Journal of Psychology. Getting Rid of Food Addiction. Part №2

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Getting Rid of Food Addiction. Part №2

Customers often turn to me with a request: "Give recommendations that will help quickly and effectively cope with my food problems".

I usually answer this:

Ready-made recipes that help quickly and all, I do not. It's hard for me to accept my imperfection. But my adult part avoids giving false promises. If I declared myself a Magician and a Sorcerer, it would be a different story. But the reality is that I am one of you. I struggled with my food passion all conscious life ... I tried a lot of ways - up to magic, chesslovo ... But the most productive way for me was psychology. And psychology insists that dependence can be defeated, but it will take a lot of work to overcome it. Either one, or with professional support. But if the food dependency pursues you for years, quick wins are a myth ... Even if you consciously want to change, the unconscious sneeze wanted this "ripples on the water." It will stubbornly hold on to its habits and armor. The new always scares ... And suddenly get rid of Munch and everything will go to rubble ?? But if we persist in pursuing our goals, we will gradually move forward and get a stable result.

Here are some exercises that can help to become more supportive for yourself.

1. Find your child's photo - preferably up to the age of five. Communicate as often as possible with this wonderful little girl. Be careful with her, try to hear what she wants to tell you. Join her, protect her. Feel her beloved and calm. Promise her that you - the Adult - can be her support and support. And - most importantly - try to give her faith that your love is beyond the conditions, that you appreciate it anyway, in all its manifestations, moods, pranks ... And remember in your dialogue with her that she is you!

2. Try to draw your Munchback. Color pens or pencils. When you are done, get out and talk to him (or her) - preferably aloud. Take care of your safety - home can respond to your conversation with the drawing of fright for your mental health.

Tell the Munchie frankly what you think about his participation in your life. Ask him to interfere less with your "today". Add that you are already able to take care of yourself.

If you decide on this exercise, and it will pass without strong resistance, use it whenever possible, when you are attacked by a "bad appetite" attack.

Work out and sign a new contract for your Adult Part with Chest.

Take his portrait, or try to imagine it as realistic as possible - for example, mentally project an image on a white screen, like in a movie theater, and from your Adult Part, first seriously talk to him. About what? On the redistribution of spheres of influence on you, the Adult Clever.

Thank Zhevuna for the wonderful ability to chew your favorite food, but firmly stand on the fact that from now on you will try to choose what, when and how much you eat. And for his care, you will entrust a high-quality chewing on your chosen and useful products. Use your teeth to the maximum! Many of us refer to solid food as liquid, swallow all the pieces, hurry ... Where ?! What for?!

Author - Irina Lopatuhina

Psychologist, Gestalt therapist


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A lot of good info in here as well, you are a good writer!

Thats why I dont really agree with things like hypnotherapy, sure it may paper over the cracks for one week, one month, or a year, but unless you get to the root cause (often through psychology) the habit will always come back eventually.

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