Introducing 3 fine Psychologists!

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So I was in the shower thinking about a video i watched of Richard Dawkins. I know that sounds kinda spicy but unfortunately he was just debating with the Archbishop of canterbury about the origin of life, nature and the Universe.

One of the things that struck me is how adept both of them were at avoiding cognitive biases in their approach to either side of the debate. Cognitive biases are something we all fall victim to, especially online. Most of the time we don't even know it when it happens, but it should probably be part of the standard school curriculum to become enlightened to their effects.

Thankfully here in SteemSTEM, we have a community of bright minds, many of them Psychologists. What better place to start learning about cognitive biases and generally how amazing and awful your brain actually is?? (Great Segue, I know)


Saunter is a noted psychologist who delves into such deep developments as 'Neurotheology'. He has an excellent post out currently on Carl Jung and Wolfgang Pauli and their combined efforts to figure out the nature of reality with psychology and physics.

So... how on earth is such a juxtaposition as 'neuro' 'theology' possible? Go follow @saunter and find out!

@Abigail Dantes

Abigail is kind of our flagship psychologist in the SteemSTEM community many of you ought to be familiar with by now, producing a steady flow of constantly high quality articles on fascinating subjects such as addiction, the nature of gender, happiness and depression. If you want to read something and come out enlightened, @abigail-dantes is the one for you!


Relatively new to the scene, @dysfunctional is a criminal psychologist and has posted really quite curious topics that never would have even occurred to me to think about such as the Diderot Effect - a potentially dangerous side effect of consumerism! @dysfunctional typically covers a wide range of topics from empathy to hallucinations so if you want to see your life differently, start here!

These are only 3 of our psychologists, though there are plenty more out there. Your best bet is to join our community on [Discord[ and meet us all personally!

See you next time

-- @mobbs


Thank you SO MUCH for the support you have been giving to our field @stempede and @steemstem! We have been featuring on the distilled and now here! :)
@dysfunctional and @saunter are just incredible. I am a huge fan of their work and I feel most humbled by being featured here together with them!

Thank you @mobbs

Congrats Abigail! Really happy for three of you!

Oh @smashedturtle 😊 Thank you. You are always so very supportive and kind! Please let me tell you here that your last post about attachment theory is incredible! It is great having you bringing quality content to the psychology tag. You are a great writer sharing very relevant psychology topics 🌷❤️

You really care about people and this is a quality of a psychologist no one can take away, plus it shows through your posts. You deserve the support: more people need to see you. I enjoyed reading @dysfunctional and I am sure @saunter would be just as great. 👌

I brought you a heart ❤️ & a kiss 😘!

I return same to you ❤️😘 and I hope you're doing well.

Congratulations dear @abigail-dantes. Your always supportive and loving fan here. 😚

Lots of love to you always @sakura1012! You are a rising star 😍

I still got a long way to go though. Best regards dear!I'll be resteeming this because Im so proud of you. 😚😚

@dysfunctional and @saunter's blogs are exceptional too. Congratulations again to all of you. 🌻

I just found and followed them because it was on your page, thank you..

I'm sure you are standing among equals!

Hey @lucylin 😃 How is life!? Mine is a bit mental at the moment 😅. Have a wonderful day and weekend 🌷

...if it's a bit mental, it means more writing material then !😂

Hopefully its a 'good mental'!

You try and have a sane weekend, then !🌷

Wow, many thanks @mobbs for honoring me as a "fine psychologist"!!! I just saw this post on @abigail-dantes's feed and I thought "oh, a post about three fine psychologists, so I wonder which one he/she chose, Freud, Pinker, Piaget?" When I saw my nickname I was quite shocked :D It's an honour to be here with abigail and @dysfunctional. Whole SteemSTEM curation team highly motivates me for more work and helps me to be up to date with psychology (since I don't work as a psychologist atm).

I'll do my best to satisfy you and all Steem community with my further posts!

Well I'm not saying you're on par with Pinker, but you do us a great service! haha. Keep it up at your own pace =D

I follow all of them. I really recommend their content. You can always join interesting discussion with them and have beautiful, valuable outcome after all!. Appreciate your work guys!

Yep. I think the community on the whole is one of the best too =D

I have been following their contents since I joined the community. I agree with the fact that they are very good psychologists. Sometimes it will take more than one reading to understand what they are trying to convey because it will be that deep and well researched. But I enjoy reading their articles. Congrats @abigail-dantes, @dysfunctional and @saunter.

Hi @bala41288 Thank you for taking the time to leave such a nice comment! I will make a note of what you said here and try to simplify things even further! Your feedback in invaluable my dear. All the best to you :)

Sometimes it will take more than one reading to understand what they are trying to convey

Phew, not just me then! 😂

Oh nooo, you see? Need to work on making things more straight-forward then! 😂

no you don't !-the way you write is excellent. It is straight forward, and in depth - (which is good, not bad.)

😃 oh! Thank you.

wish you more of succes @abigail-dantes :)

It is always good to see you around @benainouna 😊🌷
Thank you for your kind wishes! :)

Great arthor of psychology content, 3 main arthor to respect. now how to encourage more reader to like psychology content.

Excellent! I love that in this community people are also with this kind of content! I love psychology, although I have not studied it, I think it's something interesting! I will be waiting for your publications to learn more about you!

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