Gratitude is a Powerful Tool

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Ever wondered why some people are always so miserable and grumpy in life despite of having everything in life. They may have everything that they want but yet never be happy and they will always be complaining even after life offering them all that they want. These are the people who are never Grateful for what they have in life and for what the Universe has blessed them with. Whereas there are some people who even after having very little in life are always very joyful and contended. They are appreciating and happy with their life.

When you do not have the capacity to count your blessings, then you will also lose the ability to feel happy in life. The moment we start realizing how much we have in our life and all the gifts of life that the Universe has given to us, the feeling of Gratefulness will come within, and we realized that we have so many blessings for us.


We look at others and envy their positions, their growth but we do not look at our own-self and understand what all we too have to be grateful about. Some people never look at the less fortunate ones then themselves to make that comparison as well. They only want to look up and compare. They want to look at the parts that are missing, rather than looking at the parts that are whole and abundant.

The moment we come in to the Gratitude feeling, even the most trying circumstances ease out for us and ways automatically open up to deal with our circumstances. That's the power of Gratitude that the Universe offers. Being humans, it is natural to have low feelings at times, but one must never be ungrateful and not appreciate all the gifts of life that he or she holds.

Living in grudges, hatred, envy, competition to run down others are all signs of an Ungrateful person. If one is an ungrateful person, then no matter whatever they achieve in life, they will always find some or the other reason to complain about, they will always live in a state of lacking rather than in a state of abundance. Being contended and appreciating what we have are signs of a person with a healthy emotional and mental state. This person will always live in a state of Abundance even if they have limited resources. They will always be happy and you will feel that energy around them. You will like being around them.

Thank you for visiting my blog. 👼🏻👼🏻💖💖🌹🌺🌸

"Unlimited Abundance, Blissful Happiness and Unconditional Love"


I have always admired the simplicity and depth of your words.

I am affiliated with your thoughts, gratitude is an act of humility and hope. I have met many humble people with few material possessions and feel happy, free from envy and immensely rich in humility, generosity and gratitude for the good things that life has given them.

Thanks for sharing, I wish you a happy day.

Thank you for your kind words @casv.
I feel that this attitude does not have to do much with social status but it is what the person has experienced in life that shapes them up.
There are many rich people also who I know are extremely humble and down to earth and appreciate all that they have in life, where as the reverse also.
It's how contended you feel with what you have.
Wish you a wonderful day ahead

Unfortunately, sometimes a person has to lose EVERYTHING to realize what they had was good. Then they have to suffer realizing it and it could take years to recover the loss and trauma. But soon they realize they HAD BEEN happy at that time (just didn't realize it at the time) and they were complaining all the time. Now they are even in a worse situation to compare. So, even in times when we're not "happy", we should be THANKFUL because one could ALL be gone. All I can say is... Fear God.
This happened to me. I had lost everything: my job, the house, the car...everything. No money to even buy shoes or a toy for my kid. It was terrible. It took years to recover, and trust me I'll never take that path again. I'm grateful every single day of my life now. Some people got hit hard due to the Covid, but my family got hit EXTREMELY HARD because we had a family/home business that effectively got slashed over night. One day "happy", and the next day after waking up in the morning, unexpectedly ...."Surprise! It's ALL GONE"... What one can receive in a day by the higher power can be literally taken away in a snap of a finger. Boom, gone. Let's be happy and grateful every day of our lives.

Oh my dear, I cannot even imagine what you must have gone through. But it's your spirit that has pulled you through your most challenging times. Yes being Thankful in all moments, when it's there and when it's not there is something that we can do good for our own -self. Universe is always listening to us. Some times we have it all and yet we complain and not realize that what life could be in it's absence
I hope that you have been able to gather up yourself again and doing well.

I'm trying hard every day. Yes, we are about 75~85% recovered. 2020-2022 was the worst part of my life ever. But, I've decided that I'm gonna make 2023-2025 the best time of my life. Thank you for writing the good post called "Gratitude is a Powerful Tool". I always enjoy reading what you have to say and learning about travel from you. Have a good day, today.

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