Journal of Psychology. How can I change my life?!

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How can I change my life?!

Where do our opportunities for change live?

There is such a very popular slogan: "The future depends on you!" Yes, of course it is, but why the future? Much more important, in my opinion, that the present depends on you. After all, your present is you - this. This is what "here and now".

How many times I was convinced - both in my experience and in the experience of others - that overweight often becomes a reliable anchor in your "today". In order to "here and now" with a clear conscience to avoid at least some changes and changes in their usual way of life. "I'll lose weight, and find true love, work, friends, I'll leave ..." Does it sound familiar? Or so: "Yes, when I was thin, that's when life was ..."

At the same time, we sincerely believe in our great interest in the changes in our lives. Only here is one small, but nullifying all this interest detail: we place these wonderful changes in our future. Or we remember "how beautiful we were", leaving in the past.

In fact, it is the opportunity to change something in oneself and in our own life that is rooted in our present. In every minute, hour, day of our life. In that, how and on what we are spending our time now. Your powers. How we treat ourselves - today's. How we perceive ourselves and our life at the moment.

After all, "I'm real," it's just me "here and now." All the rest about me is either memories, or projects "how it could be".

Of course, planning for the future is good. But any planning begins with the revision of its current reserves and resources. With the calculation of "starting capital". And the achievement of any goal, I repeat once again, is a chain of successive steps.

What step are you on right now?

Let's see what assets we have.

First of all, this is our living body. Which every day, every hour, minute, second sustains life, supplying us with everything necessary. How do we treat him? To this eternal hard worker, struggling with all his strength-his masters-to please?

I think if you are interested in such articles, then you are not very satisfied with your body "here and now". It brings you down. Fat, maybe already sick. What a shame! How wonderful it would be to once and for all run away from responsibility for one's eating habits and choices! And in general from the responsibility for their lives ... So it loads ... So angry when they remind you that they say you are making your own life for yourself ... To find someone Big and Adult, that he - she was responsible for me ... That would be a wonderful life ...

Or else such an approach can very much support in avoiding making your "here and now". Declare yourself a Sacrifice. Circumstances, events, powerful and all-powerful Others. The victim of his wrong childhood, evil parents, brothers, sisters, too, will do. "This is where my problems with overeating are rooted! I'm Poor Baby! "Good consolation ...

Only that's what an unpleasant thing is. Life is yours. And your body is yours.

And yours:

- feelings, sensations, thoughts, perception of the world

- words, actions, behavior, impact on the world

Of course, we live in a certain environment. In the environment of close and distant people for us. And all this every day affects us in a certain way. Forming to a large extent our systems of coordinates and reactions. But we also influence our environment in a certain way.

And most importantly, you know what? What is the possibility, in the context of our topic?

We can certainly influence our perception of the world. And change your impact on the world. And it starts with influence and influence on oneself. Right now. Here.

Do you sit or lie when you read this? Try to do this. Five - seven quiet, soft breaths - exhalations. Comfortable support for your body. Attention to the body. Interested, affectionate, sympathetic attention. You are now in touch with your best friend on this Earth. With someone who supports you always and everywhere. With someone who is very - very much trying to make your life better. Who daily, hourly, every second works for you, and only for you.

Try to thank him for it. Sincerely, from the heart, here and now.

And ask him - how can you make his life easier? To make it easier in the direct sense of the word. Than to treat, how to relieve it of pain and difficulties?

What comes: words, images, thoughts, sensations are the answer of your body.

It is possible that it is so exhausted by your disregard for it that it will keep silent for the first, second, third time. But if every day to turn to your body is affectionate, loving, supportive, it will respond.

When it "responds", write down its answers. And this will be your plan for the near future. To start it to perform makes sense right now. And here. Everyday. And in another way, you have already lived quite differently ... Perhaps enough?

I offer you an approximate text for your from this day of every night's relaxation and the mood for contact with the body:

"My body is the house of my soul. I accept my body. I am attentive to his needs and needs. I feed him on his hunger. I like feeling light, moving, energetic. I take care of myself and my body. Every day I do everything I can for my body and soul. I form my strength and energy every day. I develop self-esteem. This is what makes me special. What is different from others. What gives me the energy to be and live. The choice - what to feel and what to think about, how to react and behave in my life, is always mine! "

Well, if you adapt this sample text to yourself. Without the use of consoles "not".

And the most important thing in this kind of taking care of yourself is daily. Even the busiest person can set aside 20 minutes a day for relaxation. If not, it means that you once again lied. Both to itself, and to the body. So, everything suits you. And what suits little, there is still health endure ... Well, well then ... 

Author - Irina Lopatuhina

Psychologist, Gestalt therapist


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Very inspirational!! Great article!!

"Even the busiest person can set aside 20 minutes a day for relaxation. If not, it means that you once again lied" This is soo true!!

Of course it's nice to talk about the fact that everything is to blame fate, but man himself is the blacksmith of his own happiness and his life

Truly, the future depends on what you choose today " here and now" the present.

Yes yes yes. Great article.

Its a fantastic topic and change our lifes by this post all have to read it i love it
Keep it up... @psychologies

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