How about that Line?

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Humans hate standing in line BUZ we love being at the front of them, as in being first....
Attempting to flush the line rules, will not be handeled well; as we tend to see that AS getting punished.. SO if we banish typical line rules; its found that, the sense of fairness that accompanies them goes out the window. People feel robbed. So even if we get shorter waiting time, which is a gain we still feel robbed...


Shops offer a gazillion or so checkout, all of which call upon the cart-pushers to make a snap call about which line will move fastest. & as wer hunting to be first, fastest line will benefit us being INFRONT of the line sooner....

This is comforting psychologically as we feel in control, but it actually ends up increasing.. If there are 3 cashouts, there's only a 1/3 chance you'll pick the fastest. 2/3 of the time, you'll see the other lines gliding by while you're stuck waiting, watching your frozen pees sogg

SeconddIy if you stand in line for long, that gives that you PAID with your time to be first in in mooore deserving of being first......
( dont belive me? then juuust look next time there is a iPhone release^^)
The first person in line might also irrationally make the assumptune that being first somehow signifies to the universe that they must be most deserving; otherwise, they wouldn't be first.
As geting out in the dawn to get the fruits and vegetables before those less cunning, masses wakes up

This is my submission to #SunThursday launched by @uwelang and now led by @lizanomadsoul.
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So alluring and incredible

aw thank you so much :D

Gorgeous 'line' and accompanying sky... :)

Yeahhh, I hate making the call to change queues, when you see another going faster... Almost definitely, the queue will slow down if/when I change, or worse, totally stop! 😤

i lined that up well ;)
I know, right? and the 63% chance youl make the wrong pick & still you stand ther bugged as ...
Of course its gona be slower, the math is against ya LOL :P

it is a very beautiful reflection here.

Thank you so much, i thought it was to and the duoble sun/moon is cool :)

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Amazing photo!

hi sunshine :D Thank you & Happy Friday :D

Ahahaha that's why I always end with a grumpy attitude when I have to stand in lines!

as you guessed wrong wizz 66% LOL :P

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