the competition. Steem on!

Here is my entry!

Thank you for hosting such a great contest, reading the other entries is better than any curation digest I have found anywhere else on this platform. Blessings to All.


Thanks, I'm glad you're taking the time to read other entries. There really are some excellent submissions and it ain't over yet!

Came in close to 1500 words, and made it around 1465 words. Here is ABN's entry!

Loving this initiative @v4vapid! It's great to read through the comments and see a genuine buzz and excitement around this competition! Loving the mind fuck prize!! Great stuff my friend.


Thanks @perceptualflwas just doing my thing trying to stir things up a little :)

Count me in.

Hey, this is a fantastic and creative idea! I definitely dig the imagery you have going on. Thanks for the opportunity. Here is my submission:

Conspiracy is such a vast domain. As for psy-ops - probably countless. I went for a fiction piece... although I do think it's no fiction..
Here's my entry:

I'm definitely down for this! I have the perfect story concept. You can go in all types of directions when it comes to conspiracies. I support this because it's a great idea

Fear mongering has always been a weapon to control society. Throw in some Manchurian Candidate and the machine will always produce. The most hilarious part, the majority of these wars are being waged and staged for ultimate control of resources and people, but it seems likely humanity will shoot itself in the foot.


illusions that infict REAL damages though

very informative post.every moment i learn something from your to read it.

really interesting

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Thanks for the great opportunity, yes I am writing a great conspiracy theories of so called government against the general public. Thanks, I will definitely submit to the contest.

Well done dear you are a master fake writer .

your writing skill very momentus..
i like it...and carry on your of luck..✌✌✌

very informative post.every moment i learn something from your to read it.

I thought of some conspiracies, all of them aren't convincing... I'm not a good liar after all!!

I'm not too late to join the game? If so, I'll write a post soon :)


Plenty of time, still 4 days till payout. Fire away ;)

Good information sir.

we must look for the thrue inside us. Meditation is the path

thats a really valuable post thanks for sharing..wel done my dear✌✌😒

This is the most interesting thing i came across, wish i had found this post earlier. Even i love conspiracy theories @v4vapid
If i able to complete a good psy op based article, will submit it

Up/followed Defango. I dig your puzzle solving streams and your attitude about life. You seem like a legit guy, thanks for your posts and videos!


sorry, I'm not defango. try responding to his comment perhaps


I am an idiot. I was reading his post before yours and for some reason I thought this was his as well. I am sorry hahah.

for the contest do we need to expose a psy-op or invent one?


It's wide open really, as I said in the post the entry can be either fiction or non-fiction

just make us believe!

Good luck

Is the deadline for writing the post 7 days aswell?


yup, 7 days


Awesome, then I have time to submit

It's a interesting @v4vapid

A save this post button would be nice


Well you could resteem it, that way it's on your wall ;)

True friends, we live in an era of propaganda. Moreover, a more sophisticated world of information. The world in an instant can be played

nice post thanks:)

Congratulations @v4vapid!
Your post was mentioned in the hit parade in the following category:

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Can you define what 1500 words is?

No really. Its meaning is not really set.
In one way, you can count words. Or specifically, count the strings of characters separated by white space.

But, I believe in the print world, a word is 5 letters, or 6 if you include spaces. So, that "elephantine" is more than 1 word.

Anyway, I get what you mean, if you do not know specifically the answer. I will see if I can come up with anything that will be entertaining and not cause people to commit suicide when they learn its real.


That depends on what your meaning of the word "is" is.

Bill Clinton

The matrix is a reality

great mandala

Wow, that was a mega post. Well done!

@v4vapid Very vital information my friend. I find this amazingly amazing

oww it's exellent. I want to join this forum.

One thing i innerstand with all my being: No consciousness is allowed to forget itself for too long. Neurologically speaking, we are so far very well plugged into the collective limbic brain which serves in signaling danger (survival living/high on ignorance) soon when the plot thickens enough 🦄 (Oh it did) and when the snake becomes well aware it's biting its own tail, illusion will undo itself. We WILL move into the uniquely vibrant part of our brain (the neocortex) which reasons that all perceived dangers are rooted in the false identification with the small self and we will know ourselves "again" as a part of a whole and act accordingly.
Man will become aware of his cognitive biases and blind spots and exit the pool of pathology (self rejection) and this applies to all of us. The shadow comes in so many guises. What do we know.
We play so well into this elusive game. Happy unfolding my friend.
Here's a visual of all the truths you have touched upon

I think This all started from Heinrich Himmler...
He was the one who floated the idea of Psyops...
Very nice post and an eye opener..@v4vapid

Maybe You're trying to fuck with our minds with this post, just saying.

nice picture

This are going to be my next reading material so thank you for being so timely. Thank you for putting in the resources to make this happen and mostly thank you for creating an access to the mastery of self. I am Waiting for another.


I'm a bit late to enter. So this isn't a contest entry, I guess. But do such entries can be tagged as psyop?:

Where are the winners posted? I'm on tinterhooks lol


Sorry to keep everyone waiting, just posted the results ;)

Oh how I wish I was here 2 months ago now :-) just taking a look back over some of my favourite writers old posts, and that includes you.